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Stevie Dillon

Five “Not-Money” Goals to Obsess Over For a Simple, Sustainable Lifestyle Business

August 22, 2023


Like, right now. The comparison-itis in the online space is RIFE right now — which is totally fine if it was a healthy comparison of someone a few steps ahead with a realistic backstory, giving an honest account of their business journey.

It’s NOT fine, however, when we’re all starting to hold ourselves up to an “ideal” of million dollar years, million dollar launches and million dollar offers in two seconds.

The Australian Consumer Commission has a word for this type of behaviour in real life:

It’s called Misleading and Deceptive Conduct.

And, it’s highly illegal.

And yet, it seems that online, the “rules” don’t apply.

Business “back stories” get blurred, “success” timelines get smudged and revenue figures get “creatively inflated” in order to sell a formula for online business success; and usually, one that generously sugarcoats the work, effort, time and sacrifice required to create something great.

The result?

We’re all drowning in a puddle of not-enoughness. Wondering why we aren’t “there” yet, what’s wrong with us and diminishing the value of the hard work and small, steadily compounding wins that are the building blocks to sustainable success.

It’s time to be much more honest about the journey of online business.

And instead to focus on YOUR journey, and building a business and a life that feels good for you – brick, by brick, by brick.

It’s not sexy to say that it takes time, but on the flip side I think having awareness of that actually helps in enjoying the journey somewhat.

In today’s podcast episode, we are ditching the “make six figures in six seconds” goal and instead, I’m am sharing 5 not-money goals to focus on as you start or scale your expertise-based online business.

Let’s go!

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1. Define (and Then Optimise For) Your Enough – In an online world that espouses six or seven figures as the “only” metric of success, it can be very easy to forget the REASON we start our businesses and start running towards revenue at any cost. Let’s face it: For most of us, it was NEVER about the money – it was ALWAYS about freedom and flexibility.

2. The Right Model – Building the right online business model is like ensuring that your clothes fit. Sure, there are plenty of sexy, tight fitting numbers – but if that’s not actually what you feel best in, and it doesn’t feel good, then it’s not right for you. The same goes for business models; chase the one that feels best for YOU.

3. More Time – Leverage is the ability to divorce your time from your value. $100,000 made with 50 hours of deliverables to fulfil on on the back end is very different to $100k made with two hours to fulfil. The difference is usually that the second took a lot of UPFRONT work; with increasing returns over time. Aim to build a business where everything compounds, and your RETURN increases whilst your TIME decreases. This isn’t always possible when you are first starting out and that’s okay, but that should be the long time goal.

4. A Head Turning “Why” – Your personal brand is your biggest superpower, but there is a very big difference between building your personal brand around the thing you “do” – eg. online business – and attaching it to a bigger “why”. The latter will turn heads, and allow you to stand out over and above everyone in your industry. When you explain what you do, it should make people say “THAT’S SO COOL!” – EVEN (and especially) if you are in a traditionally not-sexy space. It should be something that you could see a Netflix show being created around, a book being written on, and it should be something that is a “hell yes” podcast pitch. Build a “head turning” concept around your personal brand and your body of work. The attention – and therefore the money – will follow.

5. Offers That Pass the “Best Friend” Test – Focusing on your PRODUCT isn’t sexy in the online space. We obsess over marketing, and getting leads, and doing MORE MORE MORE – which often leaves very little time to focus on making sure that the thing you’re actually selling is world class. Flip it. Simplify and streamline your offers, and then spend time ensuring that those few offers are world class. You’ll know you’re there when they pass the “best friend” test – meaning that if your best friend was at your door with cash wanting to buy your thing, you would be SO DAMN PROUD for them to get in there.

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Design a Simple Lifestyle Business With High Profits, Working 5-Hour Days & a Lean Team 

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