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How to Create a Drop Dead Gorgeous Instagram Feed with Rachelle Saevil from Saevil Row

February 27, 2018

If you’re anything like me, creating a drop dead gorgeous Instagram feed isn’t something that comes naturally to you.

And if that’s true, you are NOT going to want to miss this episode.

Rachelle Saevil is a web designer, and her Insta feed? It’s on POINT.

I first came across Rachelle’s Insta a couple of months ago, and fell in love with it. I followed her account straight away, and since then we have become firm Internet friends, client referrers and have  just generally developed a great relationship.

My point? First impressions count. If I hadn’t hit her account and the follow button, none of that would ever have happened.

So guys, this stuff is IMPORTANT.

So, let’s dive in!

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Here’s what we cover:

  • Photo editing apps;
  • Planning and scheduling apps;
  • Lighting tricks;
  • Getting a consistent colour theme;
  • The importance of professional photography;
  • How to get the most out of your visual content;
  • How to prepare for a photo shoot;
  • Photo composition tips;
  • How to create a killer flat lay;
  • And more!



STEVIE: Welcome Welcome. Welcome. Hey guys, and welcome to episode five of the The Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot podcast. Can you believe it? We are so grown up I’m on a hype just interviewed Rachelle from Saevil Row and she is the director of the branding agency Saevil Row people that just had an innate skill around branding and design and aesthetics.

That was never ever ever me and Rachelle is the opposite of me. She absolutely nails in everything to do with that. So I got her on the podcast to have a chat to us about how to create a draw where the gorgeous on-point Instagram feed because guys, literally with Instagram, you have about half a second a fraction of a second when somebody lands on your account when they decide whether they’re going to hit the Follow button or they’re going to move on.

So it is so important to get the aesthetics right. So we chatted about everything from photo editing apps to planning and scheduling lighting tricks on how to get a consistent color theme, the importance of professional photography, which is something I’m definitely on board with, and how to create a killer flat line. So I got a lot out of this and I hope that you guys have Sorry, I haven’t heard it yet. So will as well. And without further ado, let’s go into the interview. So I’m here with Rachelle from Saevil Row and I’m so excited to have you on the podcast.
Hello, Rachelle.

RACHELLE: Hello, and thank you so much. This is actually my first podcast. So this is blown away.

STEVIE: I feel honored to have you on. It’s the best podcast.

RACHELLE: Thank you for popping my podcast cherry then.

STEVIE: Yes. so I just thought I’d start I know a little bit about your background and I honestly think it’s so cool. So I thought maybe it would be a good idea for you to start with a little bit about your background and then a little bit about your business as well. Before we dive in,

RACHELLE: Yeah, totally. So Saevil Row is a custom design and web studio. And it started all in Paris about three years ago. I mean, I had been doing this kind of all my life I won’t even give away the number of years because then it totally dates me. I am Yeah, I moved to Paris and really I think there it was almost a mindful It was not an Eat Pray Love situation.

But it was totally I had carved the space to be able to really figure out what I wanted to do. And obviously being a designer by trade, this kind of was a natural sort of step in the right direction. So really, I was able to create that in Paris and has some French flair to it as well. And then it’s just been able to follow me and now I’m obviously we’re chatting in Australia, and I’m originally from Canada from Toronto.

And so now it’s followed me here and I’m a little bit of a digital nomad, I guess you could say. So the business comes over here with me and I service clients from an international scale, which is pretty amazing. So I’m often Yeah, most times I forget what time zone I’m actually in because I’m kind of constantly living by the clock app on my iPhone, just to make sure that I’m getting everyone at the same time. We’re all awake at the same time. So it’s pretty cool. Yeah. And so now, just taking over one brand at a time

STEVIE: Taking over the world.

RACHELLE: Exactly. making the world a beautiful place.

STEVIE: Yes, I think it’s so cool that he’s kind of picked up and moved to Paris, honestly, so many people would dream of doing that and, and it’s not something that they would ever actually do. So I think that’s so cool.

RACHELLE: Yeah, it’s one of those things that it was just, I needed a big shakeup in my life. And that was kind of, what I’m going to bear is, I could have done so many other things, but it just felt so right to me. And I’m fluent in French just from school in Canada. And so it just was Yeah, it was a natural move from For me I never really thought twice about it and to be honest, the moment I woke up when I got there from my first day it was wow this is the start of something new and it just felt so great so yeah it felt natural

STEVIE: That’s awesome. I feel some people when they want to be changed to decide to join a gym or something so

RACHELLE: I’ll be glad to quit my job and buy a one-way ticket Yeah.

STEVIE: And your business Saevil Row so I came across Rachelle I reckon it was probably about oh two months ago on Instagram and I don’t know how it happened but I was just going down the Instagram rabbit hole. Yeah, somehow came across your account and honestly as I fell in love with it straight away.

It was just so perfectly put together and so effortless at the same time and I was basically fanning going over it so I think I messaged her and said, I’ve pretty much just liked about 15 of your photos. It was something like that. Hey.

So, yeah, so I just see in terms of who I wanted to have on the podcast to have a chat about, I guess how to create and brand, a really beautiful, standout social media account and you would definitely be the first choice.

RACHELLE: Yeah, thank you. So funny hearing that kind of thing. And I know a few other people have said sort of the same thing. But, and we’re obviously going to get into this more. Having that kind of initial presence is so important when it comes to branding and sort of that brand identity.

So I always love hearing people when they say that and it also kind of connects with my website and who I am as a person. I mean, they’re all the same, and they’re all consistent and cohesive. So that’s sort of a key thing to remember as well, is that you have this opportunity to impress and connect with people from all over the world and it’s great to be able to drive them into your world, your little Alison Wonderland hole.

STEVIE: It’s so true and honestly I just feel especially on Instagram, because it’s such a visual platform, you land on someone’s Instagram account and you make a split-second decision, literally less than a second. So on whether you’re going to hit that little Follow button or not. And yeah, I don’t know, you pass the test for me.

Right? Yeah, so I thought it might be cool to start maybe with a bit of a chat around Instagram, I guess it’s such a visual medium. Your account is amazing. And I know from referring clients that obviously the accounts that you manage and work with, and that sort of thing as well is amazing, too. So what goes into an account as pretty as yours? How can we achieve it?

RACHELLE: Yeah. So I mean, in terms of creating something that is, that you really feel connected, which really goes back to who you are as a brand who you are as an individual, even if you are a personal brand and just kind of making sure that you’re super clear on that message. I mean, this is no surprise here that coming

Coming up with a great Instagram account has so much to do with branding, and not kind of goes with the aesthetic, when you’re branding a business, there’s a lot that goes into the identity, the logo, the look, the feel, how you want other people to feel when they look at your brand. It’s so so similar to having that same approach to Instagram, and really being clear on what your sort of guidelines are as an account and as a business.

And sticking to that because I think if there’s one common error that so many people make, it’s that they don’t stick true to sort of their top guidelines for who their brand is. So if you’re an area account that posts beautiful light photos, you’re not going to post something, at sunset where it’s of your face, and you can barely even see it because you’re super shadow it doesn’t connect at all.

And I think that’s sort of one thing to an easy fast rule is just kind of create some guidelines around yourself. what you would post only post photos taken before between 11 am and 4 pm, or only when it’s edited this way or it has a lot of light, there’s often a lot of photos that I won’t use on Instagram because they just don’t make the cut.

And I think that’s one thing as much as you love it. And you might think it’s really great. It’s not always the time for that and you kind of also have to think about your followers as well because they’re ultimately the ones that will sort of engage with that content.

STEVIE: Lighting is so important, isn’t it? It’s in terms if I see an accounts that I’m actually it’s either one it’s a mistake that I think more people make and they don’t it’s there’s so much to be said for if you just want a really quick fix on your Instagram or on your social media, your photography in general.

Number one shooting in the right light. So just making sure as a rule of thumb, natural light is always great. But then also just brightening up your images, just making them not so dark and dreary

RACHELLE: Totally. And I think that’s the easiest solution as well. I mean, there’s only so much you can do, of course with the photo that’s taken at 8 pm. You can’t really light it up too much. But I think, yeah, having those rules around those times, but then putting it into an app, there are so many free options. Obviously lightroom on the computer, but lightroom has an app on your iPhone, but my favorite app is a snap. See, it’s a Google snap.

STEVIE: I love snap too.

RACHELLE: So I live by that app. So it’s you can in a few short clicks, push of a button, you can edit your photo to be super Insta worthy. And the difference can be such a game-changer. So that’s so important to think of lighting. As you said, You’re right, it’s probably a mistake people make often than not, just because they don’t think of that kind of thing.

And again, going back to those rules coming up with those kind of things are just super simple. And then, you’re not having you’re not running into those issues. So I think Yeah, lighting So, so important. And then sort of, going back to my approach that I take with it as well, it’s not, of course, it’s effortless in the sense that I most definitely do not spend hours reading over what to post or with caption,it’s effortless in the way that this is sort of the brand and my accounts a little bit brand versus personal brand as well.

So I’m not doing things that I wouldn’t normally do. So it’s not crazy to come up with that content, but it’s planning as well, and I find that the hardest struggle, especially in times if I haven’t planned out what I’m going to post for the week or for the month, I’ve never done that for myself, but for the week, I don’t post anything and then all of a sudden, all you hear is crickets in my account because I literally just do not have time to do it in the week. I’m too busy with client work, so I just don’t have the time to do that.

And that’s sort of my biggest downfall. And I think a lot of people run into this as well. if you don’t prepare you’re just kind of leaving yourself out to be the only one on the block. So instead of planning and using, schedule gram or Planoly or planner any of those kind of apps are so great to do that just to make sure that that consistency is rolling through and then you’re not stressing out to find something, Oh, it’s Monday, I have to post something, so it’s really great to have a plan. I’m sure you would agree with that as well.

STEVIE: Yeah, I mean to mine, so I schedule some content and then some content I kind of just priced on the fly but you are so right, if I don’t have anything scheduled, generally as soon as I get busy, it’s the first thing to come off the list. But that’s a really good point about the planning app. So I use to plan and I’ve also used Planoly and what I love about those apps is that you can put a whole heap of photos in and then you can actually move them around.


STEVIE: Depends on what you want to sit together and move them around so that visually they look really great together.

RACHELLE: Totally.

STEVIE: I love that.

RACHELLE: That’s probably my favorite concept of those apps as well. And that’s especially for people who are just trying to get into this and they’re having a struggle, they’re struggling with their image or how to make it all work. And I think again, going back to not only the lighting is being really mindful of colors as well if you’re kind of, you’re noticing you’re I don’t know you’re on vacation in Byron Bay, and so you have lots of blues and that kind of thing.

You might want to keep going along with that theme. And it’s kind of nice to throw in all the content and then yeah, move it around, Okay, cool. This goes here. That looks good there. And that’s what I love about your account too because I noticed you done that even with your blocks of paint and, and things like that.

You’d have a really nice flow of everything. And that’s what makes everything feel so organic. And then kind of again, goes back to that brand identity. Obviously pink is a massive color inside of you.

STEVIE: My color.

RACHELLE: It’s your color. Those are the only color, but it’s so good to see that kind of consistently throughout. And again, looking at your account, Oh, that’s that Stevie’s account, it’s no second-guessing here that is and I think that’s almost kind of leaving your, your footprint on other people on your followers and on Instagram so that people know they can relate to you and they know your style, and that’s really important too.

STEVIE: And I’m definitely so I’m definitely not somebody that is very good when it comes to brands and design in terms of what I did with my Instagram account is literally I got that cohesive look by picking pink and blue.

And then I just literally made sure that that was pink and blue in pretty much every single photo and that’s how I kind of got that look that kind of goes together. So it doesn’t have to be something that’s complicated or, or anything like that. You can literally kind of pick two to three colors and, and or a consistent filter and then just run with that consistently in order to get that cohesive. Look.

RACHELLE: 100% and that’s your email. They’re there with the filters. I mean, I feel that there are some really great options there, especially that another good sort of filtering app is a color story. And they have so many cool stories that lighten things up and things like that.

So yeah, I think, again, if you’re using filters, to stay consistent with them, if you’re going to use them, for three photos of your week, kind of go on with that and build a little bit more of a theme, you can totally change it down the road, but I say, stay consistent.

And that’s the biggest thing is consistency, consistency in posting so that you’re showing up in people’s feeds consistency and sort of the look and feel and consistency of the brand. Keep going back to those sort of, that identity of your brand and just being consistent with all those things will really help lead you in the direction of having sort of a kick-ass social account.

STEVIE: Yeah. 100% agree. So one thing that I am really bad at and therefore I never do. I did have a photographer come and help me with some photos so she kind of sorted some out for me but I know you nailed his, his flat light images.

So probably two parts to that photography number one and how important it is when it comes to social media but then my big question for you is flat lines and how on earth do I create as bang on as you always, always, always are because I completely missed the mark with them.

RACHELLE: So funny. Photography hands down, I mean if you aren’t investing in photography, and listen, it doesn’t need to be a massive uplevel there’s definitely options which you can do for this but I cannot stress how important this is.

For a brand, especially if you’re starting out I mean you have so many things already on the go that you’re kind of already stressed out with of, getting your business together, getting it launched and having, looking great, above all, and having a photographer help you with that and who really understands what you’re about and gets those photos for you. So, so so essential and I mean, my biggest tip to people especially when, when they’re starting out or when they’re having a photographer come up just you obviously did.

You have them for a day or for half a day, whatever you choose to invest in, get the most out of your time with a photographer that’s so important come with a plan, prepared healthfully. 10, outfit changes, I’m not joking. If you actually had 10 different outfits and five different locations, and you were able to smash that out in one day, you have months of content right there, which you can kind of keep reusing. And I mean, you can kind of reuse the same photo if you crop it in different ways. So that’s sort of -my Insta hack, is that being really creative with those with the crops in photos, you can reuse them time and time again, you’ll notice if you go back on any of your favorite sort of Insta accounts, you’ll notice that people use their photos whether it’s they’re having a coffee so it’s a close up of their coffee at their computer, but then it’s, the full outfit of there is just a different angle.

I mean, It’s such a Yeah, it’s such a hack to be able to just be able to use these photos over and over again. So that’s kind of Yeah, whenever you’re ready to invest in photography, whether it’s for Instagram, you can use it on your website and your LinkedIn, our profile photos. I mean, it’s so important. It’s so so

STEVIE:I just I could not agree with that more, because it’s actually I think, in terms of if you really want to get your social media sorted, the very first thing I ever say to a client is if you’re going to invest in anything, invest in a really high quality photoshoot, where you get a gallery of photos that you can roll out over time and look in terms of cost it ranges, obviously, depending on the photographer, but generally you can get between a half and full-day shoot and $1,000 and sometimes significantly under that depending and I just think in terms of the best use of your budget, I suppose if you really want to up-level your account.


STEVIE: that’s where I would Direct 100%

RACHELLE: Totally and I think that’s exactly what you said. I mean, the keyword there is investing and it is really truly investing in yourself and investing in your business. I mean, it’s the biggest thing if you feel great about those photos, you’re just going to naturally feel great about promoting yourself as well and something you truly relate to.

So yeah, of course, define what your budget is for that but don’t cheap out if you can afford to spend a little tiny bit more do that because honestly, you’re going to get so much return out of this and it’s like you want to get this done now and not have to do it again this year because it’s if you just kind of take the easy way out, you’re going to be in the same position in a month or two when you actually only got seven photos that you really liked. And now you have to spend the money again getting new ones, so totally.

STEVIE: Totally, and I think another way you can really maximize a photoshoot is really being like you said prepared beforehand, but even having a list so you literally get no a Word document With a table on it and you literally go in and put every single shot that you want to get so say you’re a social media manager I want to get a shot of me holding my phone I want to get a shot of a flat light of this and literally list down every single shot that you want to get so that you’re capturing everything because what you’ll find on the day is you kind of going through everything quite quickly and you’re not entirely on the fly and ever going to get all of the shots that you want. So yeah, that’s kind of another way I guess to my photoshoot is

RACHELLE: Totally and lean in on the photographer as much as they’re going to show up for you but I think you also have to be super clear on what you want as well. Don’t leave without delay because then you’re just you’re not getting what you want. So yeah, the plan having a list of everything that you want is so yeah, it’s so important and just keeps everything organized.

So much goes on. if you’re shooting I said 10 different outfits or 10 different kinds of looks. You so much is already going on that day. Just stay organized, stay focused stop with the chit chat, just get it done. Yeah. And it will be so, so thankful that you did. Yeah. So thankful

STEVIE: Just get over the fact that it’s going to be awkward. So honestly, it can be the most uncomfortable thing just suck it up because yeah, you’ll end up with obviously a great gallery of photos to use

RACHELLE: Exactly. And I imagine you’re just a professional model on a photoshoot for the day you kind of have to be at our body. And in those kinds of things. When I’ve done photoshoots, doesn’t matter who’s looking at me, I’m here I’m doing a job.

I’m just getting it done, no one cares, I think just yeah, step out of your own shoes for a second and just totally nail it because you’ll be so glad if you will. And it just pays so much, so many dividends on your business and what you’re going to be using that for so invest in photography. Yeah.

STEVIE: I think we’ve made that. Clear,

RACHELLE: Very clear flatly, is that something you can do yourself? Yeah, it’s something you can totally do yourself. Obviously. I think when you’re getting branded content again, like you mentioned, if you were a social media manager and you wanted some cool, branded coffee, Yeah, throw that into the list with the photographer.

But when you’re just kind of shooting around on your own, it’s so easy to, to kind of come up with those, the concepts yourself. So obviously you have your, your iPhone, it’s good because you can kind of get a bird’s eye view when you kind of, give yourself a little bit more height between where you’re actually shooting on the surface of something, you’ll be able to kind of see it from above.

So I think that’s having a good position again, natural light so a table or a counter or something besides a window is a great place to start. I have a couple of hacks here because my computer desk is actually right near the window, which is great. But what I’ve done is I’ve found this marble contact paper and I just have a plain desk I’ve I’ve put this paper over top my desk so it almost looks I have a marble desk, but it’s not it’s contacts paper. And then so that way anytime I shoot a flat lay, it looks like I’m shooting it on a slab of marble, which it’s not until now

STEVIE: That’s a really good idea because that’s the thing for me, I just I don’t have I’ve got, in terms of the colors of my Instagram, for example, it’s pink and blue and I don’t actually have any surfaces that I feel I would kind of see it. So, potentially for me, it’s going out and buying some cardboard some pin cushion with cardboard.

RACHELLE: Show me, people, I recommend that to a lot of clients as well because it’s such an easy way to inject that branded color. And then just to be able to Yeah, throw it under your desk, put your computer on there with a cup of coffee, your notebook, and then I don’t know, then you kind of have your first slot laying right there. it’s such an easy way to kind of, again, inject that branded color and make use of resources.

I mean, I’ve even done some I know exactly which photo it is that I’ve posted on my Instagram, where I shot it outside. And I had this lace this full lace shirt, it was a shawl or something for the beach. And I just put it down and then I put I think it was a cheese board with some wine and they put that on it. It just looked so pretty and it was Literally just a lazy shirt. I mean, it sounds so silly, but that’s what I used for it.

Yes, with the backgrounds that you have for the flat lays. And I think kind of the space kind of rule of thumb, I guess you would say it’s sort of kind of a rule of thirds. So you want to try and have things mostly in two-thirds of the photo, and then have a third of it with nothing or vice versa, have it in a third and then have empty space in the other two thirds.

And that kind of just gives you a bit more balance. And again, when you’re taking flat lays take a bunch and while you’re doing them kind of rearrange the objects as well because you might find it actually worked out better on the fifth photo when you adjusted something a different angle than another one. So that’s sort of my kind of rules that comes with those is, is Yeah, play around with kind of the placement in the layout.

And sometimes less is more, sometimes more is more and it’s good, but sometimes less really is more and you kind of want to work with maybe odd numbers of items. Instead of having four things in your photo. Maybe you have three or maybe you have five So that’s kind of yeah, rules of thumb that I kind of go by when I’m doing any type of those flies.

STEVIE: I’m actually just looking on your Instagram at the moment and you would never ever know unless you’ve just obviously coated out. But that rule of thirds, you’ve got space in a lot of your flatline photos, which looks actually it looks great, but I would never ever have thought to do it. So

RACHELLE: Yeah, so really, I think again, when you’re kind of going through that planning stage of your feet is sort of planning out. If you have something that’s super high, super busy and you have lots going on the next photo or the one on top of it, you might want to be a lot more open. So you might want to just kind of think about that when it comes to space.

So obviously lighting is massive when it comes to photography, but space is another one which is equally important because you don’t want a complete overkill and overdrive them of things on there. So it’s really nice to keep things really concentrated. So those are definitely another good tip.

STEVIE: Yeah, that’s awesome. I’m just looking at your feed. I’m so in love with it

RACHELLE: Thank you.I’m glad you do.

STEVIE: do you have any sort of feeds that he loves that you kind of go to the inspiration.

RACHELLE: I do have a few of them and of course, whenever I’m put on the spot I can never think of it. I found this girl recently and her she’s called the Kramer’s life. And she must say just started out she’s based in LA but she’s kind of been traveling a lot in.

She right now she’s in Bali. She was in Byron Bay, but she has this beautiful, yellow-orange tint to all of her photos. So it’s the Kramer’s with a K that Kramer’s life and I don’t know I love I just love the way and the kind of feelings that her account evokes and that sort of Yeah, you’ll notice Yeah, she has a really beautiful colors and it all kind of has this orange hue to them.

Orangy Yellow hue, so it just feels really yeah, it feels really nice and love that account. I also really like See Want Shop, Lisa Hamilton, she’s a Melbourne blogger and I actually just she just fun to follow her Insta stories. But her account she’s really I don’t normally love following people who always post photos of themselves, especially if I don’t know them but for some reason I kind of what she does. And she’s creative with her photos. And I think that’s important too. I don’t like people that have to do the same thing over and over again, so it’s nice to sort of have that variety.

STEVIE: So true. That is awesome. I feel I’ve got some work to do. But just to tie it all together, how I guess we’ve kind of covered it a little bit, but do you have any final tips I suppose around people who I’m gonna get my Instagram feed in order.

I’m literally going to finish listening to this podcast and go and get my stuff sorted. Just a couple of tips that I suppose they can really kind of run with and get going with straight away if they want to start kind of improving the Look and Feel of their feed?

RACHELLE: Yeah, I think the biggest thing to be would kind of almost do sort of an audit of your account and take a look at, scroll through a couple, even months of just the feed and really go through and pinpoint what you don’t like about it. pinpoint if you did like it may be a month ago, What did you like about it? What do you notice? What are some trends that you notice that you did? And then kind of where do you want it to be? Whenever I’ve sort of struggled with where I’m at, I kind of go back and I’m oh, I actually really loved when I did this. And then it kind of helps to create that sort of path and platform to be able to plan ahead.

So figure out what you figure out where you want to take it and then you can by dissecting your account, and then you can kind of start making a plan. So if you had a time where you were doing a lot of outdoor photography and you really loved nature and different things like that, but then all the sudden you started, I don’t know you started taking more urban shots and Maybe go back to that time where you were doing a lot more things and try exploring new ideas there and kind of bring yourself back to that time to be able to push that forward.

So I think that would kind of be the biggest one to just figure out where you want to take it. And then from there, I would just say, if you’re a service-based business, there are lots of rules around you don’t want to be too salesy and things like that. So just really get people involved in the brand, and start building those relationships with, telling stories and asking questions and that kind of thing, because as much as they are pretty pictures, I mean, you kind of do want to engage with the audience as well.

So bring them into your little rabbit hole and start to get to know them or start to get to, to ask them questions and get them to get their feedback as well. I think that would be really important. Again, after all, it really is all about community and that kind of thing. So I would say yeah, plan and try and really kind of nail your community and keep in mind what we decided what we talked about with the lighting, keep those tips in hand and then make yourself a little rule book. put together

With that with the looks if you wanted to go for more sort of a nature scene, obviously that’s going to be more blues and light colors and different things that and then start to create those rules okay, only between 11 and 4pm don’t shoot, any sunset or things where people are blurry, those kind of things. Keep that in mind and then just stay consistent with what you’re doing.

STEVIE: Yeah, that’s awesome. And one thing that I do as well as some is I’ve got a few pictures that I just have up above my desk about six or seven pictures and I try to keep everything consistent with those photos. So, the look and feel of those photos. I try to have other photos is similar to it.

RACHELLE: Creating a new board for yourself, whether you’ve done this with your branding, or you’re depending on where you are in your sort of journey. It’s so important just to have grabbed a few photos from Pinterest and put together a little mood board because anytime you feel you’re deterring off of your sort of branded track, it’s the easiest way to bring you back on par you said you have those photos. If you had something that did relate to those photos. Surely you’d be, No, Stevie.
I’m going to save this for another time. So yeah, it doesn’t quite work, be selective with that as well. And really only yet be mindful of the content that you’re actually putting out and be proud of it. If it’s not something you’re going to be proud of. Don’t do it. Do not.

STEVIE: Yes. Good. that is amazing. Thank you so much, Rachelle. So we’ve gone on and on about your Instagram account. So where can people find you on Instagram and then also if they are looking for some help with their branding and website design?

RACHELLE: Yeah, so my Instagram is Saevil Row, S-A-E-V-I-L R-O-W. And my website is

STEVIE: Amazing. Thank you.

RACHELLE: Thank you so much.

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Design a Simple Lifestyle Business With High Profits, Working 5-Hour Days & a Lean Team 

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