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Stevie Dillon

My Business Story Year By Year [Part 2/2]

August 15, 2023

Let’s continue with our walk down memory lane.

If you haven’t listened to or read part one of this series where I walked through my first and second year in business (including exactly how much revenue I made), you can do that HERE.

In today’s podcast episode, we are recapping years two to five in business, and all of the challenges, wins and lessons along the way.

Let’s go.

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Year Two — 2019

January 2019 was the start of my online course business and when delivery was starting for my Social Media course… and also the month I found out I was two months pregnant with my son, Jimmy.

I knew, because I was so sick I could barely move and was subsisting on a diet of oranges and potato. This, along with the hormones and everything that comes along with a first time pregnancy and the realisation that juggling my new business and baby would be tricky, was scary.

I would jump on camera and deliver Instagram Lives in HUGE, sweaty, Queensland humid heat, with the fan blaring next to me, then finish and go to spew in a bin I had to keep right next to my desk.

The year was a complete blur.

Somehow, I managed to launch again. I was running on fear and adrenaline – how was I supposed to build my business with a new baby on the way? I was terrified it would all go away, and worked harder than I ever have before.

In September, I had my beautiful baby boy.

I had no idea what to expect and was thrown. There is so much to say about postpartum, even more when you’re a business owner. Both of these stages can be extremely challenging, even more so when they are happening concurrently.

I survived. Just.

I was running at full pelt throughout that whole year. When I think back to 2019, I wish I had shown myself some kindness and realised that everything would be okay. Anyone who is currently in that stage, just out of it or about to enter it, I implore you to give yourself grace, as I wish I had have given myself some space to slow down during that year.

I made – $212,000.

This was made up of:

Coaching: $15,000

Shop: $16,000

Affiliate: $10,000

Courses: $171,000

Year Three — 2020

2020 is the year the world stopped, but for me in many ways it already had.

I was deep in postpartum, and also wandering muddling through business land.

At that point in time, my accountant had suggested that I keep working, and that my partner do the stay at home Dad duties – and suffice to say that it was a HUGE adjustment for both of us.

From a business perspective, the whole world suddenly woke up to the existence of the online course and business world, and as a result the momentum in my business just kept building.

I launched a few smaller courses, and then a second flagship course on podcasting (which was perfect timing, it was the ‘thing’ to do at that time).

Suddenly, everyone was asking me how I was creating my courses so successfully… and the idea for Launchpad and a higher level program on course creation was born.

When I was muddling through course creation land, I knew the elements that I would’ve appreciated so that was a no brainer on what to include in my flagship program.

Enter December 2020, and the foundation launch of Launchpad.

I made – $480,000.

Made up of:

Launchpad – $130,000

Shop: $3,000

Affiliates: $30,000

Courses: $317,000

Year Four — 2021

2021 was a challenging year in so many ways. Post a super successful Launchpad launch, I was tasked with needing to build out a full curriculum, and the back end mechanics of a group coaching program, for over 40 clients in less than two months. I spent Christmas, New Years and pretty much the entirety of summer creating this.

It was hard, heavy and came with a lot of negative consequences – not the least a panic attack whilst driving 100 km/hour down the Pacific Motorway.

The fast success came with big downside, and I ran at breakneck speed to try and keep up.

When I couldn’t, I hurriedly tried to hire team and walked through the baptism of fire most new leaders do when it comes to hiring and leadership. I had never had any hiring experience and didn’t know how to approach it. I do believe that you only learn these skills once you, yourself walk through these situations.

This was a huge year of learning.

By the end of the year, I started to calibrate, had installed systems and things were mostly starting to run smoothly. 2021 was a year of reaching levels I hadn’t experienced before, and it was a lot to get there, but I’m so glad I did.

Year Five — 2022

Year five in business was the year that I started to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

My business was streamlined, and I enjoyed monthly recurring revenue and less work. This gave me a huge sense of comfortability.

I started building my dream house, goodbye previous hot box house with no air conditioning.

I had my second baby, Sunny in March. If I’m completely honest, I was scared.

I actually ENJOYED the postpartum experience. It was so beautiful and I was able to appreciate this time.

And things were moving nicely.

It’s a place I hope we ALL get to experience.

Year Six — 2023

And that, of course, brings me to 2023 – this year.

I feel a huge sense of excitement and possibility. I cannot wait to see how this year ends.

Watch this space, because there is lots more to come 🙂

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