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Five Productive Things to Do for Your Business During Self-Isolation

March 30, 2020

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Googling things to do at home during self isolation?

Seems you’re not the only one: ‘things to do at home during self isolation’ is one of the most Googled terms right now.

Whether you’re a freelancer used to the ‘work from home life’ but finding yourself with few jobs on right now, you’re an ‘offline’ business owner suddenly finding themselves with orders to shut up shop temporarity, a corporate employee working from home for the first time, or a seasoned online business owner simply looking for some additional productivity tips, this podcast is focused on giving you some guidance for making the most of your new-found-time productively – because there’s only so much Netflix you can binge on, right (RIGHT!?) 

Self isolation and social distancing has certainly opened up a few more hours in the day for many of us.

For those that usually head to a physical premises for work, time spent commuting is now a non issue.

There’s no colleagues to distract you .

For the ladies, there’s less time spent ‘getting ready’ in the morning (though, hot tip for the new work-from-homers? I still highly recommend spending some time on this – it’s amazing what a difference it makes to your productivity). 

Maybe (and if this is you, I’m truly sorry) there’s no ability to work at ALL at the moment – either because your premises are closed, or because the work you normally have has dried up overnight. 

And when it comes to the weekends? Well, without coffee catch ups and social obligations, our old mate self isolation means that we need to find things to do at home.

All of this equals more time, and truthbomb?

How you choose to spend it will make all the difference.

Sure you could binge Netflix – and hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But you could ALSO use self isolation and social distancing as a positive thing. Please don’t think I’m being flippant here – because I know the impact it’s having on businesses – but even with dark clouds there are sometimes silver linings.

So, with that in mind, here are a few productive things to do at home during self isolation that could pay off big dividends for your business (and your life) in the long term. 

1. Start a Podcast

Let me guess. Starting a podcast has been on your ‘want to do’ list for ageeeees. You’ve procrastinated on it, thought about and maybe put it in the ‘one day’ basket. 

Or maybe, you’ve never really thought about it at all. In which case, I highly recommend that you head back and listen to Episode 79 (‘Should I Start I Podcast?‘), Episode 80 (‘Lessons From Three Years of Podcasting‘) and Episode 81 (‘Seven Ways Starting a Podcast Has Transformed My Business‘) of this very podcast. I promise you’ll have starting one on your wish list after you do.

Here’s the thing. 

The whole Covid 19 thing sucks.

And, I know a lot of know are wondering how to conduct business in times that are very much NOT business as usual. 

Here’s what I recommend: SERVE AND HELP.

People more than ever need us to show up in a bigger way, and to serve our audiences, clients and customers with valuable content that helps them. 

And if there is one productive thing – more than anything else – that I recommend that you do during self isolation at home? It’s create free content that does just that.

Helping people with valuable content is called content marketing, and is also known as attraction marketing. It’s called that for a reason. 

When you show up and help? It builds the know, like and trust factor so that people come to YOU when they do need help.

Starting a podcast is, in my opinion, the very best way to do that. 

In fact, I’m so passionate about the fact that everyone should use this time to start their OWN podcast that I have decided that my mission for the next few weeks is to help at LEAST 100 people launch their podcast before June 30. Imagine the flow on effect of 100 podcasts out there in the world providing helpful information to your audiences.

2. Pivot Your Business

One of the most productive uses of your time in self isolation is also the thing that I am MOST passionate about, and really the focus of my business now and into the future – and that, my friends, is getting your business online.

Whether you’re an offline business that has needed to close its doors, or you need a way to connect with your employees or co-workers in self isolation or due to social distancing, or you simply want to make the most of this opportunity to create a new revenue stream, there has never been a better time to start looking at ways to promote your business and get it online.

In a recent group coaching call with some of the students in one of my programs, we were talking about the opportunities there are for doing just this, and I want to share with you some practical example of things they have done.

My beautiful student Julie from Montana Art Project hosts live paint and sip sessions. In the call, we strategised a way to get them online and in a matter of a couple of days she has taken massive action and done it! She has a paid virtual art class to allow people to connect and socialise from their own living room. She messaged me yesterday, and had sold her first ticket and I’m so proud of her. Head to @montanaartproject for more details. 

Another client was wondering about how to serve her social media management clients.

A beauty salon she services has closed their doors, and we came up with an idea for hosting virtual girls nights in, and providing packs people could purchase with products. We also spoke about that business knowing when upcoming appointments were that had been cancelled, and proactively contacting those clients and inviting them to purchase an at home DIY kit along with a video demonstration for doing it themselves in self isolation. 

For an e-commerce jewellery store, we brainstormed how she could put together an offer that introduced urgency and scarcity – the two factors that encourage someone to buy – by bundling up products. 

For her cafe client, we spoke about how she could support the pivot they have made to providing deliveries. We put together an idea for a Facebook ad that would go just to the cafes email list and to people within a one km radius of the cafe. It would run at key times – from 6am to 9am it would invite people to purchase their coffee and brekkie bundle, for example. Another idea was a subscription – every Saturday and Sunday, the bundle would be delivered to their door. 

Another beautiful student of mine – and my own pilates instructor – was forced to pivot her business and in the space of a few days has come up with the most brilliant niche idea. Called Mama Moves, she is now supporting mamas and mamas to be with at home workouts specifically for them. Perfect for me, and perfect for so many mamas out there. She is a highly qualified physiotherapist that specialises in this. Check it out at @mamamoves on Instagram. 

If she, and Julie, and Rowe – all people who have taken fast action in these times – doesn’t inspire, I don’t know what will.

Get in there and take imperfect action. Use your time at home in self isolation to be productive and get your business online, and you will reap the rewards.

3. Support Others

The third productive thing to do during self isolation is to support others that are taking this action. Don’t buy from the big guys; think about the local small businesses out there that need your help, and support them. I will be putting up an Instagram post this week inviting anyone doing something like Danni or Julie to let people know about it. 

Head to Stevie Says Social on Instagram if you have something you want to include, and for everyone else? Go to that post. See if there’s something that you need, and support another small business owner. 

4. Online Learning

The fourth way to make the most of your extra home during self isolation is to upskill.

Online courses and programs are the best way to do this. 

When I first decided that I wanted an online business, the first thing I did was to get obsessive about learning. I am still to this day an online learning junkie, and I can hand on heart say that my commitment to this style of learning has taught me more than any university degree ever would. The opportunities that exist to learn from people who are practically doing what it is that you want to do are endless, and we are so, so lucky. 

My friend Brynley King has also put together a list of courses she recommends in the digital marketing space. Check it out here.

5. Business Spring Clean

Finally, one of the best productive things you can do in self isolation as a business owner is to spring clean your business. It seems that many of you agree, because my podcast episode detailing all of the steps I took to spring clean my business last year is still one of the most popular episodes on my podcast.  You can check it out my Business Spring Clean checklist and also download the detailed checklist detailing everything you can do. 

Another great way to spring clean your business is to commit to finally using project management software to organise your business. 

I recently hosted a free masterclass with my friend Louise Henry which takes you through, step-by-step, how to Uplevel with Asana. If you have to do list on random scraps of paper everywhere, or you have tried a million project management tools but never commited, or you just feel like you need a way to feel calm and in control when it comes to your business and your life, I highly recommend checking it out.

So, there you have it!

Five productive things you can do at home during self-isolation that will help you and your business in the long term.

Keep Listening!

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Design a Simple Lifestyle Business With High Profits, Working 5-Hour Days & a Tiny Team 

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