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Introducing Traffic Playbook:
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This is a FULL, step-by-step playbook for building out a strategic marketing plan to achieve your campaign traffic goals for scalable offers; 

Questions? DM us on Instagram

Questions? DM us on Instagram

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Includes full Traffic Recipes for different campaign types, content publishing plans, strategic campaign plans, and contact list growth strategies. 
Together, they are designed for you to set and achieve clear traffic goals and drive the volume and quality of TRAFFIC required to hit your big revenue goals. 

I’m Entering My Freedom Era – Sign Me Up!

You’re in the right place. 

Perfect. You’re in the right place.

Ready to build a leveraged, expertise-based online business to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot – a chill, happy business with high profit margins, working 5-hour days without sacrificing your life forever?

It’s time to hit the reset button

Would you be working the same J-O-B?

Building the same business?

Living the same day-to-day?

If the answer is no, or even “kinda, buuuuuuut..”, we need to talk..

If You Had Five Million Dollars Sitting in a Savings Account, Would You Still Be Doing the Same Thing You’re Doing Right Now?

Riddle me this

That’s a damn good day. 

Well, let me tell you – that day hits different.

  • You’ve built a business where you’d still be doing the SAME DAMN THING even if money wasn’t an issue;

  • You’ve installed the freedom to work from 5am - 9am and then have the WHOLE REST OF THE DAY OFF (or 10am for two hours, then 8pm for three – or whatever you DAMN WELL LIKE);

  • It’s Sunday evening and you’re next level PUMPED for Monday morning (because, let’s face it – those Sunday scaries are a SURE-FIRE sign that something needs to change 👻); AND

  • That you could be five or ten years away from early “retirement” and true financial freedom because you’ve set your business up for maximum leverage and cash flow (and you know what to do with it)…

Why? Because the day you realise that: 

And, let me tell you – it’s magical

Based on your expertise and unique edge with a focus on leverage and time on the one hand, and high profit margins on the other…

Packaged up in a model that satisfies YOU, your lifestyle & the Monday Morning Test*…

That allows you to work from anywhere WITHOUT side-eyeing a screen every two seconds to make sure you haven’t missed an important client/boss notification (aperitivo in Italia, anyone?)..

Aaand all tempered with realistic expectations around the time, energy and efforts required to create something truly earth-shatteringly-life- changing (so you don’t resent the process when it inevitably feels “hard” – everything worthwhile does).

It’s a little term I’ve coined to describe the beautiful intersection between a leveraged lifestyle business you’d love running EVEN IF you didn’t have to…

Freedom-seeker, meet – the “Lifestyle
Business Sweet Spot”.

– Said No-One, Ever. 

“I can’t WAIT to work 10-hour days for the next 40-years doing something that pays me cents and steals my happiness”

Despite a pandemic, a collective awakening, a MONUMENTAL shift in the cultural consciousness towards a more freedom-based, sustainable way of living, we’re still set in our old ways, building unaligned businesses and pelting at breakneck speed towards some arbitrary revenue-based version of success we aren’t even sure we want.

But, Here’s the Reality – Most of Us Aren’t There.

Sounds Dreamy, Right?

And yet – despite the opportunity the past few years have afforded us for a collective reset – that’s exactly what we’re continuing to do.

yet to make the leap to entrepreneurship, wondering how on EARTH to swap the mind-numbing drudgery of the everyday for a life of POSSIBILITY (and the flexibility to do it all from an off-the-beaten-track Airbnb in Slovenia — or the lounge room while the baby sleeps)… when the only skill we think we have is a healthy dose of Imposter Syndrome;

Or maybe, we’re the employees

still working 40-hour weeks and despite experiencing that first sweet taste of success (or, on the other hand, CRICKETS), wondering what we’re doing wrong and how to get our time back (wasn’t this supposed to be easy)?;

We’re the established and experienced course creators

slamming down that third cup of coffee between back to back 1:1 client calls - the 17th this week (WHO KNEW BEING BOOKED OUT COULD BE SO MUCH FUN);

We’re the coaches

being run ragged by a handful of demanding bosses *ahem clients* and chasing arbitrary revenue goals ($100k or $1m on anyone’s wishlist?) whilst simultaneously making ego-driven business decisions and building completely unleveraged models that don’t align with the lifestyle we set out to create in the first place;

We’re the freelancers

continuing to run businesses working 10-hours days for what must surely be below minimum wage (because what’s the point in earning six figures if you’re working 10,332 hours a week to get there?);

We’re the online service providers

And to find a better, more aligned, more flexible, more FREE way of doing online business. 

To stop and re-examine our old “yeses” (because that’s all life is, isn’t it? Our surroundings, circumstances, lives and businesses - all simply direct results of old “yeses” we committed to at some other time - which may — or may not — still serve us).

To determine whether they still align today.

It’s time:

Because, although relentless scale and revenue at any cost may have fit the bill three years ago?

Right now, we have a HALL PASS, via a shift in collective consciousness, to embrace the freedom, flexibility and wildly aligned businesses we desired and deserved in the first place.

It’s time to take a goddamn beat.

We’re running with the “business as usual but WAY more hectic” approach on the one hand.

Or “burn out, broken dreams and businesses that never aligned with the founders intent being shut down left, right and centre” on the other.


At a time when we really SHOULD be experiencing a post-pandemic online-business-world shake up of EARTH-SHATTERING proportions, what we’re ACTUALLY experiencing is the very opposite. 

That's where I come in 👋

And 70% of the time? It won’t even feel like work. It truly is possible to build a wildly aligned business where you get to do what you want, where you feel wildly fulfilled by what you do on a day-to-day basis and where you get to genuinely impact people at scale (just as much, if not more, that working solely 1:1 or in a purely time for money model).

When you get it right, you can TRULY do something you love –


When you create a leveraged expertise-based business, you are packaging your IP into something that is divorced from your time. With low overheads and huge margins, it’s very normal for online courses, coaching, containers, digital products, productised services and other expertise-based leveraged models to enjoy very high profit margins and decreasing workload over time. 

The MODEL is hugely leveraged and WILDLY profitable –


In other words, the market is EXPLODING, scalable online business models in general have very much become the new norm and the industry will likely disrupt the traditional means of learning and education in the (very near) future #bye100kcollegedegrees

The  COACHING/COURSE market size surpassed USD 315 billion in 2021, and not only that? It’s expected to reach 645 billion by 2030 –


Here’s why –

And, I’m happier than ever. Here’s the cliff notes:

Over the last five years, I’ve gone DEEP into this world of online business, and I’ve just about done it all – high ticket, low ticket, courses, masterminds, mash-ups and everything in between.

The GOOD news? Along the way, I’ve discovered that leveraged expertise-based online businesses are IN-CRED-IBLE. Truly, if you want a business that gives you freedom, flexibility and funds?

There is, in my view, NO BETTER MODEL.

earlier this year, I burned a $2 million revenue stream to the ground 👋

Hey, I’m Stevie

on the flip side, a much less attractive picture has been playing out, with too much of a good thing and a lack of guardrails to keep us in check, presenting in some very unappealing ways. 

And whilst all of that is STILL true

The down side of online business – 

And Getting Caught Up in a Version of “Success” That Never Fit the Reason We Started Our Online Businesses For in the First Place –

Bolting Towards a Never Ending “Finish Line” and Burning the Flip Out –

Oversaturation, Commoditised Offers & Failed Businesses –

With growth comes CHANGE; and the truth is that right now? The ENTIRE online business industry is on the precipice; a rapidly growing "high growth" market that is approaching a level of maturity that it didn't have just a few years ago. There are more people online than ever before, AI is commoditising information at a rate of knots and whereas for early online business owners there was more "padding", leeway and NO need to to stand out (you stood out by being a player in the industry at ALL!), now?

Same same offers have stopped working. The players still trying to sell commoditised offers instead of leveraged, bespoke and UNIQUE leveraged offers that solve an actual problem someone has and stand OUT – are exiting the market in droves, complaining the industry is dead (plot twist: it’s not, and when you do it right there’s more opportunity than ever before – keep reading).

And Getting Caught Up in a Version of “Success” That Never Fit the Reason We Started Our Online Businesses For in the First Place –

Bolting Towards a Never Ending “Finish Line” and Burning the Flip Out –

Oversaturation, Commoditised Offers & Failed Businesses –

With everyone espousing six and seven figure businesses as the ultimate “holy grail” of success, online business owners started aimlessly shooting for an arbitrary revenue goal, resulting in ego-driven business decisions and many online founders building themselves a gilded cage in the pursuit of a revenue goal that wasn’t even required for the lifestyle they craved.

(Like, that time I built a business that DIDN’T fully align with MY sweet spot, instead blindly follow a coach and methodology with a different ethos to me – only to burn out, wig out and spend long evenings crying along to the symphony of cha-chings coming from the sales of my million dollar program. Don’t recommend it 😂).

And Getting Caught Up in a Version of “Success” That Never Fit the Reason We Started Our Online Businesses For in the First Place –

Bolting Towards a Never Ending “Finish Line” and Burning the Flip Out –

Oversaturation, Commoditised Offers & Failed Businesses –

Despite craving freedom, flexibility and FUN, many online founders created a version of ‘success’ that gives them the very opposite because they build a business that doesn’t align with the unique style that suits THEM.

They feel unaligned and unfulfilled, wondering whether perhaps there is something wrong with them, or with the industry as a whole, and try to solve it by either pelting at breakneck speed towards the next goal (thinking THAT must be the answer), or chasing pipedreams of passive income and pina coladas on the beach (and giving up all together when THAT turns out to be even harder than what they're doing now). 

And to stop settling, and instead experience the TRUE freedom, flexibility and FUN that comes from building – or, re-building – an online business that feels REALLY wildly aligned and supports the life I want to live.

To swap “good enough” for “dazzling-grand-love-affair-with-your-life-and-business-of-epic-proportions”.

These days, I’ve created a set of business “filters”– aka non-negotiable commandments – through which to intentionally build a freedom-based online business that feels as good on the inside as it does on the outside. 

It just wasn’t the model for ME.

IT wasn’t a bad model:

The missing link that ensures that you’re energetically lit up by the thing you’re doing.

But I didn’t have product - market - founder fit: 

 A great offer that solved a painful problem well, for a specific person. 

I had product - market fit:

When I shut down my multi-million dollar group coaching program, it was because in my pursuit (and achievement) of an arbitrary definition of success – I’d swung the pendulum TOO far in a direction I didn’t even want to go in, and woke up one day with a business that didn’t feel good and a calendar full of things I didn’t actually want to do.

I know, because it happened to me, and — in private DM’s and whispered conversations behind the scenes with on the surface “wildly successful” online owners – I have seen it play out for many of those around me too. 

Focusing on one to two core offers, eliminating complexity, and building a small and mighty business with a small, lean and remote team.

07. Optimising for Simplicity

Optimising for time and the pursuit of 5-hour days and sun-soaked afternoons away from your laptop just as vehemently as you would your next $100k. This becomes more and more possible when you stop looking to revenue as the ONLY metric of success, because it gives you the opportunity to them prioritise life in the mix, too.

06. Optimising for Time

Swapping arbitrary top line revenue goals for a focus on leverage and high profit margins, to allow you to reach your “enough” number without building a big, stressful business that requires huge team or overhead to run.

05. Optimising for High Profit Margins

Ensuring that you build an offer suite that suits YOU the founder, and that your pricing and delivery (whether high volume/low cost or low volume, high cost, whether more heavily focused on marketing or delivery.. the list goes on) is aligned with the way you want to do business. (Note: Getting this wrong is a fatal flaw).

04. Building an Aligned Offer Suite

Building a leveraged expertise-based business model that allows you to divorce your value from your time.

03. Prioritising a Leveraged Model

Intentionally choosing the exact profit figure your business will need to fulfil all of your business, lifestyle and investing needs – in other words, your “enough number”.

Without intentionally defining this, it’s so easy to relentlessly bolt towards a “scale to the moon” revenue-obsessed version of success you don’t even want (but somehow get caught up in whilst trying to ‘keep up with the digital Jones’).

02. Defining Your Enough

Deciding from the very outset the TYPE of business you want to build, so that you don’t spend months and years running in entirely the wrong direction.

01. Endgame Clarity

The 7 Commandments of the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot

introducing —

And massively shortcutting the process of getting there with the ONLY complete Operating System for building a wildly aligned expertise-based online business to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot on the market #hellocategoryofone).


NOT sugarcoating the work and effort required to do it (it serves no-one – worthwhile things take work, and if someone is telling you otherwise? Run for the hills);


Crafting a simple and aligned model that feels just right for you – with high profit margins, the capacity to work 5-hour days (in time) and the ability to make waves of impact at scale to boot;


Building and intentionally designing your Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot FIRST; 


The Roadmap:

In a world where there is SO much opportunity online and yet at the same time SO much burn out, broken dreams and businesses that don’t align with the founders intent.. I’m now wildly passionate about supporting other current and aspiring online business owners to *REALLY, TRULY* do the same. 

And now?

I can now truly - hand on heart and not just “because it sounds good and sells things” – say that I have a business that feels just as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

After completely re-aligning my own business and making a new set of business decisions with these filters guiding me


The Complete, All-In-One Operating System for Building (or Rebuilding) an Expertise-Based* Online Business to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot. 

Lifestyle Business School is an Entirely New Approach to Building a Smart, Leveraged and Sustainable Online Business (or Revenue Stream) That Deeply Fulfils You

The hey-day of online business success resembling “six or seven figures at any cost”, all whilst slinging Gucci bags as the ultimate hallmark of “making it” are (thankfully – GOSH) coming to an end.

Ambitious current and aspiring online business owners are smartening-up, savvying-up and turning their backs on the “get rich quick” promises of wiley Internet marketers as they seek new ways to build the ease-filled version of online businesses they’ve been promised in the past;

And although we STILL want freedom-based, and flexibility-fueled online businesses, we’re (finally) ready to ditch the BS and seek out a realistic, step-by-step, and HONEST methodology to get there.

Because, the truth is this:

To flip the tired online rhetoric around “more, more, more”, “relentless scale at any cost”, “scale to the moon” and “keeping up with the digital Joneses” on the one hand…

… And false, shallow promises selling the idea of the 4-hour work week, that online business is all palm trees and passive income whilst sipping margaritas by the beach, and that fast results with zero work are actually a thing (hint: they’re not) on the other…
.. COMPLETELY on its head. 

Oh, and also? 

I’m in!

Being clear on your owners intent when growing is critical to avoid wrong turns, wrong moves and spending months and years sprinting in the wrong direction.

We specialise in helping digital course creators get to what we believe is the “Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot”. 

There is a critical difference between a lifestyle business, and a scale business.

Defining the “Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot”.

Scale Business

The antithesis of a lifestyle business?

A “scale” business.

When you’re ‘scaling’ a business, you’re ultimately angling
for an exit to give you a nice fat paycheck to bankroll the
rest of your days.

You sacrifice profit margins to fuel your growth, you
need to entirely remove your personal brand from the
picture, and you need a big team, considerable scale and a
view to jump well past $1-2 million in revenue to get there.

The antithesis of a lifestyle business?

A “scale” business.

When you’re ‘scaling’ a business, you’re ultimately angling for an exit to give you a nice fat paycheck to bankroll the rest
of your days.

You sacrifice profit margins to fuel your growth, you need to entirely remove your personal brand from the picture, and you need a big team, considerable scale and a view to jump well past $1-2 million in revenue to get there.

Lifestyle Business

A lifestyle business is created by the owner for the specific
purpose of providing cash flow to pursue interests and
wealth outside of the business.

In our books?

It’s a business where the owner’s intent is to build a chill,
happy online business that creates deep impact for fewer
people, gives you the time to do what you want, creates the
space and freedom to pursue a balanced life, and generates
the profit + cash flow to invest into vehicles OUTSIDE of
your business to generate real financial freedom.

A lifestyle business is created by the owner for the specific purpose of providing cash flow to pursue interests and wealth outside of the business.

In our books?

It’s a business where the owner’s intent is to build a chill, happy online business that creates deep impact for fewer people, gives you the time to do what you want, creates the space and freedom to pursue a balanced life, and generates the profit + cash flow to invest into vehicles OUTSIDE of your business to generate
real financial freedom.

And frankly? It’s magical.

We call it the “Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot” because it allows you to build a business that complements the freedom and flexibility you started it for in the first place, all whilst still earning well, serving well and living well.

All achieved with a borderline-obsessive focus on customer experience and delivery over relentless scale, with a committed focus on creating deeper impact.

A focus on infusing lifestyle into how you do business.

The CHOICE to work 5-hour days (EVENTUALLY).

A lean team (0 - 5 remote contractors or employees). 

One to two CORE offers.

High profit margins.

Our “lifestyle business sweet spot” looks like this:

Different strokes for different folks, but ultimately? 

Lifestyle Business School is for you.

If you’re a current or aspiring online business owner seeking to build or re-build an expertise based business to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot,

A mastermind that costs upwards of $20,000 to get access to a collective of like-minded business owners and the type of you "can't-Google-it" content that is usually ONLY locked away behind offers at that price point. 

A call-focused group coaching program where you likely can't make the call times anyway, and you're needing to ASK because there's no step-by-step curriculum (in fact – there’s intentionally no calls at ALL);

Another course on how to create a course – with a scattered puzzle of random information or disjointed strategies that requires 18,627 hours watching boring videos or piecing random piecemeal strategies together; 

Lifestyle Business School Isn’t:

Let’s get one thing straight:

What Makes Lifestyle Business School STAND OUT?

And THAT, my friends? Is creating cutting-edge, up to date and what’s working now strategy, templates and ready-to-install systems for building a leveraged online business in a simple, step-by- step format.

I am a true expert in this, and I have many years of experience as a market leader with a serious track record of results behind me. I am sharing all of my IP and strategy with you in this program. 

It Focuses on Delivering What I Do Best –

This methodology values TIME as equally as it does PROFIT, and optimises to deliver both. This stops the common “trap” of aimlessly shooting for an arbitrary revenue goal ($100k or $1m on anyone’s wishlist?), which results in ego-driven business decisions that don’t align with the lifestyle you set out to create in the first place.

It Values Time as Much as Money –

We’re so often sold that creating an online course is the ONLY way to build leverage into your business. It’s true that it’s ONE way – but there is HUGE opportunity in the online business world right now to create something leveraged that is TRULY unique using our “delivery mash up method”.

TL;DR? We will ACTIVELY encourage you and give you the tools for creating a leveraged offer that optimises your time that is totally different to anything else on the market.

This could mean a self study course with unique elements, a productised service that allows online service providers to install leverage WITHOUT curriculum, a hybrid group coaching or mastermind model – or a delightful, non-commoditized, bespoke-to-you offer that leverages your time, delivers high profit margins and STANDS OUT IN A SEA OF SO MUCH SAME.

We will ACTIVELY encourage you to create your own unique mash-up to stand out and sell out in today’s commoditised online business landscape.

It Doesn’t Require That Your “Leveraged Offer” Be a Course

It’s designed to support you, whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re six years in.

It’s for the absolute beginner: If you’re starting from scratch, and you want a simple step-by-step, this program is structured to give you that without a single hint of overwhelm.

And also for the advanced: If you’re established and advanced but you feel like you have gaps and holes in your business or that you need to re-align and build to your sweet spot, this program will meet you where you are at – without needing to join a $20k mastermind to get there.

(And, for everyone in between).

It’s For Freedom-Seekers at ANY Stage Who Wants to Build a Leveraged Expertise-Based Online Business

The Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot Model is for a very specific person with a very specific “Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot” endgame.

The entire methodology and system is designed for a Lifestyle Business, where the owner’s intent is to build a chill, happy online business that creates deep impact, gives them the time to do what they want, creates the space and freedom to pursue a balanced life, and generates the profit + cash flow to invest into vehicles OUTSIDE of the business to generate real financial freedom (not buying new Gucci bags every week to flex — unless that’s genuinely your passion, in which case go for it 😆).

It’s For Current and Aspiring Business Owners With a Very Specific “Lifestyle Businss Sweet Spot” Endgame – 

This is very intentionally designed to be a process-driven, ready-to-install system with a set of clear, actionable steps to take you from where you are (whether starting from scratch or five years in the game) to a simple, streamlined leveraged online business model. 

It’s An Operating System – Not a Course 

Here’s Why:

— Regardless of whether you’re starting from scratch or five years in.
It’s like nothing else on the market. 

It’s the COMPLETE, TOP DOWN, STEP-BY-STEP, BIG-PICTURE, PROCESS-DRIVEN Roadmap to Building an Expertise-Based Online Business to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot. 


It is specifically set up to ensure that you build a WILDLY ALIGNED business model from the outset, that you’re following a precise Operating System OPTIMISED for your desired Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot endgame and that you’re equipped with step-by-step playbooks to reduce months and years of trial and error, following experts with a different ethos to you or building a business that doesn’t align with your desired endgame. 

Our methodology for building a leveraged expertise-based business to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot is like nothing else on the market. 

The Step-By-Step
Lifestyle Business School Roadmap

The frankly *freeing* realisation?

This isn’t something you can - or frankly, should - do in two seconds. From start to finish? Building a business with your ULTIMATE Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot endgame in mind is usually a three to five year process. Aligned expectations are important, because they help you ENJOY the journey along the way; and not think there is something wrong with YOU or the online business industry if you don't achieve your endgame in two seconds with zero effort. 

Once you have a selling system and offer that converts in launch, you can transition it into something that sells every day - and then go even FURTHER, with a full back-end web that does all the selling for you.

05. Automate

Choose a low ticket or high ticket launch system and follow our step-by-step 12 week launch system to take you from pre-launch to cart close with templates, swipes and a clear process for every step.

04. Launch

Once you’ve successfully SOLD your offer (whether it’s a course, coaching or even a productised service), you need IMMEDIATE access to the frameworks and structure for delivering a standout experience from the get-go. So, we'll hand you the complete process-driven playbook for delivering a stand out and streamlined high or low ticket offer. 

03. Deliver

Build a SUPER high quality email list by delivering a people-would-pay-money-for free Mini-Course. Deliver it over a four week period and then upsell an irresistible core offer to them that they can't say no to, and that aligns with the number of leads you are able to generate and your revenue goals. Do this over your FIRST 12-week period to eliminate perfection + procrastination and take fast action to build (or re-build) your business. 

02. Create

Intentionally design (or re-design) a wildly aligned expertise-based business to YOUR version of the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot, with a defined endgame and “enough” number to reverse engineer into to create a business and life you love.

01. Design





01. Design

Part One:
Build (or Re-Build) the Machine

Part One: Build
(or Re-Build) the Machine

Part Two: Refine the Machine to the
Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot

Part Two: Refine the Machine to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot

There are five key "cogs" in the leveraged expertise-based business machine, and it's essential to build them (or to systematically RE-BUILD them, if you already have an expert business and it's unaligned with your endgame) in the right order.

Once you’ve built your machine, the GAME becomes refining it in a systematic way to achieve your Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot endgame. Using our Lifestyle Business Operating System, you will track and measure your progress towards your personal "sweet spot" in each of the following Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot categories.

Measure and track your progress towards your revenue "enough number", optimising and refining your profit levers to improve and iterate to achieve it.

01. Profit Sweet Spot

Measure and track your progress towards your goal hourly rate, optimising and refining to better install time leverage to achieve it and have the option to work five-hour days.

02. Time Sweet Spot

Measure and track your progress towards a lifestyle - both inside and outside of work "hours" - that deeply fulfils you and the values you started (or want to start) your business for in the first place - whether that's freedom, flexibility, family, fun or something else!

03. Lifestyle Sweet Spot

Whether you're starting from scratch and building a brand new business, or you're established and wanting to optimise or realign, this process is designed to be followed in order because it systematically ensures that ALL core elements of your business are "working", and you're not wondering or guessing which piece to fix first or next.








Lifestyle Business School is the most comprehensive, end-to-end Operating System for creating a leveraged expertise-based business on the market today. 

So, What’s Included?

The CRITICAL first step? Crystal clear clarity on your endgame, so that you can INTENTIONALLY build (or re-build) a business designed to achieve it.






  • Clarifying Your Endgame: Intentionally clarify your business endgame; and your profit, time and lifestyle sweet spot. 

  • Defining Your Enough: Define your SPECIFIC revenue enough number, so you know how much your business need to make to fuel your lifestyle and (eventually) make work optional.

  • Crafting your Business Model: Define your founder type, most aligned endgame business model and best starting point so that you can build a business that aligns with both the traction you desire in the early days and the wild alignment that will ensure it is fulfilling in the long-term, too. 

  • Defining Your Personal Brand: Map out the focus of your personal brand, and how to differentiate yourself to give yourself a talk-aboutable edge to stand out.

  • Offer Suite: Discover how to map a simple, strategic and streamlined offer suite for your expertise based business. 

  • By the end of Dream and Design, you will have done the essential pre-work to ensure that your strategy is aligned to the type of business you want to build.

We cover –

You will have crystal clear clarity on your Lifestyle Business endgame and know where you need to reverse engineer into as you build (or re-build) a leveraged expertise-based business model to YOUR version of the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot.

By the end –

Dream and Design is the program that was offered for free for its first live round in the lead up to Lifestyle Business School. It is ALSO an integral part of the program itself.

Important Note:

  • Delivery model matrix to determine the right pricing model for your core offer; 
  • Founder type assessment to determined the correct business model; 
  • Genius Zone assessment to discover your strengths/talent/skill sweet spot; 
  • Personal brand process to discover your talkaboutable edge; 
  • Offer suite map. 

  • Personal reflection questions to help you to clarify what you want;
  • Personal Budget Calculator to determine your lifestyle expenses; 
  • Investment training to determined your required investment number to make work optional;
  • "Enough" Endgame Calculator, so you know the EXACT revenue number you need to achieve your Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot;

Here is a selection of the ready-to-install templates and resources waiting for you. 


Develop, package and position a leveraged offer that does the selling FOR you online. You won’t NEED fancy sales bells and whistles because your dreamies will see the offer, AUTOMATICALLY want to buy and will be EXCITED to part ways with their hard earned money.

Most products and services fail because they don’t have this; it’s the difference between being just one-of-the-pack and being the ONLY choice (even if you’re a newbie), between a luke-warm response and ‘OMG yes’, and between getting sales and getting rich (really).

Take Action in Your First 12-Weeks

Build an irresistible leveraged online offer and get paid to create it in 90 days or less. 


valued at

The Irresistible Leveraged Offer Formula


  • Position: Build a simple, wildly effective two part Offer Suite with IRRESISTIBLE messaging and positioning design to attract high quality leads like magnets and sell without friction;

  • Pitch: Create and deliver a SUPER high quality Mini-Course and pitch it to build an instant email list of aligned perfect fit leads (even if you have no audience and you're starting from scratch); 

  • Deliver: Deliver it over a four week period to prime them ready to buy, with step-by-step guidance, done-for-you tech templates 

  • Sell: Finally, at the end of your four week process you'll pitch the PERFECT core offer, packaged and positioned to sell, to validate it and get a cash injection in less that 12 weeks. Based on the number of registrations for your free lead magnet and the intel you collect from the perfect fit leads who consume your free mini-course, decide on the topic and delivery method for your next step paid core offer. 


The magic of this 12-week roadmap is that you will get PAID to create a core offer BEFORE you spend 40 hours creating it, know (because you'll be creating it WITH the input of your leads) that it's what people want, plus you'll *hopefully* round it out with a quick cash injection, allowing you to free up your calendar to build it.

The Magic of This Roadmap

  • This is paint-by-numbers - Every week, you are handing a checklist of EXACTLY what you need to do, and every template, swipe, tech tutorial and process you need to do it; 

  • This is designed to overcome "I don't have time", "I don't trust myself", "the tech scares me" and every other excuse that has held you back" - Often, the BIG thing holding super-capable and amazing people back from building the leveraged online expertise business of their dreams is the first step, and lacking the basic know-how around how to step up the core fundamentals of their business (email list, lead magnet and irresistible offer). Create and Validate equips you with the skills you need to get all of that done, and to OWN that skill forever. 

  • This gives you key infrastructure whether you're starting out OR you want a cool new launch strategy in your existing business - Every online business owner needs TWO offers in their business; an irresistible and high value lead magnet that filters high quality leads EFFORTLESSLY into their eco-system, and an irresistible core offer that fits their stage of business and is positioned to sell. At the end of Create and Validate, you will have both – and you will do it without spending a year, or two, overthinking, questioning and taking wrong turns. 

you'll have a high quality email list, SUPER high value mini-course lead magnet, a shiny new launch process AND the opportunity to make sales at the end.

By the end –

  • Offer Design Spreadsheets
  • Market Research Question List and Pitch Scripts
  • Messaging Suitcase Template
  • Transformation Statement Helper
  • Email swipes for every step
  • Ten days of content inspiration
  • Sales process scripts
  • Debrief and next steps
  • Debrief instructions
  • Feedback survey templates

  • Profitable Market Finder
  • Leveraged Offer Menu
  • Market Research Survey Templates
  • Messaging Suitcase Template
  • Leveraged Offer Time Calculator
  • MVP Sales Page Template
  • Done For You Mini-Course Funnel
  • Opt In Page and Thank You Page Templates

Here is a small selection of the ready-to-install templates and resources waiting for you. 


Once you’ve successfully SOLD your offer, you need IMMEDIATE access to the frameworks and structure for delivering a standout experience from the get-go.

This delivery playbook has one objective – to ensure that your delivery passes the “best friend test” with FLYING colours – meaning that you’d be SO DAMN PROUD to have your best friend purchase because you have rock solid confidence in the transformation it provides.

The playbook for delivering a stand out and streamlined high or low touch course, program or mastermind.


valued at

The Standout Program Delivery Playbook


  • The SPECIFIC structures, templates and SOPs for delivering a STANDOUT, knock ‘em dead high or low touch leveraged expertise-based offer – ie. the stuff no-one else teaches you because they are solely focused on the marketing (newsflash – a killer delivery is the best marketing strategy ever 😉);

  • Crafting aligned and impactful community, coaching, curriculum and/or "customised" deliverables, including complete SOPs for things like customer communication, different deliverables, calls and more;

  • How to craft and deliver curriculum (for courses/program) or service-steps (for productised services) that facilitates a clear transformation;

  • The 411 on creating materials, from videos to workbooks, to sexy-looking Google workbooks, to portal build and more;

  • Branding your offer, including complete SOPs and templates for branding, photography shoots and shot lists and design (with all of the Canva design templates you need to knock ‘em dead);

  • Dealing with difficult student/client situations – did anyone say clients that ghost, missed payments, difficult emails, navigating hard conversations and more?).

  • Bringing on support to help you run your offer – including SOPs, hiring processes and onboarding manuals;

  • Managing onboarding, offboarding and customer renewals seamlessly with the perfect mix of automation and a personal human touch, including plug ‘n play automations, onboarding / presentation templates, SOPs and more.

  • Automation swipes for cool AND essential flows to help make delivering your offer more seamless – eg setting up “Cha-ching notifications” for new sales, buyer delivery email automations and more.

  • Ready to install templates and systems for automated feedback loops, anonymous feedback, and testimonial collection (plus, what to do with it). 

We [comprehensively] cover –

You’ll have a systematised and rave-worthy delivery of your offer nailed that you can stand SO CONFIDENTLY behind, which is streamlined to the eyeballs (it’s a beautiful thing) and which delivers reliable results for your students/clients without it requiring ALL of your time.

By the end –

  • Orientation and Welcome Session Slide Templates
  • Onboarding SOP and Processes
  • Reengagement Email Sequences
  • Renewal and Graduation SOP and Processes
  • Community Engagement Processes
  • Anon feedback system and templates

  • Clickup Client CRM template
  • Delivery Production Schedule Spreadsheet
  • Lesson Slide Templates
  • Canva Course Design Templates
  • Program Delivery SOPs for Every Deliverable
  • Buyer Delivery Email Sequences

Here is a small selection of the ready-to-install templates and resources waiting for you. 


The ultimate suite of rinse-and-repeat sales system for every HIGH AND LOW TICKEt live launch promotion under the sun.


valued at

Repeatable Live Launch Systems

TERM three [available now]

  • Plug ‘n play, ready to install processes and templates for every live launch and promotion under the sun, including the three key launches every expertise-based online business must have in their arsenal to maximise profits and sales;

  • Why “bridging the gap” is the SOLE goal for any live launch or promotion and how to make sure that your pre-launch kicks that goal so your prospects are lined-up-and-ready-to-go come cart open time.

  • Full step-by-step instructions for how to create every key asset required to run a successful launch – including sales pages, webinar slides and more.

  • Complete, ready-to-install sales system for straight-to-cart course and low ticket webinar launches, challenge-style launches and application-based high ticket group programs and masterminds.

  • Done-with-you templates for webinar slides, challenge trainings, nurture emails, sales emails, opt in and thank you pages, and more;

  • The secret processes and templates to make 20% more revenue from every promotion you run without need a single additional lead;

  • Back end sales systems for increasing customer lifetime value and making more from the students and clients you already have (without customer acquisition costs eating into your profit margins);

  • DM Selling Processes so you never need to do another sales call again (if it doesn’t serve you);

  • The complete rinse-and-repeat launch debrief process for objectively assessing the results of your launches and making a plan for next steps.

We cover –

 You’ll have completed a full 90 day rinse-and-repeatable core live launch process and developed a system for making reliable live launch sales at a reliable conversion rate, and access to a bevy of other ready-to-install promotion and launch strategies to pull quick profits out of your hat faster than you can say RABBITS 🐰

By the end –

  • Pre Launch Invitation Email Sequence
  • Pre Launch Social Media Templates
  • Launch Lead Tracking Spreadsheets
  • Launch Home Base Document
  • Launch Data Tracking Spreadsheets
  • Relaunch Process Checklist

  • 27-Page Sales Page Template
  • Opt In + Thank You Page Copy + Design Templates
  • Webinar Slide Template
  • Challenge Slide Presentation Templates
  • Launch Sales Email Sequence
  • Live launch maps for webinar launches, high ticket launches, challenge launches, and MORE

Here is a small selection of the ready-to-install templates and resources waiting for you. 


Automated evergreen sales funnels for “Hands off” sales while you’re snoozin’.


valued at

Evergreen Sales in Your Sleep


  • Ready to install systems for automating your live launch promotions and creating an automated sales system for cha-chings in your sleep;

  • The non-negotiable “must have” automation tool you need to single-handedly change your business forever;

  • The “quick sale” evergreen funnel for taking new leads from cold to sold in less than 7 days;

  • The back end funnel “web” for cycling leads that don’t purchase through multiple value-soaked sales opportunities to maximise the profit potential of every lead that enters your list;

  • Advanced “add ons” for your evergreen funnel to increase the average order value of every sale;

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to set up every techy piece so you can focus on making sales 24/7 on autopilot and NOT “WHY ON EARTH THE TECH ISN’T WORKING?!”;

  • Plug-n-play funnel maps and email automation templates for your entire advanced back end evergreen funnel system, which can sell multiple offers concurrently;

  • Optimisation processes and workflows to improve the performance of your evergreen funnel;

We cover –

You’ll have a REASON to post on social and generate leads, safe in the knowledge that as soon as they hit your email list they’ll be automatically cycled through a VALUE-SOAKED and sales-optimised web of automated evergreen funnels. You’ll be making sales while you’re asleep (mute your phone – those cha-ching dings while you’re snoozin’ can get annoying).

By the end –

  • Opt In and Thank You Page Copy and
  • Design Templates
  • Evergreen Data Tracking Spreadsheets
  • Evergreen Optimisation Spreadsheets

  • Evergreen sequence email scripts
  • Email automation swipes
  • Funnel maps for different evergreen automation options
  • Tech automation templates for advanced automations

Here is a small selection of the ready-to-install templates and resources waiting for you. 


These bonuses are collectively worth thousands of dollars, and are intentionally focused on lead generation, authority building and audience growth – all essential to the growth of your leveraged expertise-based business.


We’ve solved that. Add yourself to the Directory, and opt in to receive messages and start collaboration relationships with similar-minded businesses. 

The HARDEST thing about building a business is finding like-minded collaboration partners and Internet friends to connect and collaborate with. 



Until now, you needed to pay big dollars to access a community of business owners that you KNEW were like-minded and that had a similar endgame to you, to share lessons, wins and challenges with, and to collaborate with each other, too. THIS is the vibe of the community INCLUDED in Lifestyle Business School, so you're never alone on your journey. 


Community Forum Themed By Section



You NEED to Be Around People With a Similar Endgame. This is an opportunity to connect, collaborate and build a community of like-minded expert businesses with a Lifestyle Business endgame.

1) The Community Bonuses

Member Directory of Businesses With a Similar Endgame

Lifestyle Business School comes with an EXCLUSIVE VIP private podcast feed accessible by app and ONLY available to YOU.

We will cover questions that come up as you are building to your Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot, and it will all be accessible via a PRIVATE feed. Drops will be on an "as needed basis", and trust me when I say that this will end up being the thing you love the MOST!


"Behind the Lifestyle Business" Private Podcast




2) The Exclusive Private Content Bonus

We’ve painstakingly built out over-the-shoulder, click-by-click tech instructions for completing every SINGLE step of Create and Validate using our systems.

Our Marketing and Tech Co-ordinator has filmed every single one of these, PLUS has built out every automation you could possibly need ready to install.

Examples: Need an email automation? We've built it and hand you the template. Need to set up a tool? We've filmed the entire process from creating an account to job done. 

Tech will NEVER trip you up, we will promise you that. 

WE Don't give you vague instructions on how to set up any piece of tech, we always, always give you a template, a swipe or a click-for-click tutorial

Click-by-Click Tech Tutorials and Templates


$200 USD

We have fully built out a BEAUTIFUL full course portal, log in and home page, community page, course home page, lesson page, registration pages and check out for you. 

All you need to do is click 'install', update it with your fonts, colours and content and you're good to go. This will save you many, many, many hours of time and the uncertainty of knowing whether the assets you would otherwise be creating from scratch are any good. 

We've done the hard work for you (and with a design eye, so you can be assured it's going to make you look professional and stand out), 


Beautifully Designed Done For You Program Portal 



Get SIX MONTHS of access to your all-in-one course portal for free. This program is $199USD a month (and worth every penny, you can run just about your entire digital business on it); and is worth over $1,200USD by ITSELF.

New users only, free for the first six months for as long as you remain a member of Lifestyle Business School. 


Six Months Access to Kleq for FREE



We know THAT THE EXPENSE AND COMPLEXITY OF tech can be a huge block, so we’re solving it.

3) The Tech
Support Bonuses

And Lifestyle Business School? Is how we intend to help you to do it.

Note: This is currently a Foundation offer, which means that it is brand new and we are creating some of the curriculum as we go. We will be raising the price once we are finished, so now is the best and most affordable time to jump in.

Our Mission? To inspire and help 1000 people to live in their Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot

Our Mission? To inspire and help 1000 people to live in their Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot

In other words? This price point is truly exceptional.

The price DOESN'T reflect the incredible value, and that's the point. We're packaging up the systems, strategy and roadmap into a container you can commit to for your entire three to five year journey.. and whilst we're still in the "build out" phase, we're rewarding those that join us NOW.

The actual “real world value” of the QUANTIFIABLE elements of this program is $16,000
Just the five key programs - Dream and Design, Create and Validate, Deliver and Delight, Rinse and Repeat and Automate and Accelerate - are worth $8,000USD combined. This isn't "made up" - they will be sold for between $1,500 and $2,200 EACH separately (Dream and Design is $500). 

But, we're not charging that.

The real world value

The last time we offered something of this calibre, it was packaged up into a high-touch (and high-priced) $12,000 for 12 months. That program delivered blow-it-out-of-the-water results, but it came with a catch:

For those just starting out, $12,000 was a BIG investment – it meant that clients were keeping track, keeping time and assuming that they needed to have the ULTIMATE transformation in the form of a wildly-successful online business in two seconds. It stressed them out, and us. It was also very expensive for US to deliver, and we needed to pass those costs onto our clients.

So, we've made changes - this is a whole new offer, and it's not:





When we were breaking down our pricing, we thought about making it "fair". Not the FULL value, but something that fairly represented the value. Then, we thought, ACTUALLY: 
Let's make it irresistible. BEYOND "fair", and instead a really good deal, so we thought about pricing it at HALF of what the programs will sold at individually.

That price was $5,000.. but then we thought no.



I thought I’d practice what I preach and show you what it REALLY means to create an irresistible offer you can’t really say no to. But, then? I decided that I want people to START and that a 12-month minimum commitment would stop some people from doing just that.



I decided to make this a monthly commitment (cancel any time), but make it so good you won't want to AND also, to reward the foundation members with a special rate they will be grand-mothered into for LIFE. Which is much less than the usual rate of:



Value – $499

Exclusive access to the Lifestyle Business School VIP Private Podcast Feed with regular drops.

Exclusive Private Podcast Feed Access

A topic specific community with like-minded business owners to connect and collaborate with (without paying $20k to join a mastermind!)

Community Forum

Value – $2,200

A complete suite of ready to install automated evergreen sales funnels for“Hands off” sales while you’re snoozin’.

Automate + Accelerate

VALUE – $2,200

The ultimate suite of rinse-and-repeat sales system for every live launch promotion under the sun.

Rinse + Repeat

VALUE –  $2,200

The playbook for delivering a stand out and streamlined high or low touch course, program or mastermind.

Deliver + Delight

VALUE – $1,500

Build an irresistible leveraged offer and get paid to create it in 90 days or less. 

Create + Validate

Here's the quantifiable value of each element if we were to offer them separately (some of which we will be)

Valued At

Lifestyle Business School is delivered in 90-day "terms" to avoid overwhelm and ensure you are always working on the right next thing. 

Date Available

What’s Included:


VALUE –  $499

Design or re-design your business to your version of the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot

Dream + Design




(ETA April)


Value – $999


Lifestyle Business School Member Directory

Add yourself to the member directory and enable private messages to find collaboration partners!


Value – $1999

This essentially makes your first six months in Lifestyle Business School free for as long as you are a member, usually $199US a Month (new users only).

Six Months of Kleq Access for Free ($1 Sign Up)


Value – $1,200 USD

We have designed a gorgeous mini-course portal and funnel pages ready for you to install in a couple of clicks and import into your Kleq portal!

Beautifully Designed Done For You Course Portal


Value – $999

All Fully Accessible Via Dedicated Mobile App


Lifestyle Business School is fully accessible via a mobile app to access materials and connect in the community on the go!

Value – $99

No Lock In Contracts:
Cancel Any Time

There are no lock in contracts, and you can leave any time (monthly plan).

VALUE –  $2,200

The step-by-step playbook for building out a strategic marketing plan to achieve your campaign traffic goals for scalable offers

Traffic Playbook



Join Monthly for $299 $149USD


Monthly recurring payments; cancel any time. 


What Will My Time in Lifestyle Business School Look Like?

This program is *very* intentionally designed to be completed in a step-by-step "roadmap" order, because the order you do things in matters. Lifestyle Business School is ordered into terms of 90 days each, where you will have a different focus each 90 days. 

As we are currently actively building out Lifestyle Business School, you will have immediate access to Create and Validate (Term One), Deliver and Delight (Term Two), Rinse and Repeat (Term Three), and the Traffic Playbook. And the rest will be coming REAL soon! 

Straight after your purchase, you will be emailed a login to Lifestyle Business School, where you will have instant access to your Pre-Work (Full Roadmap and Dream and Design), Create and Validate, the Lifestyle Business School Community and the Private Podcast Feed.

Instant Access

Create and Validate is a 12 week paint-by-numbers process to create a super high value mini-course, pitch and deliver it and then to upsell the perfect core offer on the back end. During your first 90 days, you will get access to a new module every week, with step-by-step instructions on what to do that week. In 12-weeks, you'll have leads, a super high quality lead magnet and an offer suite. 

Term One

At the three month mark of Lifestyle Business School, if you follow our roadmap, you will be ready for Deliver and Delight. Because you will have your offer sold, you'll need the COMPLETE Playbook for setting everything up in a simple and streamlined way so the entire Deliver and Delight delivery playbook, SOPs and processes is waiting for you. 

Term Two

At the six month mark of Lifestyle Business School, you will be ready to start on Rinse and Repeat! You will use it complete a rinse-and-repeat 90-day launch process for your offer, completing everything from pre-pre launch to cart close. There are a number of different launch processes to choose from, so later you can try another too!

Term Three

Term Four

Year Two +

Lifestyle Business School is intentionally structured in 90 day cycles to ensure you actually DO the work, and the content is structured to make sure that happens WITHOUT overwhelm, overthinking, procrastination or perfectionism. Perfecto!

Term Four kicks off in your fourth quarter in Lifestyle Business School, and now all of your foundations are set up you'll set up your evergreen sales funnel that brings in sales on autopilot, and later a more advanced "back end" funnel web to make sales sleeping. 

By your 12-month anniversary in Lifestyle Business School, you will have completed all stages of building your business machine. From here, you will refine and optimise to your Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot, with continuing access to all curriculum, the community and the private podcast for as long as you're a member.


It's when the founder half-asses, rushes, tries to fast track or hurry the process that they end up spending months and years spinning their wheels.. and then needing to go back and do it all the right way anyway. 

Starting at the start requires you to re-visit every piece of your offer, messaging and positioning - and whether you’re starting or three years in - it’s important work that we won’t let you skip.

The best way to get to where you want to do? To focus on the right things, at the right time, in the right order.






This is a step-by-step process, and the order matters. 
"Can't I just dig into the launch / automated funnel / delivery stuff NOW?!" I'm more advanced / need it / "insert other reason here"


This is intentionally designed as a step-by-step Lifestyle Business Operating System

And, the order you DO things in? Matters. A LOT. 

ALTHOUGH THIS IS PACKAGED UP IN A SUPER ACCESSIBLE MONTH-TO-MONTH FORMAT WITH NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS, This isn’t an “all-you-can-eat”, overwhelming AF library of random things that are ALL available the second you join and that likely will result in you doing nothing at all.

Here's the 411 on How This All Works


This is the difference between achieving your endgame, and spending months and years stalling - unsure of what you're missing or the piece that isn't working because you rushed things or tried to fast track the process. In the long run? This slows you down, and keeps you stuck.

Create and Validate gives you this in your first six weeks, along with the fast authority you need to sell - and you can use it again and again! 


Whether you're starting from scratch or a few years in, doing the work to make sure your offer is absolutely IRRESISTIBLE is THE game.


This is the secret to consistent income, but it REQUIRES leads and a grand slam offer first. You'll build it out just at the right time. 

It sits on the digital shelf collecting dust for many months, and it becomes something you “mean” to get to but never do. Also? If the program was lifetime access, it would never get updated.

I intend to make it my semi-full time job to ensure that the resources and templates in this program are in a continual state of improvement, adding new strategies when they pop up, creating new templates and resources and making this the best it could possibly be. From a purely business standpoint, it’s not actually in my interests to do that if you purchase lifetime access.

We’re running a marathon, not a sprint, and Lifestyle Business School is designed to be your Operating System to take you the whole way there.

Because, that’s what sometimes happens when you buy a “lifetime” course, isn’t it.

We also didn’t want to build a program structure with  lifetime access and have you never take action at all.

And also? The structure ensures that you can set yourself up for success and build (or grow an existing) business machine that is ABLE  to cover the ongoing monthly expense, all whilst we deliver such cutting edge, what’s-working-now and GENUINELY helpful processes that Lifestyle Business School is considered an non-negotiable INVESTMENT in your business. 

To that end, it didn't make sense for us to do anything OTHER than offer this month-to month (or year-to-year) - because, it requires a conscious decision to continue building to your endgame.

It's about starting, backing yourself and not giving up - even when it DOESN'T take two seconds and it's not always as easy as they make it out to be online.

Here's the truth. Starting from scratch, hitting the ULTIMATE Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot takes three to five years – but that feels a bit scary, doesn’t it (because delayed gratification + human beings don’t really go hand in hand).

Still, that’s the reality of building anything truly worthwhile.


Most memberships are set up that way so you can dip in, get what you need and dip back out. 

This is a Cancel Anytime Membership Structure, but Not For the Reason You Might Think

What’s possible for you?

From there, you’ll shift your focus and priorities to your next most pressing project, choosing your adventure. That could be building out or optimising automated evergreen funnels, running another rinse-and-repeat launch, testing a different live launch or promotion or something else. You'll be strategically refining your systems to reverse engineer into your profit, time and lifestyle endgame. 

From There On?


The goal of your first 12 months in Lifestyle Business School is to build or re-build your ENTIRE Lifestyle Business Machine. By the end of 12 months, the goal is that you will have a lead system, irresistible offer suite, launch system, automated evergreen sales system and you'll be ready to start refining toward your Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot endgame. 

Within 6-9 Months

Your First 12 Months


If you’re starting from scratch (or if you’re already established and your first priority is to realign your offer), you will (and we will give you the complete step-by-step process to) create an irresistible and FULLY ALIGNED leveraged offer and have made a cash injection to validate it within 90 days.

Within 90 Days


So, let’s talk about the quick wins and what’s possible FOR YOU

Lifestyle Business School effortlessly delivers both.

Our intention is to be with you for your entire journey towards the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot, and for that reason our processes and methodologies need to be simple enough for new starters AND advanced enough for established businesses sick of buying programs regurgitating basic information they could Google. 

Our methodology is both perfect for the beginner – because it’s streamlined, step-by-step and process-driven – AND for the experienced online business owner – because it’s intelligent, advanced and unGoogleable. 

You're an established business owner who mostly has their core business areas set up, but who wants to follow an operating system to more closely align their business to a Lifestyle Business Endgame. You'll streamline and optimise each piece, step-by-step so you're never "winging it".


current position



You're an online business owner who has already got something in place, but they are feeling stuck and figure out which of the four key success areas (leads, delivery, selling system and offer) they need to optimise, and then need the tools to do it!


current position



You're an aspiring expertise-based business owner who desires and deserves a leveraged online business, but who is starting from scratch and need a paint-by-numbers plan to set everything up - without overwhelm, second guessing or imposter syndrome.


current position



If you  “aspire to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot and you currently, or want to, sell your expertise online, this is the ONLY place for you. 

Whatever your starting point, it’s designed to take you from where you are now to YOUR desired endgame. 

This is for you if you’re a current or aspiring online expert, coach, consultant, course creator or online service provider who aspires to build a business to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot.

Who is this for?

You want to teach people how to create an online course or program. If that’s you, email us instead. Your purchase doesn’t permit you to use any of our IP to create your own offer teaching how to create digital courses or program, or to do the same thing that we do. 

You’re not aligned with our Lifestyle Business ethos – if you DON’T want to build a simple, highly profitable cash flow business based around your expertise, and you instead want to build a big “exit” business that you can scale and sell for a motza (sacrificing cashflow and profit for an exit paycheck), this probably isn’t right for you.

You’d prefer to make a much higher, five figure investment and instead receive group coaching, lots of calls and other forms of 1:1 or group support. We are able to price this offer at a more affordable price point BECAUSE we haven’t included these elements – though we may introduce support packages at an additional cost in the future for existing students.

This is not for you if:

- Solaine douglas

I can clearly see the next task in front of me and it's really helping to reduce overwhelm.

"And no more 1:1 consults for me, thanks to your help & guidance."


There is no way I could've achieved what I have in the last 12 months without it. If you're looking to do something huge with your business/ life I cannot recommend it enough. It's been the best investment ever.

"Stevie and her program changed my life!"

- jenna wolfe

I'm so grateful that I went through all of the messaging and special sauce exercises. I feel so much bolder in my borrow strategies and content creation knowing what makes my offerings unique. I also love having my psychographics to pull from, it's the best resource.

"Trust. The. Process"

- JODIE minto

I've done so many programs over the years and this program is hands-down the best system I've ever seen. Others are all about selling, not the product. Thank you Stevie and team!

"I've never seen a program like it. I'm in total awe of Stevie and her team."


What they’re saying

You could say that MY Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot.. is helping you build yours.

I have intentionally made Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot School a FRACTION of that investment because it is truly my mission for more people to experience the freedom, flexibility and happiness that comes when you fully commit to building a business in wild alignment with your version of the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot, AND you’re willing to do the work to get there.

I want to impact and help as many people as possible and although this is a program with a HUGE and DIRECT Return on Investment that will continue to pay dividends for years to come, to do that I needed to make it accessible.

And know this – the last time we offered something even remotely close to this, it was $12,000.

We will give you a full refund on your tuition due to dissatisfaction, we only ask you let us know why you're dissatisfied. Of course, we feel pretty confident that that's NOT going to happen. 

I’m SO incredibly proud of this offer. 

The litmus test? If my best friend came knocking on my digital door (actually, I hope she does!), I’d be SO HAPPY that was on board. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it would serve her. That’s when you KNOW an offer is the goods - it passes the "best friend" test.

But still, the guarantee is there. 


I’m not just saying that –
I’m willing to guarantee it.

I’m not just saying
that – I’m willing to guarantee it.

If you’re ready to make the commitment and build your wildly aligned leveraged expertise-based business, Lifestyle Business School is the ONLY program of its type to get you there.


Business School

the 14 day

Just like in the OFFLINE world, when you are building something worthwhile – it takes time, energy and effort.

The industry sugarcoats this, and tries to tell you that if you’re working hard? You’re doing it wrong. BS.

Big dreams require hard, upfront work and that’s the truth. Too many people stalling before they get to the GOOD STUFF is the reason that we’ll never sugarcoat that.

What we WILL do, however, is give you a sneak peek into what is waiting for you on the other side when you DO commit:

The leveraged online business you desire and deserve is SO possible for you, and so worthwhile – if you’re ambitious, committed and (really) want it. 

Here’s the truth:

The trouble is? The Internet is so often selling a pipedream – promising us lightning fast SECOND ORDER consequences and pretending that the first order consequences aren’t even a thing.

And so, we’re all giving up the moment things get hard, because our expectations when it comes to the path were so wildly misaligned in the first place.

True flexibility, alignment and time, freedom and happiness in spades.

Second Order Consequence

Up front work, iteration, refinement.

First Order Consequence

And it’s true of building a truly leveraged
online business model.

The problem with anything worthwhile (and the reason people “give up” at the first sign of hard work?) Is that the first-order consequence is commonly considered undesirable, while the second-order consequence is infinitely worthwhile.

The longer term, longer lasting, consequence of an action you take that usually comes AFTER the first order consequence.

Second Order Consequence

The immediate, usually short-term, consequence of an action you take.

First Order Consequence

Because, here’s one thing we know for sure:
Misaligned expectations killed more dreams than failure ever did.

Let’s talk about first order v second order consequences. The truth is? Every action (or inaction) you take gives you both – and although it might not feel like it at the time – BOTH are a gift.

We NEVER Sugarcoat The Work to Get There 🍭

 For a Business Obsessed With Finding Your “Sweet Spot”,

Here’s the Irony, Though

Priorities, ya know? ;)

At the end of the day – it’s not about avoiding hard work, because you’re already working hard doing something that doesn’t light you up, isn’t working or that isn’t sustainable.

It’s about doing the RIGHT hard work – finding and building a model you love that also pays well, working hard at it for a few years and then ultimately being rewarded by GETTING to life a life won’t.

Tell me that is not the most important work you could ever do?

Happy and proud – the hard work was worth it 😊

Making DEEP waves of impact with the people you serve, and the transformations your market-leading offer/s have delivered.

On the path to true financial freedom in years NOT decades, with the capacity to invest consistently into assets outside of your business to give you the leverage and cash flow to make work entirely optional (though you’ll likely still do it anyway because you’ve built a business you genuinely love); 

Living in the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot, with reliably and consistently HIGH cash-flow months whilst working 5-hour days, enjoying Fridays off, working out at 10am and spending time with your family without side-eyeing a screen;

And in Three to
Five Years?

Earning a solid income doing something that actually lights you up, and truly, passionately being able to say that 70% of the time? Your work doesn’t even FEEL like work;

Taking entire, sun-soaked afternoons OFF, with automated sales systems fuelling cha-ching notifications on your phone – all going off as you getting your nails done or play on the floor with your little one;

Experiencing your BEST, and most ease-filled cash months ever, without hustling and grinding with a back-to-back calendar of sales or client calls to get there;

The proud owner of an IRRESISTIBLE, talkaboutable offer that is making real waves, delivered in a completely streamlined and leveraged way that isn’t taking 18,626 hours of your time;

Here’s Where You Could Be Later This Year..

If You’re Willing to Commit and Say Yes, 

A Lot Can Happen when you simply DECIDE.

To feel aligned and excited about your path, with crystal clear clarity on your endgame and the step-by-step ready-to-install roadmap to achieve it. To feel deeply fulfilled by the work you do.

And, More Happiness

 To optimise for a wildly profitable life that gives you everything you want (without a relentless focus on scale at any cost).

More Profit

To spend your time the way you want. To call your own shots. To travel, or not work Fridays, or simply to have the flexibility to spend more time with little ones or loved ones. 

More Freedom

To serve those around you deeply. To facilitate meaningful transformations. To use your business as a force for good. To make a ding in the universe. To make waves of impact on your life, for your family, for your students and also? For the world.

More Impact

To divorce your value from your time. To stop equating the number of hours you work with the money you are able to make. To work five to nine, instead of nine to five.. or whenever and wherever YOU want. 

More Time

Install the only operating system for optimised to deliver a leveraged, whip-smart expertise-based Lifestyle Business that prioritises — 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me ask YOU a question – what is it costing you – financially, emotionally, and physically – to postpone taking action today? There is an atrocious cost to inaction. If you DON’T pursue the things that light you up, where will you be in one year?

Three years? Ten years?

Risk is defined as the likelihood of an irreversible negative outcome – if you know that you’ll have disappointment and regret if you are still in the same place, it makes NOT taking action now the greatest risk of all.

Short answer, though – this, right now, is your chance to join. We’re giving you a defined decision making window now. The next time that happens, there will be different bonuses, we won’t be offering our Foundation enrolment rate and you will have missed the best deal going.

Ultimately, though – do it now for you.

We will only ever raise the price from here, this is our “pre-sale” rate.

We’re so incredibly proud of Launchpad, and the results that it has delivered for the many, many online business owners that went through it. However, it's a different program. Launchpad was VERY high touch, with 1:1 calls, personal critiques, weekly checkins, accountability calls and more, and the price point reflected that.

Lifestyle Business  School is an entirely different program to Launchpad. Although some of the “steps” are similar, they are being completely overhauled and remastered.

For example, the entire “Create + Validate” playbook has been completely remastered.

 “Deliver + Delight” is essentially an entirely new program that was never included in Launchpad.

“Rinse + Repeat” will have additional launch systems for high ticket programs, and new funnels. 

And, “Automate + Accelerate” includes both the “Launchpad” evergreen funnel (which is the first one you should set up) AND also the entire advanced back end evergreen funnel automation.

It is also centred around an entirely different ethos, which is intentionally building a business to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot.

If you are a previous Launchpad client that aligns with this ethos and that isn’t “there” yet, you will get immense value from the completely re-mastered content in Lifestyle Business School, and all of the completely bespoke and brand new content too. Plus, the community and the renewed focus on a different endgame.

But to be clear, importantly there will be none of the high-touch deliverables in Launchpad (no critiques, 1:1 milestone calls, accountability calls, check ins, assigned coaches, strategy calls or calls at all), which were high touch and high cost). This is a totally different offer. 

It is IF you want to create a leveraged online offer that isn’t wholly and solely reliant on you working more hours to make more income. And no, that does not need to be a course, group program or mastermind.

Traditionally, the only way to do this was with an online course – but, honestly?

There is so much scope to think out of the box and deliver a leveraged offer that isn’t the traditional “video lessons and a Facebook group”. In fact, the industry and your future clients are crying out for it.

Think “leveraged productised service” – where you can simplify and streamline a service or process to facilitate a very specific transformation.

Think “delivery mash up” – where you create a hybrid done-with-you offer, or slashie offer that comprises elements of both online education / mastermind / [insert your special thing here].

Think “finally get off the hamster wheel of 1:1 clients and one-project-away-from-burnout”.


Here’s the deal: Create + Validate will give you ALL of the tools to build the offer and get paid to create, and from there you’re off to the races and ready to deliver, sell and automate.

TL; DR? Yes, it’s for you.


I’d rather spend the time I would otherwise be spending on Zoom in what I consider to be my genius zone – crafting and refining KILLER strategy that is so damn streamlined and step-by-step that you don’t HAVE a million different questions because it’s literally all there.

When I asked my community what my superpower is and why they buy from me – they agreed that delivering kick-ass, can’t-Google-it, intelligent strategy and step-by-step processes is where I SHINE.

I’m a strategist at heart (not a coach), and to that end – I have spent the last six months (and literally thousands of hours) distilling ALL of my strategy – including ready to install templates, processes and systems – into this program.

I also know (as an Australia, who used to get up at 2am for calls is US timezones), that there is nothing more deterring that not being able to make call times, or spending two hours waiting to have a question answered. 

So INSTEAD? We have a private podcast feed, where you will get exclusive access to episodes and you can listen when it suit.

Lifestyle Business School will COMPLEMENT any other coaching you do. 

We have a community forum full of like-minded business owners to help you, as well as our exclusive private podcast feed where we will be creating additional content on areas in the program we feel need it. You'll be fully supported. 

Ideally, if you want your offer to be a course or coaching, you will have software that allows you to create landing pages, funnels, host any curriculum etc.

This program is tech agnostic, which means that you can use any platform you like, and we will provide guidance on our recommendations to you. Happily, we live in a beautiful time in the world where there are so many great options.

We personally use Kleq (course platform), and give new users six months free (valued at $1,200USD) to help you get started cost effectively. This offer is only available to our students for new Kleq users only.

We also use Active Campaign for email, and again can offer special pricing for students if they are new users.

Five years ago neither did I, and then I just decided to commit to starting anyway and this year I made more money that I could ever have dreamed with two contact hours a week on my calendar.

Just saying – it’s possible, and there is evidence of it anywhere. If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.