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Leaving Money On the Table = The Best Business Strategy?

March 19, 2024

I don’t care about leaving money on the table. 

I don’t care about “maximising” my revenue” or getting the “most” out of every day. 

Here’s what I do care about: 

Spend Tuesday mornings at a 10am Pilates class. Stuffing around making labels for my new spice racks just because. Googling cool new hair-dos for my little girl. Sitting on the floor with her at 2pm on a Friday, playing hairdressers.

I care about travel. I care so much about travel. I care about renting a month-long Airbnb in Norway just because. And getting a van, and traveling around the English countryside stopping at every cute pub along the way. I care about driving down the California coast. Showing my kids Hearst Castle. Visiting Old Town Ibiza, and sipping Sangria at 10pm on a hot August evening. 

I care about feeling free – really, truly free. Waking up on a Monday and relishing the week ahead. Spending the morning sitting in a cafe, writing for three hours over two half-strength cappuccinos. And never again sitting in  an air-conditioned cubicle with no natural sunlight, taking orders from a girl called Samantha and waiting for Friday. 

I care about life. 

And living it, unconventionally and messily.

And having fun. 

And being the poster girl for living free. 

And above all? 

After building a $2.5m business to the ground in the name of wild alignment, NOT sacrificing all of that at the altar of some arbitrary revenue goal that won’t even give me more of what I want. 

That’s why I have the business I (now) do. 

And the values I (now) have. 

And it’s why I’m now so passionate about sharing with others my ethos for building a simple, highly profitable one-person + a tiny team style business to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot ®

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The Seven Commandments of Building a Business to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot

01. Endgame Clarity

Deciding from the very outset the TYPE of business you want to build, so that you don’t spend months and years running in entirely the wrong direction.

02. Defining Your Enough

Intentionally choosing the exact profit figure your business will need to fulfil all of your business, lifestyle and investing needs – in other words, your “enough number”.

Without intentionally defining this, it’s so easy to relentlessly bolt towards a “scale to the moon” revenue-obsessed version of success you don’t even want (but somehow get caught up in whilst trying to ‘keep up with the digital Jones’)

03. Prioritising a Leveraged Model

Building a leveraged expertise-based business model that allows you to divorce your value from your time.

04. Building an Aligned Offer Suite

Ensuring that you build an offer suite that suits YOU the founder, and that your pricing and delivery (whether high volume/low cost or low volume, high cost, whether more heavily focused on marketing or delivery.. the list goes on) is aligned with the way you want to do business. (Note: Getting this wrong is a fatal flaw).

05. Optimising for High Profit Margins

Swapping arbitrary top line revenue goals for a focus on leverage and high profit margins, to allow you to reach your “enough” number without building a big, stressful business that requires huge team or overhead to run.

06. Optimising for Time

Optimising for time and the pursuit of 5-hour days and sun-soaked afternoons away from your laptop just as vehemently as you would your next $100k. This becomes more and more possible when you stop looking to revenue as the ONLY metric of success, because it gives you the opportunity to them prioritise life in the mix, too.

07. Optimising for Simplicity

Focusing on one to two core offers, eliminating complexity, and building a small and mighty business with a small, lean and remote team.

Here’s the beautiful truth right now. 

In a post-pandemic world, no longer do you need to choose between:

  1. A traditional 9-5 job, with stressful commute and the need to ask for permission for a 2.30 dentist appointment; or 
  2. A big, stressful scale business where you need to shoot for the moon and spend 10 years relentlessly chasing endless revenue rainbows. 

A happy medium has emerged. 

It’s a leveraged, expertise-based lifestyle business that gives you high profit margins, flexibility and creative freedom. 

A both/and. 

It’s sales not tied to your time. 

It’s doing work that compounds to give you 5-hour days and mornings in the sun. 

It’s packaging your intellectual property and building success on your terms. 

It’s working more up front, so you can do 50% less in time. 

It’s the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. 

It’s the leverage to shut your laptop and spend the afternoon at the beach. 

Life + business. 

Impact + family. 

Hard work (you love) + chill. 

And ultimately, success on your terms. 

That’s why these days, I don’t care about leaving money on the table. 

Or maximising my productivity. 

Or doing more. 

I know my enough, and I have built my business around that..

(Which means that I can optimise for things OTHER than just money – (like time, freedom and happiness in spades). 

I want that for you, too. 

Lifestyle Business School is  the EXACT system I used to re-build my ENTIRE business model. 

It’s designed to help you engineer an expertise-based business model to earn YOUR enough, eventually work 50% less and do it from anywhere in the world (or at home with your little ones and loved ones).

It’s not the “usual” business advice. 

It doesn’t put you on a hamster wheel. 

It’s work that compounds. 

You owe it to yourself to take the leap. 

Future you will be so damn proud that you did. 

Join Lifestyle Business School here.

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Design a Simple Lifestyle Business With High Profits, Working 5-Hour Days & a Lean Team 

Get one actionable step each day for two weeks, and then weekly thereafter. It's 100% free — join 7000+ others.


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