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Why We’re Rebranding — and Five Signs It Might Be Time for You to Consider a Business Rebrand, Too

August 16, 2022

What do you do when you start to feel that your brand no longer reflects the evolution and growth of your business?

When you start to feel, dare I say it, self-conscious when you’re asked about your business at a party, sure that the name “Stevie Says Social” will diminish your authority or how seriously you’re taken at networking events?

When friends and family still ask you to try and help them get into their Instagram account, because your name still has “social” in it despite NOT teaching social media at all — “Don’t you have a little social media business — I only have 50 followers too, and I’m hoping you can help?!” they say, innocently.

And when that nagging feeling, deep down, suggests a growing disconnect between the time, effort and importance you place on your business, and the way it is viewed in the eyes of those hearing “Stevie Says Social” for the first time.

You re-brand, that’s what — and this year, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I’ll be really transparent with you.

Right now? My brand kind of feels like I’m still getting around in the same outfit that I wore when I was a gawky teenager. I feel a sense of urgency to “grow up”, and for the vision that I have for my business, the importance that I place on it and the true impact that it has on so many lives through the people that we serve to be taken seriously.

I’m tired of feeling silly saying “Stevie Says Social” when someone asks what my business name is.

I’m over the “social” bit not reflecting the evolution of the business to focus on digital offerings.

I’m READY to step into bigger shoes and build a vision that doesn’t depend solely on me.

And, if I’m really honest? I feel held hostage by an identity that doesn’t fit anymore.

And so, as I embark on MY branding and business evolution (of which MUCH more will be shared later on in the year), today’s podcast episode is dedicated to five signs that might be an indication to YOU that it’s time to do the same.

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Here’s five signs that it might be time to rebrand your business:

1. You’ve experienced a significant business evolution (but your brand hasn’t kept up) — When I came up with the name “Stevie Says Social”, I was still working in corporate and was trying to pick a name for my social media blog. At that time, I thought it was genius — I mean, c’mon, the ALLITERATION ALONE (see what I did there?) is worth a literary prize all in and of itself, no? And, the name served me well.. until it didn’t.

It carried me through my days as a social media manager, and even my early course creation days with the launch of my first social media course. Since that time, though, I have completely pivoted my offerings to the point that social media is in no way a core part of my business.

I would go so far as to say that “Stevie Says Social” is actually kind of misleading and confusing these days. My core offerings don’t match the name of the brand, and I still have businesses reach out to me and ask if I will manage their Instagram account.

Though my business has evolved significantly, my brand hasn’t — and it’s time for it to play catch ups.

2. You’re not proud to share your brand with strangers — If I’m really honest with you, the name Stevie Says Social feels kind of embarrassing to me these days. My business is a big part of my identity, and I’m truly proud of the impact we make and the hard work I have put into making it a success.

Unfortunately for me, though? None of that really comes across when I’m at a business networking event and someone asks me what I do.

“Oh, my business is called.. erm… Stevie Says Social”, I say. It feels weird, and completely unaligned to what I ACTUALLY do, the impact we ACTUALLY make and the potential we ACTUALLY have.

I feel like the little girl at a big kids party, and I don’t like the way I feel that it diminishes what I do.

I’m ready to step into bigger shoes and proudly share my mission and impact with the world, and I need a brand that allows me to do so.

3. Your mission has grown, and no longer fits the container of your brand — I know that I was put on this earth to create a huge impact. My vision, mission and values have really solidified over the past year or two, and they deserve a rock solid, unshakably strong brand to put them front and centre. Our current brand personality is a few years old; it worked when I was still figuring everything out. But, it never truly felt like me.

The bold pink? Was borrowed from a real estate agency in Adelaide that I saw with it, and now feels misaligned with the elevated positioning I am ready to own. I am ready for a brand that really makes people FEEL something, that they can connect with deeply.. and our current brand including the name, colour palette.. all of it.. doesn’t feel right for right now.

4. You no long want it to be just about you — I believe in the power of personal branding, and I wholeheartedly believe that a personal brand business is a beautiful way to stand out and connect.

For me, though? My business hasn’t been JUST me for a while now, and although I will always colour the business with my unique personality and vibe, I want it to feel like a collective of people all moving towards an aligned goal.

It’s more than me, and I want to boldly own that and allow the others assisting me in my mission to more fully own their place.

5. A change is as good as a holiday — Anyone who has been in business for more than a couple of years would know that your business really evolves as you do. I’ve always said that business is the biggest lesson in personal development that you will ever undertake, and I truly think that the process of growing a business fundamentally changes you.

You become a different person, you learn, you grow.. and you outgrow. And I think it’s OKAY to recognise that the “you” you were when you first started out is very different to the “you” that has grown through the hours and years and sweat and tears you have invested into your business.

That you have permission to change, and that perhaps if business isn’t feeling quite right that you are under zero obligation to stay put.

Your business can be anything YOU want it to be, and you have the power to choose. I think that’s exciting and freeing.

Forging this new path for myself is setting my soul on fire again; I have that same “new business owner” excitement that I had a few years ago because I am once again moving back to a place of alignment.

And that feels wonderful.

Keep your eyes peel over the coming months, because things are changing around here, and I have the courage I showed to put myself out there and once again forge a new path to thank.

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