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Stevie Dillon

Our Podcast Makes Us $8,300 an Hour — Here’s How

August 2, 2022

“I don’t have TIME to start a podcast..”
“The tech is overwhelming, I don’t know where to start..”
“But what if I run out of topic ideas?”

If you’ve EVER considered starting a podcast, it’s likely that one of these “buts” have stopped you dead in your tracks. And, I get it.

In a world where we’re all frantically trying trying to run a business, maintain a social life, juggle family, drink enough water, text everyone back, stay sane, survive and be happy (PHEW); adding another ‘thing’ to the list can feel like the actual definition of insanity.

Plus, you need a mic, you need to learn how to edit, and sure you could probably Google it but every time you do? It feels like you’re drinking water from a fire house.

Not to mention the imposter syndrome that creeps in every time it enters your mind — “Like, who am I to start a podcast?” says your mean girl/guy brain.

Why ME?! What if I run out of ideas? Do I even KNOW enough to create a podcast each and every week?

In today’s podcast episode, you’ll learn why you need to kick all of the “buts” currently holding you back to the curb and go all in on what will likely become the single biggest ROI marketing activity you do in your business.

It is for us — it nets us $8,300 an hour.

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Here’s the REAL 411 when it comes to podcasting:

Podcasting is the highest ROI marketing activity in our business, bar none. Those three hours a month we spend on creating episodes? Are worth literally thousands of dollars.

I want you to consider the marketing activities YOU do, or you are considering, in terms of ROI. For the time that you invest in it, how much in actual $$ is it giving you back?

Those 36 hours a year I dedicate to podcasting have made us $300,000+.

I know, because I ask our clients where they find out about us and why they have joined Launchpad, and I know the percentage that say podcasting. So I know that every hour I have spent on this podcast has earned our business $8,300.

If I compare that to say, social media, where every post lasts maybe 24 hours and is gone forever, putting podcasting front and centre in my business is just a complete and utter NO BRAINER.

Here’s three reframes to help you kick the time and tech excuses to the curb and go all in:

1. Our Podcast SAVES Us Time (Our Three Hour/Month Podcast Workflow) —

Often, when thinking about starting a podcast, we focus on the extra time the set up and maintenance of it will be, but the honest truth is?

Podcasting is one of the most TIME EFFICIENT ways to market your business out there.

Here’s how we do it.

  • Every month, we look at the things on the promotional calendar, and then choose four topics that align with whatever it is that we will be selling.
  • Then, we map out on our launch and promotions calendar podcast topics that align with that promotion, campaign or topic.
  • We then write a ONE paragraph intro, three – five dot points to act as “bumpers” to guide the conversation, and then jump on the microphone and speak.

There’s no spending hours writing blogs, or getting camera ready for a Youtube video. Editing is as simple as plopping a pre-recorded intro and outro into our editing software. And bam, done.

The BEST thing?

That ONE piece of content is then evergreen — which means that you have done the hard work once, and it is then working for you for months and YEARS after you create.

I have podcast episodes that I recorded three years ago that STILL do the heavy lifting of warming up my audience, getting new leads and selling for me.

Hard work once is a motto I live by, and podcasting is oh so perfectly suited to it.
Create once, and you have an asset that will be working for you for months and years to come.

Even better, the effect of your weekly podcasts snowballs over time, as your catalogue grows. Imagine having a little army of content working for you 24/7 to build your audience and sell your things — that’s what podcasting gives you.

2. Podcasting Makes Social Media Easier —

Our podcast episodes literally become our social content.

That paragraph that we create for the podcast? Becomes a caption.

Those three – five points we flesh out to speak on? Becomes a Reel, and a mini training on stories.

One podcast episode gives you ALLLL of the social content you need without staring at a blinking cursor every time you go to create it.

3. The Tech is Dead Easy —

Getting a podcast up and running in 2022 is literally a cinch.

In our course, Launch Your Wildly Successful Podcast, we give you the steps in a paint by numbers way, and even my tech-challenged partner could do it in a few hours.

The fact that the tech is a barrier for some is an ADVANTAGE for you, because it gives those that commit to starting anyway an edge.

YOU become the expert and the authority in your space, whilst others are waiting to start.. or never get started at all.

Keep Listening!

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Design a Simple Lifestyle Business With High Profits, Working 5-Hour Days & a Lean Team 

Get one actionable step each day for two weeks, and then weekly thereafter. It's 100% free — join 7000+ others.


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