Retargeting: The Secret to Facebook Ads Success

September 17, 2019

Let me give it to you straight: Retargeting is the secret to Facebook Ads success. Wondering what on earth I’m talking about? Let me clarify for you. Ever jumped online and ogled a pair of shoes on a fave brand’s website, only to be tracked around Facebook and Instagram for days with images of them – until you bought the damn things? 

Well my friend, that is retargeting in action. 

And, it’s incredibly powerful. 

So, let’s dive in!

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Here’s a few quick facts for you: 

  • People need at least seven touchpoints with you before they commit to purchasing. 
  • Ten times more people click through to a retargeted ad than they do a standard ad on Facebook. 
  • People who are retargeted with social media ads after visiting your website are 70% more likely to convert into paying customers. 

I could go on, but I won’t. My point is that if you aren’t running retargeting ads in your business, you’re leaving money on the table. Or in other words, retarget increases your sales for very little cost – and what’s not to like about that. 


In this episode of Stevie Says Social podcast, I am going to break down five things you need to know about retargeting, and why you NEED to have it set up in your business in 2019.

Let’s go. 

1. You should never hard sell to cold audiences:

The biggest mistake that I see small businesses make is that they jump into Facebook ads because they hear that it’s where it’s at, throw up a super salesly ad and target a million different people (all who have never heard of them before), and then wonder why the sales aren’t rolling in. Then, they say Facebook ads don’t work, give up and never try again. Sound familiar? If so, here’s your new golden rule – you don’t hard sell to cold audiences. 

Repeat after me: Social media is a conversation starter, not a deal closer. People are there to hang out with their friends and family. If you act like an annoying stranger at a networking conference and bust in on an existing conversation and try to press your business card into a poor unsuspecting person’s hand, what do think is going to happen? Let me tell you – crickets at best, spoiling your rep at worst. 

Remarketing allows you to serve your salesly ads only to the people who want to see them. People who have already interacted with you, been to your contact page, checked you out. In short, they ensure that you are never ‘that guy’.

2. Remarketing helps you make the most of your organic social media efforts:

Remarketing doesn’t always just have to be to people who have visited your website. Sure, that’s great – but if you’re active on social media, you can use the power of remarketing to follow up with people who have liked your Facebook post, or engaged with you on Instagram, or sent you a message. 

In fact, combining your organic social media strategy with a remarketing strategy like this is super smart in 2019, with free reach declining and many wondering if their organic posts are worth it anymore. Hint? They are, especially if you can combine them with a savvy remarketing strategy. Did you know that you can serve ads to people who watch a certain percentage of your videos, for example? Well, you can. 

Makes doing those monthly Facebook lives a little more appealing, knowing that you can serve ads marketing your services to anyone that watches more than 25% – and hence, is interested in what you have to say – right? 

3. Remarketing ensures that you make the most of your moolah:

Truthbomb – Facebook ads costs are rising. A couple of years ago, it used to cost me $100 to acquire 300 leads on Facebook. Now, it’s $300 to acquire 100 – on a very good day. What does this mean? In a nutshell, it means that you can no longer rely on a single ad to succeed. You need a multi-tiered approach. This is exactly what I teach in my Facebook ad blueprint, but the short overview? You can’t just rely on one ad going to cold audiences of people that have never heard of you to make money with Facebook ads. 

With remarketing, you can implement a tiered approach, where you create valuable content and share it online with ad spend, and then follow up with the people interested with a remarketing ad that is more sales focused. This ensures that you aren’t throwing good money down the drain by serving ads to people who don’t care. 

4. The remarketing options on Facebook and Instagram are endless:

Here’s why Facebook ads are so damn great – there are SO many opportunities for remarketing. You can set up audiences of people that are on your email list and serve them ads on Facebook and Instagram. People who have visited your website. Used your app. Engaged on Facebook or Instagram. Watched your videos. And more. How cool is THAT? 

5.Those awesome results you see people post about? Guarantee they’re from remarketing campaigns.

When you work in social media, there’s some things you see others doing that can be just plain annoying. One? Boasting about the results they achieved from a $50 ad campaign. Here’s what they don’t usually mention: that campaign is a retargeting campaign. 

And in order to get those results, they also spent X amount of dollars – and trust me, it’s far more than $50 – to build audiences of people to remarket to in order to get those awesome results. My point? The gold is in the remarketing. And YOU can get the same results too, if you are know the strategy too. 

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