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Quick Win Ideas to Generate an Extra $10k+ FAST

May 17, 2022

Want a quick $10k cash injection into your digital product business? Stuck on how to make it happen without a big, fancy launch? I hear you.

Sometimes, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees and objectively see the potential for more income sitting right in front of you!

So, here are 13 lucky ideas for additional income to the tune of a few thousand dollars 💸 There’s nothing unlucky about these! 🐈‍⬛

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1. Create a Paid to Grow Offer

It would be remiss of me to talk about cash injections without mentioning our OWN very reasonably priced offer to create a workshop series to generate a quick cash injection — and then to use it to generate more leads than you can poke a stick at! Paid to Grow teaches you how to do just, and when we launched it in our own business just a few weeks back we made a quick $10k in just a few days. Now, it’s for sale year round and we make sales from it every single day. We break down the whole strategy in the on demand workshop series, which you can get your hands on right now over at

2. Add an Order Bump to Your Existing Offer

Want to make 10% – 30% more profit from the sales you are ALREADY making of your course or offers? Simple! Add an order bump. An order bump is a ‘do you want fries with that’ aligned offer that you make at checkout when someone is purchasing your core offer. Our OWN order bump for our Paid to Grow product is — funnily enough — a product called Big Picture Profit which teaches you this strategy.

3. Add an Upsell to Your Existing Offer

An upsell is an offer that you make on the purchase thank you page of your core offer, AFTER someone has checked out. It should be closely aligned with your core offer, and should be available at a price NOT available anywhere else to encourage action. If you do this well, you can expect around 10% of your core offer purchasers to take you up on this offer. And side note? We also teach this strategy inside of Big Picture Profit, available when you purchase Paid to Grow over at

4. Run a Flash Sale

Run a quick, four day promotion to your email list offering your product at a special price, or with bonuses not available elsewhere.

5. Offer 1:1

If you are a course creator, you could offer 1:1 as a one off. This could either be coaching sessions, or a done for you service. More personal access to you is valuable, and when you do it every now and then can be a great quick cash injection.

6. Do an Extended Payment Plan Promotion

You likely already have a pay in full, and payment plan option for your course or program, but what about an extended payment plan? For example, you could do a one off promotion offering a 12 or even 18 month payment plan.

7. Do an Australian Dollars Promotion

This is one that I have seen Denise Duffield Thomas do very effectively. If you usually charge in US dollars but part of your audience is Australia, you could offer your Australians a special promotion to get your course in Australian dollars.

8. DM Five Warm Prospects

You probably have AT LEAST five warm prospects right under your nose, right now! Review previous enquiries, people who view and engage with your social media content, people who have clicked and opened your emails. Reach out to them with an irresistible offer.

9. Send Physical Cards or Thank You Gifts to Previous Prospects

Send a little something in the post to your previous prospects. The act of doing so will put you firmly back on their radar, likely endear them to you and will likely also result in business!

10. Send an Email With an Offer

When is the last time you contacted your audience with an offer? Don’t wait until your next launch; send an email with a juicy offer right NOW! TODAY!

11. Make an Offer to Your Existing Students

Your existing students already love you, so why not make them an offer? Perhaps you could open private coaching just to your existing students, or a quick audit of their socials for example. Finding opportunities for MORE business from your existing students/clients is obvious, but often missed.

12. Implement a Referral Strategy

Can you incentivise your existing students and clients to refer you to others?

13. Implement a Renewal Strategy

What’s the next step after someone has finished working with you? Can you implement a renewal option, or put together a ‘next step’ container or offer?

Hopefully these ideas have gotten the wheels turning for you — it’s likely that there is more income waiting for you, right under your nose! DM me on Instagram and let me know which strategy you will be implementing this week. Just pick ONE!

Are you ready to create, launch and scale your flagship digital course in 2022? Head to thecoursecartel/launchpad to apply for our 12 month, high touch group coaching program.

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Design a Simple Lifestyle Business With High Profits, Working 5-Hour Days & a Tiny Team 

Get one actionable step each day for two weeks, and then weekly thereafter. It's 100% free — join 7000+ others.

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