DIY Video Marketing

DIY Video Marketing Tips for Facebook and Instagram with Nicky Felton, Play Creative

August 21, 2018

In this episode, we dive into DIY video marketing tips for Facebook and Instagram.

Nicky Felton is the co-founder of Play Creative, a storytelling focused video production company. In this episode, we get her insights into EVERYTHING video.

So, let’s dive in!

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Here’s what we cover:

  • An in-depth rundown of different types of video across Facebook and Instagram; including the Facebook Newsfeed, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and IGTV;
  • Our predictions on the future of IGTV;
  • Some awesome content ideas for producing your own video content;
  • The power of a short ‘About Us’ video for social media;
  • Ways to use your iPhone to create video content, including the slow mo, time lapse and stop motion functions;
  • A secret Harry Potter-eque trick with the Boomerang app;
  • Apps to use for DIY’ing your video content, including Go Pro Quik, iMovie and Rippl;
  • Tools required [and tools you DON’T require].


STEVIE: Hey hey guys, and Welcome to Episode 33 of the The Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot Podcast. Today we are talking about a topic that I know that a lot of small businesses struggle with that is DIY Video Marketing. 

Specifically, we’re talking about Facebook and Instagram. And if you’re interested in YouTube, make sure you head over to Episode 31 we’ve actually covered that in a lot more detail with Louise Henry from Solopreneur Sidekick. 

Today though, it’s all about Facebook. It’s all about Instagram. And it’s hopefully a little bit of a kick up the bat for those that really want to do more with video on the price of these platforms. But don’t know where to start. 

I have brought along for this podcast episode Nicky Felton and Nicky is number one a complete legend. Number two is one of the co-founders along with her business and her life partner Dan in Play Creative which is a video production company with a real focus on storytelling. And number three, she’s the community and conversation manager at Owners Collective, which is an online business education company that I have had a lot to do with Nikki is the perfect person to basically drill down into all things DIY Video Marketing for Facebook and Instagram. 

Because she has a video production company and she is daily dealing with social media in her role with Owners Collective, we go through so much gold in this episode, we talk about why video is so important on social these days, how you can get started simply and easily, what tools you need, and what tools you don’t need. 

And then the How to so basically how you actually get started some of the apps that she uses, and some content ideas as well. So if you’ve ever felt a little bit stuck when it comes to video marketing, feel normal, this episode is absolutely for you.

 And guys, there’s no need to take notes, just head over And you’ll be able to basically access all of the links all of the information apps things that we talked about in this particular episode. So I’m going to stop talking, I’m going to get into this interview, I really hope that you find it useful. And if you did, if you do, please head over to iTunes and leave me a review. It would as always be very much appreciated. Alright guys, let’s get into today’s episode. 

Hey, Nicky, welcome to the podcast.

NICKY: Thank you so much. This is so exciting.

STEVIE: I know, we’ve spoken so many times, in Facebook groups. And then I don’t know, I guess across the internet, but we’ve never spoken kind of in-person and halfway.

NICKY: I feel I’ve heard you so much on the podcast and seeing you in all of the Facebook groups and everything. So I feel we know each other, and then we just popped up to get there. 

STEVIE: Totally the power of the internet. Hey, so today what we’re gonna be talking, which I’m really excited about is DIY Video Marketing Tips specifically for Instagram and Facebook. So tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do, because you are the perfect person to be talking about this topic.

NICKY: Totally cool. So Hey everybody, I’m Nicky, I’m based in New Zealand. So we’re over the ditch from OVID’s. So I am the co-founder of Play Creative, which is a video production agency that I run with my partner in life and business, which is nice. And I’m also the conversation and community manager for the Owners Collective. 

And I’m sure many people will know that honest collective but it’s an Australian entrepreneurial education business from Pru Chapman is our founder. So I basically play a lot in the common space comes and marketing a lot in community building and a whole bunch in storytelling and specifically with video with my own company.

STEVIE: So one of them would start with is because it’s a question that I get all the time. But basically people are scared of a video because they feel it’s really kind of a higher barrier to entry. And I guess in some ways it is. But is it simple? Can it be simple? And how can people dive in and get started?

NICKY: Totally. And I’m so excited. We’ve started with this because it really is honestly the best time to do video now with the upgrades and technology, everybody has a phone in their pocket. 

And the phone quality is absolutely exceptional for video. So although people kind of think that it’s a little bit subpar, your phone is all you need to start doing video and do really high high-quality video for your business. 

So yes, it’s the most amazing time to get started right now, before this, everybody hits go out and get a fancy camera had to get editing software, all of that, which made it so much harder to get started. But now also with obviously, all of our social platforms actually offering us ways to do video and encouraging us to do video, there are so many different options of how people can really dive in. 

I think people mainly think that the big scary stuff that video is about how they are going to look very rich, and it’s scary. But the big thing is that because everybody’s doing it, and all the channels want us to do it. And we’re getting more and more back to the kind of real-life kind of feed that’s going on now. 

Which is really, really cool. So we’re actually all of the platforms that encouraging us to be more real-life and show more real life. Stories of us on video in different situations. So yes, it’s an amazing time. Drop all the nervousness around the video. Yeah, so it’s very easy.

STEVIE: Awesome. So we’re gonna cover I think Instagram and Facebook today, because we could, cover YouTube and a million different things. But it’s just there’s so many different types of video out there. 

If someone wants to start specifically on Facebook or Instagram. What can they do? What is the different kind of functionality of the different platforms? What type of video works well on Facebook? What works well on Instagram? And I guess what are the options for video?

NICKY: I guess the first one to start with? We might just start with Facebook, just 

STEVIE: Yeah, yeah, 

NICKY:  Kind of

STEVIE:   Granddaddy of 

NICKY: Video, 

STEVIE:  Yeah,

NICKY: Yeah, totally, and a very video-rich platform at the moment, which is really cool, really easy to use, I think the main thing about Facebook is that it’s very easy to engage with video, video content on Facebook. So the ability to actually give feedback and comment and share video is really, really amazing on Facebook. So it means that your traction is generally quite large. 

So Facebook, you’ve got your newsfeed that you can just put video content out on and that can go there’s no real-time restriction on that it can go quite long. 

Obviously, there’s attention restriction in terms of people who are on their newsfeed, probably not going to want to watch a video that’s 10 minutes in length, unless they really have nothing to do with D day generally what we do is when we’re creating videos for people to put on social media is sort of around between a minute and a half and two minutes and a half minutes. Because attention span sits sort of around about that period of time, you can deliver a really good message. It’s really content-rich. So I’d say that that’s probably a good space to lean towards. 

And we’ve got our Facebook Lives. And this is actually good to know for your Facebook Lives as well, the same statistic, when you jump on a Facebook Live, I know it’s so easy to just keep talking. And just to kind of it just easily gets out to 10 minutes. How I

STEVIE: See I don’t have that problem. I just want to get on and get off. But

NICKY: I just get chatting. Yeah. But what do you think about your audience, really, they don’t have that 10 minutes? Social media is generally a real flick through the people. And people have got really accustomed to that even if they do have the time. They are actually just flicking through. It’s just the way that we consume the moment. 

STEVIE: Yeah. 

NICKY: So with Facebook Lives, says suggestions on Facebook Live, just because I’m going there now is to keep it nice and short, keep it really concise. I’d say use a really interesting location. 

So for example, I know a lot of people are still doing Facebook Live sitting at their desks, that kind of thing. That’s cool if you want to put out a message. And I’d suggest that that’s quite good for groups if you want to connect with the audience. 

STEVIE: Yeah. 

NICKY: But otherwise, if that’s just going to pop up in my newsfeed, I’m generally going to scroll past it. Just because the marketplace is sort of so flooded at the moment with, I guess the selfie-style facebook live videos. 

So I’d say using Facebook Lives for events or behind the scenes or those kinds of things. Yeah, smart. And again, I’m kind of jumping forward. But we’ll cover a bit more in our content ideas a little bit later, I think. 

STEVIE: I think the thing with Facebook at the moment, isn’t it people are scrolling. And if you don’t get their attention straight away, I’m scrolling and if something doesn’t catch my eye within the first couple of seconds, nope. And I just go to the next thing. It’s crucial.

NICKY: Yeah. Then we’ve got, obviously, just in terms of Facebook, because there’s so much functionality. Now you’ve got groups, so Facebook groups and all other businesses, organizations run Facebook groups, and video content in there is sort of a Super Bowl game itself as well. Because your audience is quite warm. So you really know who you’re talking to, that’s kind of the thing about Facebook is often you are actually going out to a reasonably cold audience. 

STEVIE: Yeah. 

NICKY: And it’s sort of how you can warm them up. And largely, obviously, video is doing so amazingly, because it allows people to see our faces and see who we are. And it’s a really content-rich kind of platform. Whereas 

STEVIE: So good points you just about even you and I sort of chatting now and I know that we’ve never sort of spoken over video before. And it just it’s a relationship thing, isn’t it, you kind of someone and trust factor, as a kind of girl, if see if you want to see what you like, and you say personality and that sort of thing.

NICKY: Totally. And the best thing is you can’t hide behind video. So you can put a filter on a photo, or you can take a photo and upload it at a different time or there are all sorts of fun to do with that. Because with video and especially with live video, you can’t hide behind it, it’s the real you the role you mistakes and all and people actually like that, that’s what we’re getting back to with social media is that we’ve gone so far to this, real curated feed. 

Now we’re actually coming back to people craving that real connection so especially with any of your, relationship building online videos really important. So that’s why I mentioned Facebook groups, connecting to different audiences. And also just putting out information is,  video is just a much easier way of doing it. Rather than writing a really long post. 

Again, people are not likely to hold attention span very long. Jumping up to Instagram, we’ve got an Instagram feed, which is now living us upload up to a minute in length, in terms of video, often will people just create a video about us video, it’ll be a minute and a half, they’ll upload it and I’ll say watch the rest of it over either on our website or on our Facebook page.

 And that’s quite a good way to do it because it does drive traffic somebody’s really got into a video, they’re going to be able to jump over to your website, you’re going to drive traffic or over to your Facebook page, which is cool doing and and and I guess it still gives your main messages it is just about knowing that you’re going to create video for Instagram and making sure that you do get the really chunky stuff in the first minute. So that it’s not dragging on. So I guess there’s that option. Otherwise, you can just cut it down and create a new edit just specifically for Instagram. But yeah, I mean, it’s a really good one. 

I think the thing with Instagram video is that it really has to be high-quality Instagram feeds, really curated everybody’s using the best photos and the prettiest filters, the videos that are going to do it well in your Instagram feed ones that are really pretty really cinematic I have a really nice filter on them. And draw that attention so it is a bit more of an edgy style we were talking about the sort of more raw styles they’re great for Facebook and Instagram stories but Instagram feed I would say generally keep it a little bit more high end and a bit more produce. 

STEVIE: Yeah, cool. 

NICKY:  Yeah. Kills we’re gonna have a feed and then the best stories. The stories are amazing.

STEVIE: Yes that’s good stories.

NICKY: So long, everybody sick of me talking about stories, I blog about them. There are moments, our contents at 15 seconds and obviously with the changes to Instagram that I feel they weren’t that long ago. 

But I think they were. Now you upload content from whenever on your phone, which is just amazing and has totally revolutionized the video on stories kind of content.

STEVIE: So yeah, 

NICKY: There are all the different options that you can do. Obviously, Instagram Stories are amazing because of its nice and real life and we can keep them really real. But we can also chop up existing videos into smaller pieces to put them through stories as well. 

STEVIE: And what are your thoughts on Instagram TV? 

NICKY: Everybody’s talking about it? 

STEVIE:  Yeah.I’m kind of finding is everyone’s a bit overwhelmed with all of the content on social at the moment. So yeah, it’s not been, in my opinion. And based on what I’ve seen, amazingly received, I feel people are just really overwhelmed with content options. What do you think? 

NICKY: Totally. And I think there’s a couple of options for that. Yeah, totally. And my partner, because he explained the techie side of the business. And I’m the customer-facing and theories out of business. And he was really excited when it came out. 

This is a new function. And I don’t know if this makes a whole lot of sense. And as you say, it didn’t really blow up the same way, as I think a lot of people thought and heard, I guess the reasons for that is that Instagram, essentially, Instagram TV is essentially a long-format video platform. So they’re almost going out and challenging for anybody who doesn’t know, and almost going and challenging YouTube in certain ways. And 

STEVIE: Absolutely.

NICKY: In that, they’ve already kind of got the audience already there. I mean, there’s millions of viewers already on Instagram now on Instagram. So they created Instagram TV as an I guess an answer that you don’t have to go away from the app to go and get your longer format videos you would with YouTube. So now I get what they’re trying to do, which is cool. But in releasing, they’re asking people to create more specific types of content, really. 

So a lot of what happened when they initially released it was everybody put up the filmmakers put up the little short videos that they’ve been creating for clients, which were created for Facebook, and Instagram themselves. So suddenly got flooded with all these really short videos, which are a minute and a half, two minutes a half, rather than the really long videos, which was kind of the goal of what they were going.

STEVIE: Yeah, because people are used to producing content in a format that’s over and very long, 

NICKY:Exactly, yeah, so I was gonna say plus the vertical format is really interesting because you’re cool, you can shoot on your phone, but the people who are creating the long format videos, which are generally the filmmakers, they aren’t shooting on a phone, and they’re shooting on a camera, which is 16:9. Yeah, it doesn’t shoot in that format. So you’re going to have to go and then either, which a lot of people are doing upload it the other way so that you turn your phone 

STEVIE: I have actually seen it.

NICKY: You do that. 

STEVIE: Your right.

NICKY: And otherwise, or otherwise, condense it all down. And then you get this slight long skinny cropped in kind of image. So it’s kind of requiring a little bit of behavior change so 

STEVIE:  Totally. 

NICKY: Just meet speculating here.

STEVIE: No I’m curious. 

NICKY: It’s kind of has launched fizzled a little bit. And I think it’s going to sit there until people catch up with the ability to actually go out and create the content, 

STEVIE: The creation.

NICKY: Should their content specifically for that platform.

STEVIE:  Totally. I think it’s actually but 16:9 format. And what I mean by that is the kind of traditional rectangular style video landscape. 

NICKY: Yeah, 

STEVIE: The only platform now that that works on is YouTube. So on instasquare video in the feed. I know it’s, it’s 9:16 in the stories and in IGTV, and then on Facebook, it’s really a square video, and I just think it’s going to completely change the game in terms of what the traditional kind of video, right? 

NICKY: Yeah. And that’s really interesting for video creators themselves as well, because no camera shoots portraits. 

STEVIE: No, yeah, 

NICKY:  The cameras set up to do that. 

STEVIE:  Yeah, 

NICKY: I actually saw on Instagram TV, somebody did an episode saying they were challenging, Sony or something to actually come out with a camera that actually shot in that format is really interesting, because we might see a really big flow on change from the air.

STEVIE: I think it’s coming.definitely. 

NICKY: But yeah, definitely one that’s interesting to think about in terms of, a balance between your last and your curated. 

STEVIE: Yeah. 

NICKY: So we’re going to get more raw content going there. But we’ll still be it’ll kind of documentary-style, real content. So it’s not a live thing. 


NICKY:  It’s interesting. It’s behind the scenes, and yet long format, and it’s an interesting story to just one extra piece. 

STEVIE: Yeah, 

NICKY: Interesting. Essentially, when people go on to watch their priming themselves to watch a long format you might have a good binge on YouTube, those kinds of days kind of fizzled out a little bit without consumption of Facebook and Instagram. But I kind of think we’re going to go back to that, which is really interesting, but just one for the future when going to be very interesting.

STEVIE: Yeah, it’s definitely gonna be one to watch. I do 100% with the kind of it Yeah, down. But then, you have to watch and see what happens. And let’s get into content ideas. So What on earth you can do with the video in terms of actual tangible content ideas for Facebook and Instagram? Can you give us anything around that?

NICKY:  Totally. Oh, my gosh, there’s so many, which was so exciting, so much fun. And so I guess the perspective that I come from with play creative were creating videos that are about our style, so they tell the complete picture of the company or the person or their fleet, or whoever it is, in a really organic way that’s not scripted. It’s all sort of done through Q & A questions. And it just produces this video that gives a lot of different perspectives of what somebody does. And it’s and it’s that storytelling word, I guess that we’re using that 

Every piece is everybody’s like, What the hell are you telling? I use it all the time. And I feel like people are what storytelling? What does that mean?

Whenever I used to say, back in the days, I used to just imagine myself sitting on the mat at school for reading time. 

STEVIE: Storytime.

NICKY: I know you do seem so well.Okay, cool. Yeah.

STEVIE: So what do I tell my storytelling? Like? When are you going to do a storytelling style video for this social? What is the date? 

NICKY:  Okay, so I guess, storytelling is a much more well-rounded approach actually getting a message across, then just I guess. 

STEVIE: Yeah. 

NICKY: So storytelling is a bit of a softer approach, and it kind of incorporates, it’s much more content-rich, I guess I kind of want to say, which just means there’s, there’s a lot more going on. So in terms of, rather than just me sort of sitting here and going, 

Hi, I’m Nicky I run play creative, and we make videos we do, man, this is what we do, we would use a whole bunch of different perspectives to show what I do in a really organic way Get shows a bunch of different perspectives, and gives you a lot more context, I would also be talking a lot more about why I do what I do too, help people get the dreams out to the rest of the world and coming 

What I want to do, communicate the passions, that kind of thing. So it’s a more holistic and more organic approach. And I guess it’s just this whole movement of people being real people and people selling to people, rather than this whole straight marketing kind of approach. So

STEVIE: For documenting what you do, and why you do it without kind of being really blend and salesy, telling people about your services and your products. Hey,

NICKY: Totally, yeah, totally. Yep. And, and it really does, I guess the effects of it, it builds relationships, so it’s rather than equal with any video or I mean, any conversation, what I do, but you don’t have any kind of relationship to it. 

Whereas if I can show you in a way that’s visually interesting, that actually pulls on some emotion strings, that shows that you and me aren’t two different as, as a people, we have a lot of similarities, which is why video is so amazing, then, people are much more likely to actually build a relationship with you. 

And then even if they don’t need your services, right, then they think video later down the track. And I think it was that really cool human that I met, through video 

STEVIE: 100% I know, 

NICKY: And we know each other, so it’s kind of that whole field, but I guess in terms of content and Ryan Golding,

STEVIE: how do you DIY that as a business owner? 

NICKY: It seems the same thing

STEVIE: Many people will sit down and be like so, right? Where do I start

NICKY: And that’s, that’s kind of an interesting thing. And obviously, that’s where I guess we get this balance between DIY and actually getting somebody to produce and we will go into content ideas. But what I had to do is I’m such a fan of DIY, it’s not sustainable to get somebody else and I run a video production. 

STEVIE: Yeah, 

NICKY: People are expecting it with the way that social media is going people expect fast content. So I want you to have had an event and I want to be able to see video content from that event on the same day and video production agencies. Yes, we can do same-day turnarounds. But it’s going to cost a lot of money. 

And it’s going to be a much more curated kind of approach. So plus, I want you to be able to get an order of something in or your product, and I want you to be able to actually show people that fear and then but the idea is that I guess you need to work out what your goals are, what angle you want to take, and then what is going to be right for a video production agency to do and what’s going to be right for me. 

My suggestion to every business owner would be to get a storytelling video done through somebody else a minute, a half to about two minutes in length. Yeah, because they are going to help you craft your story. Because of your know-how, as all business owners, somebody asks you, oh, what do you do? Oh, oh, what do I do? Yeah, it’s really hard to articulate who you are and what you do. Yeah. 

Whereas a video production agency or company is going to be able to come in and actually help you facilitate that process. And for example, I will run Q and A kind of questions. And because I have comms background, I’ll be able to help you pull that out. And then we’ll craft the story around that, which you can’t do during DIY.

STEVIE: Yet, at least you could have an About Us video. And because it’s really professional quality, it looks beautiful, it’s telling an amazing story, you can have that a second pin post on your Facebook, your Facebook group, you can have it sitting as a highlight video, on your Instagram, so it’s got a lot of different places that it can see enlist, whereas the whole brand is

NICKY: Yeah.

STEVIE: So you go Yeah. 

NICKY: And then, and then any content that you produce, DIY, pulls people in, and then they jump back to that original video. So you’re actually doubling your effects of everything you’re doing by having that real solid foundation, people DIY building houses, but they get the professionals in to do the foundations because they want their house to last a long time. 

Right. Rather than trying to do it themselves. So once you’ve got that done, then the possibilities are just endless in terms of actually how you can kind of bring that to life, which is really, really awesome. So a million different ideas, but I’d say, once it really shows your personality, really fun. Again, we’re kind of coming to this idea, and I shouldn’t seem to start, but I know everybody’s sort of was saying oh, videos, where it’s at, and this has been the chat that’s been going on for about a year and a half now. 

STEVIE: Yeah, 

NICKY: I guess the change that we’ve seen over that time is really that yes, video is where it’s at. But people are expecting more videos. And because everybody’s doing video, the standards are getting a little bit higher in terms of, if I see another, Facebook Live, scroll up in my newsfeed of somebody just sitting at the desk ready to talk to me, I’m probably just going to scroll past it. I don’t have the attention span. 

STEVIE: I do that 

NICKY: Because so many have seen on my newsfeed already. Yeah, there’s just too many. So it’s about trying to think about cool, how can I do video DIY, and do it in a way that’s really interesting, and is going to get people engaged. So I guess there’s a whole different range of perspectives. And obviously, it’ll be different for every business people are running. 

But one of the really good ones is, if you’re going to do Facebook Lives, around events, to be able to actually get in there and show people who aren’t at it, or who can’t make it to the event to show them around. And it’s not you’re live streaming the whole thing. It’s just showing the, in the vibe and the interesting kind of perspective. So that’s really cool. You can really easily do behind the scenes kind of videos of whether it’s your workplace or, client meetings or little chats or anything that whether selling, techie moment, paying samba that people are interested, but they actually are people want to see the behind the scenes of the business I’m always fascinated in. Totally.

STEVIE:  Yeah, yeah.

NICKY: And the reason behind that is that I guess business is sort of quite out there. And the goal is to bring it a little bit closer. So business is a bit running a business. Oh, it’s so professional.

 And when you show a little video of he is us, actually, behind the scenes, people are like, Oh, those people are just like me. Yeah, this is my order getting better. I build relationships. So I guess the goal through video is always about relationship building. And that’s Yeah, through really showing the people at the end of what’s happening. 

STEVIE: Yeah, 

NICKY: I’m really fun ideas that people aren’t doing enough, albeit are little interviews and collaborations and profiles.  if you guys all have started off, doing a little really quick sit down with your stuff and doing a super fast Q&A. Or if it’s a choice between, how people do transform that people do tea or coffee, or savory or sweet, or those kinds of things are really fun. 

And you start saying some of those challenges with the little whiteboards holding up from people guessing what somebody else’s answer. really real. You don’t get that anywhere else. Except for all net businesses newsfeed that kind of really cool. So that’s always really fun. And again, just trying to do it in a way that’s really interesting. Rather than just sitting in a boring location is always going to be the best. Yeah, I’m other ideas with

STEVIE: I’ve seen the life before mine is collective on your Instagram story. 

NICKY: Yes, so much fun. 

STEVIE: Yeah, yeah, 

NICKY: Day in the likes of just a bit. 

STEVIE: Yeah, yeah. 

NICKY: Again, it’s just that relationship building that whole behind the scenes kind of vibe that we’re going for. And again, 

STEVIE: We get sewn in she’ll come on in the morning. And she’ll have little pictures of coffee and, collective videos of different things. And it’s quite cool. Just following.

NICKY: And it’s hard, because when you’re sitting there, and I know, everybody will be listening, but I don’t have anything interesting.Knowing that your day is interesting as anybody else’s. And especially because we see all these influences having this amazing day and going and doing all these fancy things. 

STEVIE: Yeah. 

NICKY: When really the majority of the population isn’t like those influences. They’re actually just like you and they kind of want to see that they are like other normal people. And they want to have that connection. 

STEVIE:  Yeah. 

NICKY: So I think kind of throw away the whole, I don’t have anything, and literally,  just start doing and sit down and write. And I think that’s the biggest thing is once you started, you have all these crazy cool ideas for what’s next and what are the different ones. 

STEVIE: Yeah, 

NICKY: I mean, if the business that stops with suppliers, going and having a chat with you, your suppliers is a really, really cool idea and creating a video about that. I guess the other thing with video and socials is that the goal is really to be able to get as much reach as possible. 

And largely if you’re dealing with suppliers, giving them a little bit of publicity is a really great idea because they’re going to show you a video and it’s going to build community and show that you really care about the people that you work with. So also thinking strategically in terms of where I am distributing this video to? And what’s my goal for it, we don’t want it to go and the hurdle in your content around that as well. I think it’s really important. 

STEVIE: Love them. Awesome. So I know that people are going to be listening to this and going this is amazing. I’m going to brainstorm ideas, but when it actually comes to the techie the How to, how do I create cool video content? So you kind of saying can’t be the selfie videos, okay, well, what are the options of it? What can I do? Do you have any tips around them?

NICKY: Perfect. Okay, the first tip starts actually filming stuff. So if you go out and do it. 

STEVIE: Yeah, 

NICKY: You don’t even have to put it anywhere to start. Because if you go out. Okay, I’m going to create an About Us video for my company today. You’re never going to get there. Because you haven’t actually had the practice. And it’s diving off this massive, diving board and not knowing how to swim at the bottom, you learn how to swim. 

And then let’s dive off the diving board. So just start filming and you’ve got your phone. I’m sure your phone is sitting right next to you right now. Let’s start having a play. And there’s a whole bunch of different functions that are available on your phone or apps and that kind of thing. 

And we’ll talk about them right now. But just the first thing is literally just starting filming. Yep. And it’s whether it’s a little Boomerang of you sitting doing your work that you could use as an intro to a selfie videos. Yeah, cool. Awesome. That’s that’s perfect 

STEVIE:  So that’s every one homework today, guys. So when you finish doing a boomerang video and put it on your social?

NICKY: Totally, I actually love that because really action is the only way that you’re going to get closer to do it. You’re actually creating a video. So, okay, so let’s get into the nitty-gritty. okay, so our phones are awesome in terms of the functionality with video. So we’ve got our regular video, that you can just access through your iPhone, no fancy apps or anything. 

And those films really good quality, quality video. So that’s kind of going to be what you’re going to use as your main base. And then we’ve got a couple of functions, especially within I mean, I use an iPhone. So it’s going to be a little bit different if anybody’s on Android, but they also have amazing functionality. 

And there, I’m just going to talk iPhone related. So the slo-mo function in the iPhone is really, really cool. And I know it’s amazing on the Samsung as well. But emotion is a really, really cool way to make real content really interesting. So if somebody is just running and jumping, that’s cool. running and jumping in is suddenly really awesome and interesting. I remember I was trying to explain this to somebody. Yeah, but what can I video and there was a little on a flower sitting next to us. We were in a cafe. And I literally filmed it in slo-mo and it is the most captivating thing humming away and he’s going inside. And it’s really, really cool. So 

STEVIE: yeah, 

NICKY: It’s promos a really cool way to look at the world as a little bit differently. So anything makes your Monday.

STEVIE: You’re posting all ordinary things.

NICKY: That’s exactly and that’s kind of the goal really is to make something ordinary, quite interesting for your video. So, Simos is really cool and have a play with it. You can also once you’ve done your slow-mo, you’ll have a clip, on iPhone, it goes regular speed, slow-mo regular speed. 

And you can go in and edit that just within your iPhone edit function. And you can pull out your slo-mo or in or reposition it to put it in the perfect spot can it’s really easy to do as well. So it’s nice and easy. And then we’ve got time-lapse, which a lot of people haven’t loved sort of explored yet. And time. 

That’s so much fun. So timer is essentially taking one really long video, and it’s going to shorten all up and make everything move in a million miles an hour. So have a little bit of a play with it. It’s really fun. I’m sitting outside, I can see traffic, it would be really fun to go into the traffic. 

STEVIE: And you could have it set up with you working at your desk and telling me that actually looks really cool. It seems the most boring thing, but just set it up, however long and then basically have yourself working at your desk. And then that’s the piece of content for your socials.

NICKY: Exactly, totally, because you get a little fast typing and then a little bit of coffee and you find you do all these little weird things when you think you need to and it’s Yeah, it’s really fun. 

So definitely have a play with those and those functions are really fun for different events, as well. If you’ve got a lot of people coming through, and you get really go and show it.

STEVIE:  actually, their cool set it up and then kind of going on, and then they all kind of leave. And it’s actually a really cool piece of content.

NICKY:100% Yeah, it’s a really fun one. So definitely have a little play with it. So those are kind of three really awesome functions that are just within your video on your phone. And then we can get into some apps. So Boomerang is a really fun one and one that’s just really easy to use. So Boomerang comes as a function on Instagram. So a lot of people would have used it through there. 

But there is actually a separate Boomerang app which you can download. Now, guys, I have this really, really cool quite magical trick with it. So in the boomerang, it seems a very simple app at the start. Okay, cool. It takes boomerang. And sometimes I’ve been getting a bit frustrated with boomerangs being a little bit low quality. 

And so I’ve been on it’s a bit frustrating. So I was doing some googling. And I found that there’s a secret menu inside boomerang. And it’s really fun because it’s a Harry Potter tactic. So once you’re in the boomerang app and  I’ll have to post the link somewhere so everybody can access it. But once you’re in the boomerang app, you use four fingers, and you tap on the screen for the time. And it opens up all the settings. I know it’s wild, I’ll try and do it now. 

STEVIE: It’s Crazy. 

NICKY: So you can change your resolution, or how quickly you’re doing everything your frame count. So it means that you can capture more frames in that short amount of time, it just means that you can up the resolution and up your frame count. So you get a little bit of a different, which is awesome. 

And that means that you can kind of include your boomerangs in regular videos, just to create really cool content with us before it was just a little bit low res. So that’s really fun one. What other apps are really cool. I’m a huge fan of the GoPro quick app.

STEVIE: I love that app.I’ve only discovered it after watching your power back in your house was assembly, which is a collective group. 

NICKY: And yes,  

STEVIE: Yeah, you tell me about it. Tell everyone about it.

NICKY: It’s so much fun. It’s a really easy one. So it’s a very drag and drop kind of based app, which is really cool. Obviously GoPros created it and quick is QUIK if you want to go and download it. It’s free, which is awesome. 

STEVIE:  Yeah,  

NICKY: It’s got a whole lot of presets and things kind of already set up, which is amazing. But then basically, you’re just selecting the clips of your video that you want to use, and it drops it all into a timeline. And it’s actually almost creating a video for you.

STEVIE: It’s amazing. Yeah, and it doesn’t even have to be short clips, does it?

NICKY: Yeah, you can do photos. So it can actually add motion to photos, which is really cool. And it has all sorts of fun with its transitions and that kind of thing. And it is actually quite a lot of functionality to change things which is neat. So you can just spit something out really quickly if you want to. 

Or you can jump in and you can choose the sections of the clips that you really want to highlight, which is really fun as well. And it adds slow motion, it adds different effects. It adds music, and you can do title. So it is probably the best app, I would say in terms of creating really awesome content on the go. 

STEVIE: It is popular 

NICKY: So if you’re doing nothing all right, I need a really quick output. Check it all in there, spit it out and upload it. And it so easy

STEVIE:  Oh so honestly, guys, if anyone can make an awesome video with this app, great find absolutely love it.

NICKY: Yes. So that was really, really fun. And then again, there’s lots of functionality in it. So that one’s really cool. And it’s just easy. It’s just, it’s just a great way to actually put out content. The other one that obviously comes with your iPhones and your computer is your movie, which I Movie is  good, it’s a little bit heavy in terms of actual functionality, it’s not very intuitive to just be able to sort of chop things up and post them and it’s all just a little bit harder. 

So I think if you’re going to create a longer video and you want to do it around a really specific thing, the next call record your clip strategically do all of that checking into I Movie create your video. But if you just want to create a fun vibe, the interesting kind of video that has cool shots, user pro quick, those probably are my recommendations and another one that’s reasonably basic. 

But if you don’t have a lot of video content Ripple is quite good. If you just want to use photos, want to put some images over your photos at some sorry, some text of your photos and make your photos move. That one’s quite good. And again, that one’s probably good for if you want to put out information. So I’ve seen a lot of people use it for if they have a workshop or something coming up, which is quite good. They’re kind of just displaying information in a more engaging way. Plus, we know which we actually haven’t covered we should have that video content is going really, really well on the social platforms, and they’re actually pushing it. So you probably more likely to get more reach online if you’re going to put your content in video format rather 

STEVIE: Especially Facebook.

NICKY:  Especially on Facebook. Yeah, 

STEVIE: Yeah, yeah. 

NICKY: That one’s another one. That’s quick. 

STEVIE: Awesome. I love that everyone just loves kind of getting the inside scoop on apps and little kind of no tricks and tips. The number one is facebook. Pro quick one is absolute gold. I really love it. So 

NICKY: Yeah, totally, totally  No worries, 

STEVIE:  Saying before we get into, before we wrap up, basically, I wanted to know, I know you’ve spoken about iPhone being completely fine. In terms of video. Is there anything else that we need to look at? For example, you want to get the sounds better? Is there some sort of microphone we need to look at other any other sort of bits and pieces that we should look at if we want to kind of get more serious? Or will an iPhone do the trick?

NICKY: Yeah, for sure. I think there’s a couple of different things to take into consideration here. If you are recording videos for an online course, or, we had a bunch of questions from people who are doing yoga tutorials. That’s really, really awesome, you will probably need an external microphone. And this is not hard to do. 

And it’s not expensive either if you just want to use your iPhone, and then will often use a lapel mic. So it’s a little mic that just attaches to your collar, it has a cord and they’ll just plug straight into your iPhone, which is really easy. And you can just record too. So we Yeah, we use rode. So I was gonna say, yeah, we use the rode mics, and it actually has an excellent just record your audio straight to which is nice and easy. The only issue with this is that sometimes you’re going to have to pair the audio with your click. So if you’re using, especially if you’re using a separate microphone, so for example, if somebody’s quite far away, and they’re doing the yoga tutorial or you’re recording onto a separate device, you might have to take your audio from there and actually pair it with your video clip, which is kind of where it gets a little bit technical. 

But just Google that, and you’ll just have to do it in I movie, which it’s not too hard. The other thing that you could use is a wireless lapel mic, so they get a little bit more expensive rode to do them as well, it just means that it can actually wirelessly record to your clip on your phone, which is good. And the other one might be a shotgun kind of mic that sits on top of the camera phone and is normally sort of a blogging mic, you see a lot of people with blogging cameras doing it. 

So you can sort of use those different options would suggest if you’re looking to create a decent quality, looking into trying to get your audio, up-level your audio that would probably be where I start with. Just because there’s nothing worse than listening to something a bit teeny your attention span kind of just goes out the window. 

So definitely haven’t played with those in terms of cameras and that kind of thing. Obviously, you can go out and get a video camera. My suggestion would be to stay with an iPhone or phone for as long as you can just in terms of ease of use. But once you start getting a camera, you start getting more barriers to actually doing the video. 

STEVIE: Because you don’t have a camera with you. 

NICKY: Exactly, yeah, exactly. And you have to get all your settings right, you set that up, your focus is shifting. So sometimes it’s a little bit tricky if you’re moving around, and then you have to actually get your SD card out, put it in your computer, download it or somewhere, upload it into your editing app. 

And it’s just a lot harder then and on your phone. So I’d say and in terms of quality, we were having these chats with Pru that I’m doing videos for her online programs and stuff. Yes. Tell us you do it through a phone. 

Yeah, actually, with the quality that’s coming out of a computer. and generally, the difference getting in terms of shots Is there a camera is your depth of field that which is essentially that the focus would be on my face and the background would be blurred. 

That’s kind of the only thing in terms of style of shot that changes. And obviously, that makes things a lot prettier, but they actually exist that they’re starting to play with it on your iPhone as well. So you can go through and explore those kinds of apps to actually create that. Portrait mode for photos that create that fuzzy background, and that’s starting to happen with the video as well. So I really think that you’ll find is probably awesome to start with. You can start getting fancy, but I’d probably exhaust two options with your phone first. 

STEVIE: Yeah, and I would agree with that, Well, I’ve definitely shot for clients really professional looking.  media videos. Just sweet. Yeah, a lapel mic, and natural lives and an iPhone and a tripod. So true.

NICKY: Yeah, yep, that’s exactly it. And that’s and that’s how we run our business as well. It’s all very lame. You don’t need the mess to set up. We shoot with natural light, again, very organic, and it just creates a real approach. So in total, I think it’s pretty good.

STEVIE: And look to for inspiration. So is anyone doing a killer job when it comes to video? 

NICKY: So many people 

STEVIE: So many people.

NICKY: It’s kind of hard because I guess it depends on where you want your inspiration. 

STEVIE: So go to Play Creative.

NICKY: Yeah, hi go on Instagram.No, so there’s a bunch of different people so it’s really fun to follow that kind of lifestyle log is really opens your always really fun. You guys in Aussie have Sam Evans, who’s in Sydney. 

And he’s really fun to follow. So we really like following him. Other people like we’ve got Logan Dougs in New Zealand who he’s got quite a cool story in that he’s actually a builder or a plumber, I can’t remember. And he does video on the side and into travel videos. So that’s really cool. And then in terms of your social media video, I would say the following Siris Day on Instagram 


NICKY: She’s great. And 

STEVIE:  I know. She’s amazing her stories are fun, she makes so much fun being in Peace Shop She’s the happiest person I’ve ever met.

NICKY: I know 

STEVIE: Instead of eating better and exercising well.

NICKY: What she does really well is that she’ll actually take an average day when you actually think about what’s happened in the day ahead and turn it into a really, really awesome Instagram story or blog. So she does a really good job of jazzing up content and just keeping the vibe really high. And she’s really personal. And she’s hilarious, 

STEVIE:  and actually a really good one to follow in terms of the sound vain, but in terms of the angles and things that she uses, so she’ll use it so that she faces in the right light. And by that, she frames her Instagram stories. And the way that she makes a story out of her Instagram story. So it all follows on it. It’s actually very simple, but very clever. So she kills. 

NICKY: And you really find that you don’t skip her stories. I’ve been following him for quite some time. And I don’t skip them. I really look forward to the start. And now I just I watched more and whether it’s a little Boomerang that she throws at me in the middle or a little shot of her dog running around

STEVIE:  I feel like I know her

NICKY:  Sunday, a couple of weeks ago, and I bumped into her What would I do? What I’d be No, but I actually feel I know you

STEVIE: Is it a power video you kind of get and you trust someone and you can do that just with documenting your day to day people will be interested in it.

NICKY: Totally that’s exactly it 

STEVIE: Yeah, that’s awesome. Thank you so much, Nicky, there’s so much gold there. And I know people are scared about starting. So the tips that you’ve given will kind of maybe give somebody a kick in the butt to kind of go into it. So thank you so much.

NICKY: And it’s really fun guys, this is it’s really fun. You can do all sorts of different things. And you can play with I mean if you ask you to start and it’s because you don’t want to be on the video call. Don’t show yourself on a video show live from your perspective. Instead, and do something filmed from you out and then slowly building a couple of shots of you and then get more comfortable doing you on video. But there are so many different fun creative ways and it is a really, really cool way because you can be creative and you can promote your business at the same time. So

STEVIE: It’s a win-win.

NICKY: I know it’s a win-win diving guys so much fun.

STEVIE:  So what we want everyone to do is to go and do a boomerang and to tag thecoursecartel and what is your Instagram.

NICKY:  @playcreativenz

STEVIE: playcreativenz and we’ll see kind see of your first little video effect it or your next video effect it. That would be awesome.

NICKY:  That would be so much fun.

STEVIE: Oh, thank you so much, Nicky.

NICKY: You’re so welcome. Thank you, everybody and I hope we go and do will take over with video.

STEVIE:  Okay guys, that’s it for today’s episode. If you would like some more information on Nicky and Dan’s video production company, you can head over to  and keep an ear out for the next couple of episodes. In the next episode I’m going to give you my top five marketing tips. And in the one after that, we’re back on the video bandwagon talking all about Facebook Live with a very special guest. Okay guys, until then, I will see you then.

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