7 Counterintuitive Things I Am Doing to Grow My Business in 2024

February 6, 2024

Wondering how I am thinking about business “growth” in 2024? The things I am focused on to build my version of the lifestyle business sweet spot? The actions I am taking that go against the grain of “traditional” business advice?

That’s what I’m breaking down in today’s podcast episode.

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Here are 7 counterintuitive things I am doing to build my business in 2024:

1) Assembling the Iceberg

I think of business like an iceberg. There are the sexy things you see “above the water”: Launches, social media, sales pages. And then, there are the foundations. The iceberg under the water that, really, is the substance upon which the tip of the iceberg is built.

Currently, I am working on the iceberg. For me, that looks like systems, offer creation and curriculum. Likely, I won’t break “above the surface” for a month or two, but when I do, it will be with ROCK SOLID foundations in place.

2) Prioritising Long Term Excellence Over Short Term Profit

I read an incredible quote from Brendon Burchard last week that said: “The difference between a good program and a great program is four weeks”, meaning that investing a little extra time, energy and effort into curriculum and program creation that be the difference between “good” and “incredible”.

I want everything in Lifestyle Business School to be best in class, I am committed to doing the (hard!) work to build everything out with excellence over the coming weeks. I want to ultimately save you huge time, and that means I need to do the extra work to help you do that with “out of the box” done for you launch plans, templates, and more.

For anyone currently creating curriculum, you will know that this process can feel like a “lot”.

3) Laser Focus

Unpopular opinion: You don’t need an offer suite.

YOU DON’T. Not until you have ONE offer that is absolutely firing in your business. I have laser focus at the moment – and maybe forever, though never say never, on one thing, and tweaking/optimising that to perfection.

4) Doing the Work

People talk about “passive income”.. but of course, these business models are anything but. They are leveraged, and that means doing the hard up front work so that your time investment pays back dividends later.

So, for me, that means no big launches, doing the “bare minimum” in terms of “front end” content creation and marketing, and instead investing ALLLL of my time into the back end of Lifestyle Business School for a period.

It’s not sexy, but it’s the substance.

5) Non-Linear Growth

All of this means that my growth this year will NOT be linear. In any business, there are periods of maintenance and building, and periods of growth.

The product development I am focused on now will be the REASON for my growth later in the year.

6) Systems Over Team

This could be a podcast episode in and of itself, but right now I have a systems-first approach to my business. Meaning, there is SO much that I ama able to systemise without needing to hire support.

These business models require a lean, remote team.

7) Getting Scrappy

Roll your sleeves up and get scrappy!

Links and Resources Mentioned in Episode:

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  • Free Failed Payment SOP: Get the exact Standard Operating Procedure template we used to recoup failed payments in our online business. 
  • BRAND New Deliver and Delight Course just added to Lifestyle Business School: Deliver and Delight is the FULL playbook for implementing stand out, streamlined delivery processes for any high or low touch course, program, coaching offer or mastermind. We hand you our done for you workflows, standard operating procedures and automations for the three phases of managing any online offer. 

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