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“I Want A $100k Launch,” She Said. “Can I Do It?”

March 21, 2023

“I want a $100k launch,” she said. “Can I do it?”

My answer was simple, and it’s the same answer I give to EVERYONE I work with:

YES, you can.

BUT you can’t focus on the 100k to get there.

Instead, you need to reverse engineer that dollar figure into KPIs – meaning, how much traffic do I need to reach that goal?

And then do whatever it takes to hit that KPI. 

So often we WANT an outcome, and yet we either don’t: 

1) Know the metric we need to hit to take us there; or
2) REALLY commit to doing the work required to get to that metric once we know it.

In today’s podcast episode, I am breaking down how to reverse engineer into your first or your next $100k launch from a numbers perspective, and then the commitment mindset required to take you there. 

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Here’s what you need to hit a $100k launch:

1️⃣ Standard Conversion Rate

Before you can guarantee a great launch, you first need to ensure that you have a selling system that works. The way to know? Assess your conversion rate — which is, the percentage of people who register for your launch event or evergreen funnel that purchase from you. A standard conversion rate is 2-3%.

Of course, the first time you launch, you won’t have this data and you will be “guesstimating”, but the good news is that the ACT of launching will give you everything you need to fix a conversion rate that isn’t performing.

2️⃣ A Traffic KPI

Once you know your standard conversion rate, you are able to reverse engineer into the number of leads you require to reach it. More often than not, this is the metric that lets a great launch down.

Traffic refers to the number of hits to your invite page, and then the percentage of those hits that register. The number of LEADS is a conversion metric, but the number of hits to the page is the one to focus on. How many clicks over to your page do you need?

3️⃣ A Traffic Plan

Once you know the number, you need a solid plan for achieving it.

4️⃣ A Rock Solid Commitment to Reach That Metric

This is the one that often falls short. You need to do WHATEVER IS REQUIRED to reach that number, and yet (despite professing a commitment to do it!) most of us aren’t willing to do whatever it takes.

5️⃣ The Ability to Objectively Assess the Result

At the end of a launch, you will have a feeling about how it went, which is usually very different to the objective assessment of the result based on data. Learning how to make decisions on your next step based on data instead of emotion is the biggest skill set we teach our clients inside of Launchpad, and it’s the skill that will lead to your inevitable success.

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Design a Simple Lifestyle Business With High Profits, Working 5-Hour Days & a Lean Team 

Get one actionable step each day for two weeks, and then weekly thereafter. It's 100% free — join 7000+ others.


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