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Grow Your Business and Free Your Time By Creating a Mini-Course in Just Six Weeks

December 19, 2023

Let me guess: You love what you do, but you’ve spent this year stuck in an endless loop of busy-ness where you’ve found it tough to BREATHE, let alone truly escape your business for a minute and live your life.

That’s where a mini-course comes in.

Whether you eventually want to create a FULL online course, you already have one or maybe you just want a more consistent and steady stream of leads into your coaching or expert business to free up some of your time and make more revenue, a mini-course is a great place to start.

By the end of today’s podcast episode, I am sharing with you an easy-launch guide for creating an irresistible mini-course and getting it out there into the world in under 6-weeks so you can get started, finally cross it off your “to do” list and build a super valuable leveraged asset in your business to drive leads, supercharge your authority and divorce your value from your time.

In fact, that’s exactly what 26 of our members inside of Lifestyle Business School have done in the past six weeks, and we’re so proud of them! We’ll share some of their courses (created from SCRATCH in just six weeks), and hopefully inspire you to do the same!

Let’s get started!

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The Power of a Mini Course

A Mini-Course is a short, actionable training – either delivered live or pre-recorded – with the intention of creating a super valuable transformation for its students. It is usually three to four modules in length.

A Mini-Course is a super valuable addition to ANY expertise-based business – whether you’re a current or aspiring course creator, coach, consultant, online service provider.. or ANYONE that sells their expertise online.

The Value of a Mini Course

First and foremost, it acts as a super valuable lead magnet. In an online business world full of poor quality PDF lead magnets that most of us download and never even open, committing to creating something super valuable will set you apart.

The goal? To create a mini-course you could easily SELL for at least $500. Doing this will make it easy to attract leads, and because you will be delivering it over three or four weeks, it will also supercharge the authority that you build with them.

The outcome? You will need FEWER leads to reach your sales goals, because you have built such high reciprocity and rapport with them.

How You Can Use a Mini Course to Grow Your Business

In our Create and Validate program inside of Lifestyle Business School, we teach our members to create a mini-course as a free, high value lead magnet to start.

At the end of the mini-course, the intention is to seed your course offer and secure sales – so ultimately, it also acts as a launch event for your core offer.

However, after that first event, there are multiple ways that you can then leverage your new mini-course to grow your business:

  1. Turn it into an SLO: SLO stands for self-liquidating offer. The intention is to build a super high value bite-sized course, and sell it for between $27 and $47 to run ads to and self liquidate your ad spend. Turning your mini-course into an SLO offer can allow you to supercharge your lead generate with ads – without paying a cent!
  2. Turn it into an Entry Offer: The second way you can leverage a mini-course is as an entry offer in your offer suite. By pricing it around $100 – $300, it can serve as “step one” in your offer suite, providing a SUPER high leverage asset that you can sell at scale, as well as prime people for the next offer in your suite.
  3. Make it Step One in Your Online Course: Want to create an online course? Make your Mini-Course “phase one”!
  4. Keep it as a Lead Magnet: The final way you can continue to leverage a mini-course is to keep it as a lead magnet – one that stands out in a sea of average lead magnets, and nurtures new leads on auto pilot!

How to Create a Mini-Course in Six Weeks or Less

Inside of our Create and Validate course, included in our Lifestyle Business School membership, we show you how to build a mini-course in 12 weeks. In the first six weeks, you will have:

  • Decided on your Offer Suite
  • Chosen a Profitable Market
  • Build Out Your Transformation Statement and Outline
  • Build Out a Registration System
  • Started Pitching for Leads!

A number of our members in Lifestyle Business School have just completed this process, all in six week! To check out their courses for inspiration (and perhaps to sign up to some of them yourself!), click here.

Step One: Set a Date and a Deadline

Step one? COMMIT. The timing will never be perfect; and the only way you will take action is if you prioritise doing it.

The best way to do that? Open your calendar now, set a date and deadline, and commit to having your mini-course out in the world by then. Pick a date six weeks from today.

Step Two: Define Your Niche, Market and Hypothesis

The next step? You need to ensure that you refine the positioning of your mini-course. You will need to ensure that you have your niche defined, that you are targeting a profitable and easily accessible market.

Finally, you will need to create a hypothesis around the problem you will be solving, using intel gleaned from a survey process.

Step Three: Map Your Offer Suite

The key to a mini-course that ACTUALLY grows your business? Ensuring that there is a clear alignment between IT and your CORE offer. The mistake often made is creating a mini-course in a vacuum, and NOT ensuring that it provides huge value but also leaves a clear gap that makes your student READY for your core offer.

Step Four: Pack Your Messaging Suitcase

Irresistible offers require specific positioning. You will need to talk to at least three people and get specific, sticky language to build out your marketing assets.

Step Five: Create Your Transformation Statement and Traffic Magnets

Every offer needs to create a specific transformation that is TANGIBLE. You’ll build out what this is, and create traffic magnets to attract your perfect fit student over to your registration page to join your mini-course.

Step Six: Create Assets and Pitch!

Now you have done all of the hard work to position your mini-course and market it, you will spend two weeks pitching for registrations. To do this, you will need to set up the tech for a registration system.

And there you have it! At the end of this six week period, you will have BRAND new high quality leads and your mini-course out there in the world. With students waiting for you to deliver, you will be motivated to continue the momentum and over the following six weeks you will deliver your mini-course and then pitch your CORE offer to them in a special bonus session to make sales.

This process is powerful, and it works.

If YOU want to create an incredibly powerful mini-course asset in your business in the next six weeks, follow this process and you WILL have it out there in the world.

Want some help? In Create and Validate, we walk you through this entire process in DETAIL. We provide templates for your messaging, positioning, registration system, emails, pitching guides.. everything you need to take action.

We know this process works, because so many of our Lifestyle Business School members have build THEIR mini-courses out over the past six-weeks and we’re so proud of the action they have taken. To see their courses and perhaps register for one or two, click here.

To join Lifestyle Business School and get instant access to Create and Validate so that you can create your own mini-course asset, click here.

Want more? Here’s how we can help you:

  1. Listen to Lifestyle Business School — The Podcast: With over one million downloads and counting, get the behind the scenes strategy on how to how to package and market your intellectual property to build a leveraged lifestyle business where your value is divorced from your time. Subscribe here on Spotify or here on Apple Podcasts for new episodes every week.
  2. Download our FREE 26 Page Expertise-Based Business Diagnostic: Get Clarity on what to work on first or next to help you start or grow your leveraged expertise-based online business. Click here to get it for free.
  3. Join Lifestyle Business School Today: Get the complete Operating System for starting or growing an expertise-based online business to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot. Click here to join today. 

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Design a Simple Lifestyle Business With High Profits, Working 5-Hour Days & a Tiny Team 

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