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Stevie Dillon

Capacity, Cadence & Clarity: The Secret to More Freedom, Time and Calm

November 7, 2023

Ready to reclaim five to ten hours of time, know with CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY what to work on next and feel certain that nothing will EVER get missed in your business?

You need Operational Elegance 😉

In today’s podcast episode, I’m breaking down the three C’s of operational elegance, which is the term I use to explain a business that has ditched “hot mess express” for systems, streamlined processes and structure that ultimately hands the founder their time back.

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To recap, here’s what they are, and why you need them.

1) Capacity: Capacity refers to creating space in your schedule by prioritising the most impactful activities in your business. It requires the following:

a) Auditing and Categorising Your Time

The Strategy – Audit and categorise you time and make a plan to reclaim it using our Triple D method.

b) Optimising Your Time

Mission – Recover 10+ hours a week of time.

The Strategy – Identify all recurring and repeatable rhythms in your business and make a plan to delegate or systemise.

c) Leveraging your Time With Systems

Mission – Systemise the back end of your business

The Strategy – Install Standard Operating Procedures, and swipe our Marketing and Sales Systems, Delivery Systems, Clickup Command Centre, Resource Libraries and Comms Tools

d) Leveraging Your Time With (LEAN!) Team

Mission – Delegate work to people other than you.

The Strategy – Hiring, onboarding, training, management and offboarding for a remote team.

2) Clarity: Clarity refers to setting up clear metrics, benchmarks and data tracking to make intelligent decisions and forecasts in your business. 

a) Sales System Data

Mission – Map your sales processes and measure the health of your funnels

The Strategy – Spreadsheet and system for tracking every data point with traffic light system, so that you know what to fix to get you to your sales goal (and you don’t spend months and years focused on the wrong thing!)

b) Sales and Revenue Data

Mission – Clear picture of sales revenue, cash collected and revenue as MRR for the next 12 months and beyond

Strategy –  Spreadsheet and system for tracking the financial health of your business, now and in the future, so you can do things like make big investment decisions in your business without wondering whether you will have the money in four months to afford them.

c) Scorecards and KPIs

Mission – Data points that give you a clear snapshot of the health of your business so you can optimise.

Strategy – Business KPI set up, scorecard spreadsheet and system for tracking and optimising business health, so you always know when things are working or not – and fix them before they affect your business performance.

3) Cadence: Cadence is my fave, and refers to setting up rhythms for  running both the “big picture” and day to day of your business through planning processes and project management

a) Business Planning

Mission – A simple, clear forward plan for your business to strategically move you to your endgame. 

Strategy – Bi-annual planning process and worksheets to install and execute twice a year, so that you have the vision sorted and you are always working on the right things.

d) Leveraging Your Time With (LEAN!) Team

Mission – A Project Management “skeleton” to run your business, capturing all project and recurring tasks.

The Strategy – Operationalising all rhythms and processes in your business, so that all recurring and repeating tasks get done (without you!) and your days, weeks and months have a rhythm to them.

Next week, we are running a free class called Operational Elegance where we will be sharing how we have installed the three C’s into our business, with a revealing insight into our business back end. If you are ready to swap the hot mess express approach to running a business for real structure, systems and streamlined processes to set you free, do not miss this. To register, click here.

With love,


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