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Dec 1  (AUS) / Nov 30 (US/Can), 2022.

A suite of workshops to give you the tools, information and inspiration to start or scale a digital course business or revenue stream, who aspire to an endgame of the “Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot” – 250k+ in profit, working 5-hour days with under 5 client contact hours a week and a lean, remote team. 

By The Course Cartel

For all experience levels (current, aspiring and advanced info business owners)

Tune in from anywhere in the world; this is fully virtual!

Live 9am - 5pm AEST (from 3pm PST) and with replays available for 7 days 

Aus: Dec 1 
US/Can: Nov 30

The Details

For Experienced Course Creators from $100/k - $1/m a year  — A Bonus "On Demand VIP Training Called "More Time, Freedom and Happiness: The Roadmap to Living in the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot; Earning (min) $250k/year profit, working 5-hour days with a lean, remote team".

For Aspiring Course Creators and Course Creators Under $100/k — A Bonus "On Demand" VIP Training on How to Create, Launch and Scale One Flagship Digital Course. 

In addition to the live workshops on the  online conference day, we have additional "bonus" trainings customised to send you customised to your current stage of business. For example:

Tailored Bonus
"On Demand" Training 

Revealed: The Five Phases of Building a Course Business to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot
11.00am | Host: Stevie Dillon

Panel – The $10k Payday Panel:
Getting Paid to Create Your Online Course

1.00pm | Host: Stevie Dillon

Welcome and State of the Union – The Digital Course Landscape in 2022
9.00am | Host: Stevie Dillon

There are Session Tailored to Aspiring, Current and Advanced Course Creators

Conference Agenda -
Full Day

This is a one day ALL VIRTUAL event; with the sessions focused on course creators at different stages of their business. Regardless of your current stage in business, you will gain valuable insights regardless of where you are in your online course or program business journey!

Online Conference Agenda

Work Hard Once: The “Rinse and Repeat” Course Launch Blueprint for Six Figure Sales
3.00pm | Host: Stevie Dillon

*You will receive the Bonus training when you complete your attendee form and you meet the relevant criteria for falling into one of the above categories. 

I’ve served over 1,000 students in my containers over the past five years in online business and have a wildly successful podcast with 600k downloads and counting.

These days, my driving force is for this business to continue to change lives by allowing others to harness the tremendous opportunities given to us in this digital age to share their knowledge, do what they truly love, and pull more time, freedom and happiness from their lives and businesses with an online course business. 

I’m Stevie, and I’m the founder of The Course Cartel.

Meet your host

WE’RE so happy you’re here, and WE hope to see you virtually in December!

We don’t sugarcoat the work to get there – it’s a 3-5 year journey from start to finish (and anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is probably lying.. there’s plenty of that in our industry) but it’s oh so worth it.

At The Course Cartel, our mission is to create life-changing freedom and impact through online entrepreneurship. CourseCon is the MOST affordable way we could find to deliver our mission to more people.

In our programs Launchpad (for aspiring and current course creators) and Legacy (for course creators over $100k in revenue) - we help course creators reach and sustain the “Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot” – a simple, streamlined digital course business with high profit margins, working 5-hour days and a lean, remote team. 

At The Course Cartel, We're For Time, Freedom and Happiness

OUR Mission


A full day of practical workshops, behind the scenes insights from “in the trenches” course creators, and here’s-exactly-how-you-do-it inspiration and ideas to start or scale your digital course business to the “Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot”.

A ONE Day Online Conference


Save your seat!

Q+A Sessions at the end of every session to get your questions answered live.

Unlock the inspiration, insights and practical ideas you need to start your course business, or scale your existing one to the next level with what is working NOW; 

One week (7 days) of access to the recordings of the sessions (replays expire Thursday, December 8 2022 at 11.59pm AEST; 

Access to all the virtual sessions streamed live on December 1;

Here’s what you get:

Dec 1 (AUS) / NOV 30 (US), 2022

Aspiring, Current and Advanced Course Creators ready to soak up best-in-class industry know-how, and be inspired to take the next step in their business.

Whether you’ve got “create an online course” on your vision board or you’re an established digital course creator with serious runs on the board, you’ll walk away from CourseCon with inspiration, ideas and practical insights worth hundreds of times more than the cost of your ticket.

is for -

You’re capable AF and have infinite potential, but you’re stuck on the client hamster wheel, feel like you’ve got ten bosses (instead of the one you left your corporate job for!) and you constantly feel like you’re one client project away from burn out.

You’ve had “create an online course” on your one day list for a while now and you want the inspiration, insight and practical roadmap to get it done, right?

Perfect! We have sessions tailored SPECIFICALLY to you.

Advanced Course Creators

Current Course Creators

Aspiring Course Creators

If you already HAVE an online course, but your income is sporadic, your conversion rates are inconsistent and you're tired of trying to figure out what you're missing all by yourself, this conference will give you the insider insights to stop winging it.

It’s time to ditch the 'messy middle' and get a strategic, structured approach to hit your goals (a *consistent* $100k a year in course sales, anyone?)

Even just ONE insight from this conference will be worth more than the cost of attending.

Advanced Course Creators

Current Course Creators

Aspiring Course Creators

Hey advanced course creator! Let me guess – you started your digital product business to enjoy more freedom and time, but you’re still working 40 hour + weeks and wondering.. “where am I going wrong here?!”

If you’re ready to embrace a simple, sustainable way of doing business, Google can no longer answer your next level questions and you’ve outgrown the beginner level courses, YOU need to come along – we have sessions catered SPECIFICALLY to you.

Advanced Course Creators

Current Course Creators

Aspiring Course Creators

Who Is This For?

Frequently Asked Questions

No problems! The replays will be available shortly after each session, and will be available for 7 days for you to watch at a time that best suits you and your timezone!

We will be sharing all of the details on how to access the bonus training after you have purchased your ticket.

The cliff notes? When you complete your attendee form after purchasing and you are an eligible aspiring/current OR experienced course creator, we'll send you a Bonus VIP training customised to the stage you are at!

We will be live on Zoom for the online conference; ideally camera ‘on’ so we can all see each other. There will be an opportunity for 15 minutes or so of Q+A at the end of each session.

Strictly seven days. We want to make sure you actually watch them, so set the time aside now!

Absolutely! They will need to buy a ticket though, so send them this  link. At this price, it’s an absolute steal. 

“Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot”.

When it comes to the online course industry, there are plenty of online ‘gurus’ out there perpetuating false promises of “p*assive income” with zero work, or on the flip side obsessed with relentless scale and “more, more, more” at any cost.

On both ends of the spectrum? We know (because we’ve seen it) this often results in burnout, broken dreams and businesses that aren’t aligned with the reason the owner started it in the first place.

We’re steadfastly committed to helping ambitious, driven current and aspiring course creators who want to reach the

We’re not for everyone.

Let’s get one thing straight

CourseCon is dedicated to showing you how. 

If that’s you? Welcome home.

Intelligent, ambitious and you want more – but you prioritize time, freedom and happiness over relentless scale at any cost. You’re a dreamer, yes — but we’re also a doer, and you’re willing to do the damn work to get there.

You’re infinitely capable and wildly committed.

You crave freedom, impact and to make a ding in the universe not just for YOU but also ripple effects of it for your family, your clients and the world.

You’re rooted in what matters. You care, and you want to make a genuine impact online.

This online conference is for you if you’re one of  “our” people: 

We can’t wait to welcome you from our virtual stage in December!

Save your seat!

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