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I Cancelled My Launch. Here’s Why.

April 11, 2023

I was supposed to be launching Legacy, my high level program for established course creators, this week.

But, I’m not. The reason is nuanced, but I wanted to share with you my thoughts in the event that it serves you, too.

The intention of the Legacy program is to help established course creators to reach the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot. It’s a mission that many of you aspire to, and I always want to be in integrity when selling something.

And, the truth is? Right now, launching Legacy would move me OUT of the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot.

In today’s podcast episode, I’m going to share with you how, in many ways, I applied the Legacy framework to MYSELF to help me make this big decision.

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What I Am Optimising For

In every season of business, I recommend optimising for something. Profit. Space. Time. And yes, it can be a combination of all of them, but usually – at the start – not all three at once. 

When I made the decision to launch Legacy, it was a profit optimisation call. 

I was willing to optimise short term for profit, so that I could increase my leverage over time. 

Due to some personal circumstances however, I have needed to park profit and instead optimise at all costs for time. 

It doesn’t mean a “never” to Legacy, but it does mean that I can’t give it the space and time it deserves right NOW. 

Space to Evolve

I have a sixth sense that I am coming into a new season. 

I want to make changes, in a way that I haven’t for the past three years. 

More to come on that next week, but I felt a strange intuitive call NOT to lock into something that I would be committed to for the next 12 months. 

I can feel myself going through an evolution of sorts, and it didn’t feel right to commit myself to a big 12 month container and I can feel those shifts inside me.

Even I don’t quite know what they involve just yet, and that scares me AND excites me. 

It’s a big call. I have left a LOT of revenue on the table with this decision, but I do have an intuitive sense that it will pay off. 

I have never been scared of making big decisions, and I needed to remind myself of that when I made this one. 

My Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot

The process of creating the Legacy curriculum has been an interesting one, as I put myself through the same process. 

And what it brought up for me is a sense that I was starting to build a business that didn’t align with the endgame I have in mind. 

I value a simple business model. 

Creating Legacy would mean building, launching and scaling TWO high end offers, meaning double the workload, double the time, double the team… and more. 

It would mean launching twice as often. 

Optimising two funnels. 

Double everything. 

I realised that I was starting to veer off in a direction that isn’t aligned with the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot, or the business I myself want to build. 


We had around 40 applications for our Legacy program. 

It was wildly popular with our Launchpad alumni, but one thing that felt clear to me is that it would be more difficult to sell to “new” people. 

With time, it wouldn’t be an issue. 

But in the current season, I am not able to dedicate the time to managing two programs with this in mind. 

If it WAS wildly successful, delivery would become the biggest challenge. 

If it WASN’T, marketing would be the biggest challenge. 

And in both instances, my current season doesn’t give me the scope to effectively focus on both. 

I’ll be working with a smaller group of people in a secret container in the meantime, so it doesn’t mean that this offer isn’t happening, but it’s not happening at scale right now

Prioritising Life

There have been a number of big things happen over the past 12 months. 

I had a baby. 

I have had some personal challenges that aren’t mine to share. 

I have been building a house. 

It’s been a lot. 

But in the midst of it all, whilst effectively prioritising everyone and everything else, I stopped prioritising me. 

My business doesn’t require a lot of me time wise, but in terms of mental space and capacity, it has filled every inch. 

I have a lot of free time, but in terms of time for ME – and not family, children, life – I haven’t made time to prioritise joy. 

I have had a slap in the face reminder recently of the importance of that, and so I will be making a series of bold decisions over the next little while to test out what happens when I prioritise ME first… and the rest later. 

Maybe it will work out. 

Maybe it won’t. 

But I am willing to try. 

Being bold has gotten me to this point… and I forgot that. 

I have played safe for a little while now. 

And it’s time to be bold again. 

Watch this space!

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