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Six “Real Talk” Reasons I Stopped Posting on Social Media 👻

April 19, 2022

Do you KNOW you should be showing up on social media, but struggle to do it consistently? Several times over the past 18 months, that is the EXACT situation that I have found myself in.

I know the Instagram rhetoric is to show up, be visible, blah blah.. but honestly? Sometimes it feels hard and heavy, and I think it’s okay to acknowledge that.

In today’s podcast episode, I cover the six reasons that I have stopped posting on social media for fairly long stints multiple times recently.

Maybe you can resonate with some of them?

✔️ Content Creation Fatigue — In the past 18 months, I have created my ENTIRE Launchpad group coaching program curriculum from scratch, then RECREATED a lot of it towards the last part of last year, and more recently I have been creating x3 mini courses (that are epicly huge value) and a number of additional learning materials for the program.

It has been a LOT (like, a lot a lot a lot a lot) of brain power.

When I checked where I spend my time (yes, I track every second of my time!), 70% of my week has gone into curriculum creation.

So, even though I have been quieter on the “front end” content wise, I have probably created more content than I EVER have. I simply didn’t have the brain power to create heavy curriculum AND show up in my free content, and something had to give.

✔️ Stuck in Branding Limbo — I have HUGE plans to rebrand the mission, vision and, frankly, entire look, feel and ethos of my business in the next year.

I have been holding my horses until Q3, but it means that I presently feel stuck in a weird branding limbo. I’m not really connected to my current branding, it feels out of alignment and messy — and I’m still a few months away from the new vision.

When I go to create content, I feel like I’m in “branding” limbo and I don’t think that is going to go away until I birth my brand new business baby into the world. In the meantime, I need to ‘make do’ with the brand I have and try not to let it hold me back.

✔️ Suffering From Perfection Paralysis — I don’t think it’s any secret that I like things to be perfect. I often say that I’m a recovering perfectionist, but honestly?

It’s ALWAYS there hovering over my shoulder. Kind of related to the point above, I’ve let the need for my content to be perfect hold me back from doing anything at all lately.

I’ve decided to kick that gremlin to the curb and just START again.

✔️ I Didn’t Like How I Looked — Honestly? It feels really vacuous saying this, but I am sure others feel the same sometimes and it’s true.

Pregnancy – for me – doesn’t feel like I’m glowing. My skin breaks out and is red and angry most of the time, I feel puffy and uncomfortable and not ‘myself’; a genuine feeling of just not looking and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

It didn’t make jumping on video every day all that appealing, if I’m completely honest. I get the rhetoric around “showing up anyway”, but I didn’t want to — and so, I didn’t.

✔️ Tired of the Echo Chamber of Instagram — There is so much regurgitated surface level garbage online, and I kind of got jaded by it.

I didn’t want to contribute to it, so I just.. stopped.

I’m NOT against Reels, but the whole concept of EVERYONE literally copying other people’s Reels ideas and jumping on audio trends started to feel like the very opposite of creativity and originality.

I didn’t want to contribute to it, so I just.. stopped.

✔️ I Didn’t Need To — I actually found that after four years of hard work and staying consistent, I had built up enough “visibility” that I COULD actually coast for a while. I’m not saying that this is a luxury for everyone, but it was for me — and so, I gave myself the grace to step back until I felt inspired again.

Do you resonate with any of these? Keep an eye out for next week’s episode, because if that’s YOU, I will be covering how to productively create content EVEN if you’re struggling (and ESPECIALLY if you’re a one (wo)man band.

Are you ready to create, launch and scale your flagship digital course in 2022? Head to to apply for our 12 month, high touch group coaching program.

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