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Stevie Dillon

Getting Your Head (and Expectations) Right

July 18, 2023

🤥 There are some WILD mis-truths, half-truths and flat out porky-pies 🐽 in the online business world.

I get it, people use it to sell stuff.. but in many ways its harmful, it’s creating a culture of wildly misaligned expectations as the work involved in creating something great and it’s causing people to feel like they are “failing” just because they aren’t having CRAZY unrealistic results in two second.

Here’s a few 🚩 to be wary of —

“Business gets to be easy.”

Yes it does, but there is ALSO some inevitable HARD work, especially in the early years when you are setting everything up. You’re not doing it wrong if setting up your course or assets feels hard… likely you are doing something for the first time, you are setting up assets that will work for you for several years and you are likely doing it WHILST juggling the thing that is bringing in the money.

“Make $100k from scratch in [insert unrealistic time frame here!]”

Not likely, and even if you do that sort of fast success before you have time to calibrate may not feel as good as you expect it to. There is value in starting small – we say this all the time to our Launchpad clients. The MOST crunchy time I have ever had in business was FAST success that I wasn’t ready for and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

“Success is doubling your revenue every year!”

Ummm excuse me.. but that is actually WILD, and yes, whilst it’s possible (and more possible in online business than many industries), doubling every year is FULL ON, and will likely at some point require you to stop, calibrate and spend time making sure you can still deliver with excellence AND not burn yourself out in the process. Many people that double every year burn out, OR end up going backwards in revenue for a little while to catch up.

“Create a course and have passive income”

HAHAHAHAHA. Leveraged income, yes absolutely – and that is why I LOVE them. But passive? No. You will always be marketing, and you will likely always (if you care about your students) be updating and refining your curriculum. You need to work hard UP front to create the assets, and there is nothing passive about that. Later, it becomes leveraged and the time vs the income are no longer tied together.

We’re honest about all of this, because it doesn’t serve OUR clients to think they are doing things wrong just because this business model takes time.

The truth is? 

Misaligned expectations killed more dreams than failure ever did. 

In today’s podcast episode, we’re talking through the difference between first and second order consequences, and why we need to be more honest about BOTH in our marketing.

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Every action (or inaction) you take has BOTH first and second order consequences – and although it might not feel like it at the time – BOTH are a gift. 

First Order Consequence

The immediate, usually short-term, consequence of an action you take.

Second Order Consequence

The longer term, longer lasting, consequence of an action you take that usually comes AFTER the first order consequence. 

The problem with anything worthwhile (and the reason people “give up” at the first sign of hard work?)

Is that the first-order consequence is commonly considered undesirable, while the second-order consequence is infinitely worthwhile.

It’s true of exercise: 

First Order Consequence – Discomfort.

Second Order Consequence – Long term health, vitality and attractiveness. 

It’s true of eating well: 

First Order Consequence – Takes longer to prepare meals and requires more effort.

Second Order Consequence – Improved health, higher self esteem and vitality.

And it’s true of building a truly leveraged online business model. 

First Order Consequence – Up front work, iteration, refinement. 

Second Order Consequence – TRUE flexibility, alignment and time, freedom and happiness in spades. 

The trouble is? The Internet is so often selling a pipe dream – promising us lightning fast SECOND ORDER consequences and pretending that the first order consequences aren’t even a thing. 

And so, we’re all giving up the moment things get hard, because our expectations when it comes to the path were so wildly misaligned in the first place. 

Here’s the truth: 

The leveraged online business you desire and deserve is SO possible for you, and so worthwhile – if you’re ambitious, committed and (really) want it. 

Just like in the OFFLINE world, when you are building something worthwhile – it takes time, energy and effort. 

The industry sugarcoats this, and tries to tell you that if you’re working hard? 

You’re doing it wrong. BS. 

Big dreams require hard, upfront work and that’s the truth. 

Too many people stalling before they get to the GOOD STUFF is the reason that we’ll never sugarcoat that.

The end (PS — you should listen to the poddy episode, too).

Keep Listening!

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