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Attention is Currency: The Three C’s of Standing Out in a Saturated Space 👑

July 11, 2023

PRE PS Next week, my friend and client Alyce from Bossy. Copywriting is hosting a free training for small business owners ready to write STAND OUT copy and content. This training is for any product or service-based business owner, freelancer or side hustler that wants to get more attention, make more money and stop staring at the screen every time you need to write a caption! Register HERE.

IF YOU’RE NOT STANDING OUT, YOU’RE FITTING IN – AND FITTING IN IS VANILLA (when you verrrry much want to be neopolitan with hundred and thousands).

Different is good.

Standing out is IT.

And learning how to craft a brand that oozes personality and helps you sell things (plus stand out in the TIDAL WAVE of AI-SAME SAME content) is an ESSENTIAL skill for all business owners.

(In fact, in my humble opinion? It’s the secret sauce that makes EVERYTHING ELSE work).

So, when I knew I needed to talk stand out copy with you all because I was seeing a DISTINCT lack of spark out there, wayyyyy too many AI crafted captions and Threads one-liners that felt.. lacklustre at best (the point is to be funny and witty, guys (“BUT HOWWWW!”, you say!!!), Alyce at Bossy. was of course the ONLY guest to speak to. Her copy is a joy to read, she has stamped personality on many of the big name brands and personalities you see in our space today and she knows this stuff like the back of her.. well, everything.

What I didn’t know, of course, is HOW GOOD this episode would be, how much I have LOVE HEART EYES for talking about this stuff and how much I would learn, too.

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In it, we riff on the three C’s for stand out copy:


And specifically, how to get it when the only thing you feel like you major in is imposter syndrome (there is ONE tip she shares that is absolutely 🔥🔥🔥🔥)


And how to get EVERYONE to think your brand is their bestie and the ONLY one they want to hold hands with and buy from.

And (to save the best for last).. Creativity

Alyce shares the method she uses to turn the amp up on your brand using the PERSONALITY YOU ALREADY have, with the exact step by step process for extracting your essence and then turning the dial up to ten. I’ve never heard anyone frame it like this, and it’s the fourth C.. chefs kiss, of course 😉

This is a must listen if you spend hours staring at a blinking cursor wondering how on EARTH not to sound like you’re writing a tenth grade history paper and bring personality! Charisma (a FIFTH C!)! And charm (on a roll here..) to your brand.

You’re welcome.

PS You should also come to her masterclass, if you love this ep and you want to riff on this stuff WAAAAAY more.

Keep Listening!

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Design a Simple Lifestyle Business With High Profits, Working 5-Hour Days & a Lean Team 

Get one actionable step each day for two weeks, and then weekly thereafter. It's 100% free — join 7000+ others.


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