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How to Deliver a Launch That Sells Like Crazy

June 15, 2022

Delivering a killer launch — you know, the ones you see online that feel flawlessly executed, that make you DROOL for whatever they’re selling and have you WAITING for them to throw open their doors and offer you their course or program – is both art and science.

In reality? I liken launches like that to a beautifully serene swan.. gliding effortlessly across a lake, but underneath paddling like mad to bring it all together!

The truth is, a great launch takes work, but once you have the system nailed?

You can roll it out again and again, automate it to turn into an evergreen funnel, and ultimately use it to fuel the revenue for your online business for a profitable, sustainable online business for the long haul.

In today’s podcast episode, we are covering the third key pillar in a successful, profitable digital education business — a replicable, high converting selling system. Let’s go!

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There are countless ways to sell your digital course or program — big, splashy live launches centered around a launch event like a webinar, challenge or workshop, evergreen funnels with an automated selling system for selling year round, simple email launches for lower priced products.. and everything in between.

We teach ALL of these in our flagship program Launchpad, and which is best for YOU depends on your goals (for more on the difference between these selling systems, check out episode 107 –

Regardless of the selling system you choose, there is a journey that you need to take your potential student on before they are ever ready to work with you.

Here’s what it looks like:

Imagine your “perfect fit” student, and where they are currently at.

They have a “pillow” problem, and a set of beliefs or actions that are keeping them stuck.

Your course is, of course, the solution to their problem.

In order for them to be ‘ready’ to purchase and to realise that it’s a “no brainer”, though? There are a series of things they need to know, believe and/or understand.

The purpose of your launch roadmap is to equip your “perfect fit” student with those things.

You’re effectively taking them on a journey from problem to purchase by eliminating objections, reframing beliefs and establishing connection, trust and authority.

Do this effectively, and you’ll make the sale!

The process for doing this is the same regardless of whether you are live launching, or whether your offer is being sold inside of an evergreen funnel.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • [Prime] — In a launch, this is called “Pre Pre launch”. It is the 60 – 90 days PRIOR to your launch event, and honestly? It is often in this phase that launches are won or lost. Your goal in this phase is to grow your list with people who are a perfect fit for your product, and then to prime your prospect with relevant, useful content that strategically positions them to be ready for your offer.
  • [Register] — In a launch, this is called “Pre-launch”. It is the 10 – 14 days prior to your launch event, when you are driving registrations to your launch event. If you have done a good job in your pre-pre launch growing your list and audience, you will have people ready to register and they will be warm and primed. You will be EVERYWHERE in this phase; with relevant, useful content that encourages registrations to your launch event. You will have a goal for the number of registrations you need in order to reach your sales goal, and you will be going all out to reach that number.
  • [Launch Event] — This might be a webinar, a challenge or another launch mechanism. This is where you are hosting a live launch event with strategic content that focuses on the myths and mistakes that your potential student is making currently, in an effort to solve the problem they have, and how YOUR course is the better way to approach it. During this launch event, you will open the doors to your course or program, usually with an incentive for them to purchase.
  • [Cart Open] This is the period of a few days AFTER your launch event when your offer is open and available for purchase. During this phase, you are focused on selling! But, there is an art to this process too. Ultimately, selling is serving and your focus should be on overcoming the objections, hesitations and questions that are stopping someone from being ready for your offer. This is a CRITICAL phase of your launch, and it’s important to treat it with as much energy as the previous phases.

Of course, there is a lot more detail involved in each of these pieces, and it’s exactly this detail that we walk our clients through inside of our group coaching program, Launchpad.

The important thing to remember? Is that the FIRST time you do this, it is up front work. You are creating all of your assets for the first time, rolling them out to see what the market says and assessing your conversion rate — which is the number of leads that purchase from you.

The secret to success (and leveraged effort over time)?

Taking what you learnt the first time, optimising and re-launching — again, and again, and again. Rather than reinventing the wheel, it’s about improving and refining your process each and every time.

Once you have a refined, high performing selling system that reliably converts, you have a profitable, sustainable business engine that you can rely on for consistent revenue.

Want to learn how to create a high converting selling system for your course or program? Come and join us in Launchpad, our 12 month, high level group coaching program. Click here to apply.

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Design a Simple Lifestyle Business With High Profits, Working 5-Hour Days & a Tiny Team 

Get one actionable step each day for two weeks, and then weekly thereafter. It's 100% free — join 7000+ others.

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