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Revealed: The Nitty Gritty of Running – OR Joining! – a Group Coaching Program (BTS of Launchpad)

May 2, 2023

PRE PS: Have you had “creating a leveraged course, group coaching program” on your “wish list” for far too long? If so, it’s time to take action!

We’re currently enrolling for our VERY LAST EVER enrolment of Launchpad in a special six month container at a six month rate. We also a super special bonus for those that join us.

To apply to find out more, and to get an invite to our upcoming LIVE private training where we will be sharing the COMPLETE roadmap for creating, launching and scaling a course with you, click here. The live training is in May, but the earlier you apply, the better your bonus! πŸ˜‰

Truthbomb: We will NEVER run a program as high touch again at the current price point.


Because there’s a LOT involved in running a group program at the level we currently do.

And so, on the eve of our FINAL intake into Launchpad EVER, we’re spilling the beans on EXACTLY what’s included in Launchpad, and what is involved in running a group coaching program of this calibre.

Ever wanted to join, but wondered EXACTLY what you get?

Or ever mused over STARTING a group program like Launchpad, and wondered exactly what it takes?

In today’s podcast episode, we break it allll down for you!

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Why We Started Launchpad

Launchpad filled (and still FILLS!) a gap in the market that I KNEW people were craving. Heck, it was the program I wish existed when I was muddling about trying to build my own online programs.

I CRAVED a community of people that would understand the world I was entering into, someone to actually LOOK at my work and give me their insights, an expert who had trodden the path before me to show me the pitfalls and the path ahead, and someone who could meet with me and steer me in the right direction after a successful (or perhaps, with room for improvement, launch).

No one offered it. No one was WILLING to offer it. And so, I jumped in headfirst.

Break Down of the Offer

Launchpad is the online course equivalent to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean.

Here’s what your path looks like, and the various features of the program:

  1. Intake β€” You enrol, and complete an onboarding form so we can get acquainted with your business. 
  2. Orientation β€” You will then join our orientation session, which will familiarise you with our program. 
  3. Personalised Project Plan β€” We will give you a personalised 90 day project plan for your first 90 days, based on your goals and gaps.
  4. Personal Work Reviews β€” You will start implementing, and every week you can submit your work for critique – e.g. sales pages, sales emails, offer design, etc. – and we personally (yes, PERSONALLY!) review it. 
  5. 1:1 Milestones β€” When you hit a milestone, you will provide us with your data and we will help you decide on next steps on a 1:1 call.
  6. Strategy Calls β€” Every two weeks we have a coaching Q+A call, and you can be coached or simply attend and get answers to the questions you didn’t even know to ask.
  7. Accountability Check Ins β€” Every two weeks we check in with you via our check in email thread and make sure you are progressing plus assist with any challenges you are having. 
  8. Community β€” Our Facebook group is open every day and is SUPER active, with a community of other course creators at all levels and stage for questions, support and insight.

That’s on top of the curriculum and templates, with quite literally every template and resource you could EVER need to create, launch and grow your online course (result: HUNDREDS of hours saved).

We show you how to create an irresistible offer.

How to get paid to create it.

How to deliver it with excellence.

How to launch it… over and over and over again.

How to put your funnel on autopilot for evergreen sales in your sleep.

And then how to implement advanced strategies to grow it.

It’s everything you need to create and grow an online course or program in a simple, streamlined roadmap… with ALL of the accountability and personal review to make sure you ACTUALLY do it.

What’s Involved in Running a Program of This Nature

We joke (but really, we’re absolutely serious) when we talk about a program of this nature being the “college” version of creating an online course.

Truly, it’s not for the faint hearted.

Every week, we’re delivering with excellence to turn around EVERY homework critique, reply to EVERY message within 24 hours, to personally check in on EVERY person, to streamline strategy call questions and ensure that no question ever goes unanswered; and to schedule several 1:1 milestone calls a week.

It requires organisation, back end systems, multiple full time team members and a level of care and attention that is SERIOUS… and comes with a price tag to effectively deliver.

We’re so proud of our ability to do so (and at the same time, we’re not going to offer this level of program at the current price point again).

Things We’re Proud Of

This program has been a labour of love. It has taken three years to refine the curriculum, the front end and the back end to be where it is today. We’re particularly proud of:

  • Courses Launched β€” This program is now responsible for many of the courses on the market right now, in so many different niches – health, business, craft, social media, dance, psychology, B2B, B2C – you name it, we’ve likely helped a client launch a course about it.
  • Breadth of Knowledge β€” This has equipped us with an incredible breadth of knowledge on what works, what doesn’t and that has allowed us to give incrementally more valuable insight to our clients.
  • Giving Back β€” Every time a client of ours make two dollars from the sale of their course, we give back with a freedom day. We’re so proud of this initiative.
  • Testimonials β€” We have a library of several hundred testimonials.
  • 1000+ Critiques β€” We’ve personally reviewed over 1000 pieces of client work.
  • 500+ Strategy Call Questions β€” We’ve answered over 500 strategy call questions, and many more “non-submitted” questions too.
  • And so much more!

Hiccups, Mishaps and Challenges

Of course, running a program like this isn’t ALL sunshine, and with the good have come the challenges:

  • Boundaries β€” We’ve needed to install clear boundaries in our programs, around communication, scope and more. We have such beautiful “boundary” systems now set up, and truly feel our clients appreciate these just as much as we do. We model the business our clients aspire to, and installing these boundaries has made things clearly for everyone.
  • Agreements β€” We’ve become much better at ensuring we have clear agreements in place with clients, team and suppliers, and we’ve become so much better at ensuring that we are clear about them and we uphold them – just as we expect our clients, team and suppliers to as well.
  • Systems and Structure β€” Systems and structure do truly set you free, and it was only through doing the HARD WORK at the start to set these up that we have been able to experience the time freedom this business model has given us on the back end. Setting up a program of this calibre is no joke though, and we certainly did the hard yards to get where we are.

The Final Intake of Launchpad

Right now, we are currently intaking for our final ever intake of Launchpad.

If experiencing Launchpad and launching your course (or optimising the one you already have) has been on your bucket list, here’s the deal:

βœ”οΈ It’s a reduced six month container

Rather than being committed for 12 months, you are instead committed for just six. Think of this as an opportunity to come in, get your course launched and utilise ALL of our high touch elements and accountability to do so!

βœ”οΈ It’s at a reduced six month price point (we have NEVER done this before!)

Because this container is six months, it is also HALF the usual 12-month investment, which means an opportunity for you to join us in the program if perhaps it was financials that were holding you back in the past.

βœ”οΈ There an epic bonus for those that apply (and the bonus is better the EARLIER you apply)

If you have been thinking about joining Launchpad, if you’re even a little bit curious or if you have applied in the past, you will be so excited to find out what this bonus is when you apply.

When you apply, you will get access to a private training invite where we will share our entire Launchpad methodology LIVE in May, AND we will tell you about the bonus and the reduced pricing. The earlier you apply, the better the bonus (so now’s GENUINELY the time).

Remember – there is zero obligation to join Launchpad when you apply.

Want to join us in the program that put US and so many of our clients on the map?

We’d love to have you.

Keep Listening!

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