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Mid-Year Checkpoint Part #2: Create a 12-Month Revenue Roadmap To Hit Your BIG Goals

June 6, 2023

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Last week, we shared with you that we are opening up FREE, INSTANT access to the Course Creator’s Planning Workshop Series we recently held.

And if you’re currently flying blind without a strategy – or you HAVE a strategy for your next 12 months in business, but it’s not working out for you?

It’s for YOU!

You can register here right now.

Want a sneak peek?

Here is the FIVE step process for creating a rock solid / simple / strategic / smart / all ‘o the S words (except ‘shitty’) strategy to set yourself up for a wildly successful, profitable and enjoyable (because revenue at any cost doesn’t always lead to HAPPY DAYS, don’t you know) next 12 months in business.

In today’s podcast episode, I am sharing with you the EXACT process for doing just that.

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You have already set a crystal clear defined vision for your next 12 months that sets your soul on fire with excitement and possibility.

This includes:​

✔️Vision: A clear, ‘set your soul on fire’ vision inspires and motivates you.

✔️Goals: A crystal clear vision allows you to set strategic goals that support that vision.

✔️Aligned Actions: Taking inspired action in alignment with those goals allows you to reach your big picture vision.

Setting a vision allows you to reverse engineer specific goals and take daily aligned actions that move you incrementally closer to them.

It keeps you motivated when things get hard (which they do) and inspires you to do the work.

If you don’t know where you are going, how on EARTH can you expect to get there?

Here’s the clincher, though:

My point is NOT that setting a vision will give you your dream life without action or work. Rather, it is that KNOWING where you want to be in the future that will allow you to set goals and take ALIGNED action focused on getting you there. The bit in the middle is, of course, the work 😉

Set the vision > Reverse engineer your goals > Take aligned action > achieve the vision. And repeat 😉

1️⃣ Assign a revenue (and time) number to your vision.

Do you know what’s easy?

Setting the revenue goal.

But the one thing everyone misses? Is whether the actions you need to take to get there TIME wise are going to support your lifestyle.. or deplete it.

Paying attention to BOTH the revenue you want to make, and the number of hours you want to work in the medium to long term will ensure that you set up and build a sustainable business model that doesn’t require you to earn less than minimum wage to make the money you desire and deserve to earn.

(Side note: This is why we love digital product based businesses!)

2️⃣ Map out a product suite and determine sales lead targets to achieve vision.

Once you are clear on your vision, and you are clear on what you need to do over the next 12 months (time and income) to get there, its time to map out your product suite and exactly how many sales you need of each item to make your dreams a reality.

Math is boring.. until you see the magic of KNOWING your numbers and what you need to do to reach them.

3️⃣ Plot on a 12 month calendar, and assign key focuses and metrics to every month.

Once you have goals in place, it’s time to plot out HOW you are going to reverse engineer into them month by month. You will put together a 12 month marketing and promotion calendar that gives you a key focus each month to bring you closer to your big goals.

4️⃣ Break ‘big picture focuses’ into SMART KPIs and develop step-by-step project plan.

Plans without action mean nothing. The final step in the planning exercise? Breaking your big picture plan into a step-by-step project plan with exactly what you need to do when.

It’s that simple.. and that hard 😉

Either way, if you want to set your next 12 months up for success, NOW is the time to start.

You DON’T need to wait for December 31, or January.

And if you want a hand with IMPLEMENTING all of this and you’re a current or aspiring digital course creator.. well then, it’s a complete no brainer 🧠

It’s especially for current and aspiring digital course creators who want to launch and scale digital courses and programs, where we broke down in detail exactly how to plan out your next 12 months in business with a leveraged flagship digital course or program in your product suite.

If that’s YOU?

We invite you to register to get instant access to the workshop live recordings.

The more people that implement this sort of strategic planning to build a business they love (and not one they simply ‘ended up’ with), the better.

These workshop trainings are more valuable than many of the courses others charge for, and this is the only opportunity you will have to jump in and check them out.

Register here now for INSTANT access.

Keep Listening!

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Design a Simple Lifestyle Business With High Profits, Working 5-Hour Days & a Lean Team 

Get one actionable step each day for two weeks, and then weekly thereafter. It's 100% free — join 7000+ others.


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